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2015 SECRET Fan Meet in Singapore: SECRET ain’t going anywhere

The members of SECRET are some of the daintiest and girliest K-pop idols we’ve ever met. From their perfect hair to porcelain-white skin and tiny frames, they are truly the envy of many.


Although Jung Hyo Sung, Song Ji Eun, Jung Hana and Han Sun Hwa have graced our shores before for a full-fledged concert back in 2013, but they definitely seemed glad to be back after so long. Besides performing hits like ‘Poison’, ‘Madonna’, ‘Shy Boy’, ‘Yoohoo’ and more, the group also took some time to talk about what they’ve been up to, played charades with fans, and also talked about their plans in the future.

We recap the highlights from the hour-long fan meet session:

On recent schedules…and a new upcoming solo debut!

Recent singles ‘I’m in Love’, ‘I Do I Do’ and ‘Yoohoo’ are considered pretty old (they were all from last year), which was why fans were eager to know what the members had been up to.


Hyo Sung shared her thoughts on recent solo promotions with new mini album ‘Fantasia‘, citing them as challenging but ultimately enjoyable. She also mentioned going to the Singapore flyer the night before to check out the night view, which she found “beautiful”! A witty fan actually piped up in response: “Like you!” Very smooth.

Ji Eun also added that she would like to visit the Night Safari the next time they’re in town, and also try laksa!


While the SECRET girls have been dabbling in acting and/or solo debuts, everyone was most excited when Hana announced that she was gearing up for her own solo activities! About time! We’re expecting some fierce rapping and ultimate charisma from the petite starlet.

Sun Hwa also impressed with her Chinese, wasting no time in giving a short introduction about herself with her newfound language skills.

Q&A from the heart

As there was no time for a proper press conference in Singapore, we were pleasantly surprised that fans were allowed to drop off their questions in a box prior to entering the auditorium. These questions were then selected at random during the fan meet and answered by the girls – something we really appreciated since that meant they were all unfiltered!

One question gamely asked the girls to partake in a high note battle, which had the members doing their best to outdo one another while reciting the notes to ‘Do Rae Mi’! While Ji Eun was an easy winner for the round, the others honestly did a great job too!

When the question of who would get married first surfaced, the members pointed to Hana as the most likely candidate, citing her romantic self as a reason. Hana also thinks love is amazing and that being able to find someone to share with it is really special. Aww!


But the best question and answer of the night would be Ji Eun. When asked on one superhero power she would like to possess, the adorable girl quipped: “To eat lots daily and not grow fat!” You read our minds, girl!

Will we see a punk concept for SECRET? How about something indie?


So you thought these girls transited only from cutesy girl-next-door images to sexy ones? Ji Eun says she likes jazz music, and really thinks it’ll fit the group. On the other hand, Hana thinks the androgynous suited look is really cool while Hyo Sung is gunning for a punk concept. Perhaps most surprising of all? Sweet-faced Sunhwa says she hopes that they can try out the indie band style one day.

We never knew there were such diverse music tastes between these girls! Can you imagine the group in any of the concepts they’ve mentioned?

Despite game technical malfunctions, Hyo Sung was quick to save the day

Initially, SECRET was supposed to play a game of darts with fans using the Xbox set up on stage for them. However, due to unforeseen technical complications, the game was unfortunately called off.


Sensing disappointment, leader Hyo Sung quickly suggested singing to the fans instead, and immediately burst into a short rendition of her solo hit ‘Goodnight Kiss’ for the lucky fan on stage with her! Isn’t she the sweetest? The fans also got to take a group shot with the members. We’re envying Sun Hwa’s fan, whom she happily linked arms with!

The union between SECRET and SECRETTIMEs


Despite recent controversy regarding the relationship between the SECRET members, it looks like fans have nothing to worry about. The girls expressed their utmost happiness and gratefulness for the support from fans, and promised to always be with them no matter what. Looking at the girls tear up on stage (especially Hyo Sung!) was certainly a most touching sight.

Although the fan meet was really short, we were nothing short of glad that they made the effort to come back to Singapore to see everyone. We wish them all the best, and we hope to see them back on stage soon for a comeback!

Here are more photos from last Saturday!





Dinoseoul would once again like to thank Unleash Productions for the media invitation to 2015 SECRET Fan Meeting in Singapore. Do check out the rest of the photos from the fan meet over here.

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