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Published on February 27th, 2017 | by dinoseoul


5 reasons you need to stan K.A.R.D right now

Now here’s a group that’s commanding all the right attention even before their official debut.

Four-member K.A.R.D was founded by DSP Media last year, and is K-pop’s first co-ed group in…forever. While we didn’t have any expectations for the group at all (DSP has a seriously bad rep for managing their groups) when news of them first surfaced, we are pleasantly surprised to find ourselves growing to really, really liking K.A.R.D. Here are five reasons why we believe you should too:

1. They’re the definition of mini but mighty 

ponyforprez: With just four members, K.A.R.D it’s easy to get to know K.A.R.D and fall in love with their individual quirks. And trust us, these guys really do have a lot of…charm. Plus, they’re totally shippable!

deejaymich: In addition to being really shippable, you can tell that these four have some pretty good chemistry going on and are really comfortable with each other, which is amazing to see.

2. They seem to really have fun performing

deejaymich: The chemistry that this quartet has is shown through their live performances too! I wouldn’t say that their choreography is difficult or intense, but I never get bored of watching them perform simply because they are so fun even on stage.

ponyforprez: Ah that’s true. This is one of those things that you can just really feel when you watch a group perform. K.A.R.D isn’t even one of those super synchronised groups or anything (they’re not)

3. They’ve only got two songs so far, but boy are those songs amazing

ponyforprez: ‘Oh NaNa’ was K.A.R.D’s very first single, and instantly captivated listeners with its blend of EDM and R&B influences. Maybe it was the way the voice of the members just worked together, but we were instantly hooked onto the track’s catchy ‘Oh na na na’ chorus. Also, while their second pre-release single ‘Don’t Recall’ isn’t as catchy, it’s still a great track that I have on replay. Also, how many times have I repeated the key point dance in public places? The limit does not exist.

deejaymich: ‘Oh NaNa’ was such a perfect debut song! I still listen to the song at least five times a day. Hehe.

4. B.M and his 101 antics. Need we say more?

ponyforprez: Honestly, is there anything we can relate to better than a K-pop idol who’s as a good a troll as he is a performer?

deejaymich: You can’t help but suffer from second-hand embarrassment because of BM sometimes because of his dabs and memes.

5. So you can totally say “I was here first!” when K.A.R.D officially debuts

ponyforprez: I never thought I’d be the kind of person who would humble brag over the fact that I’ve known a group since foreverrrrr when they blow up and become famous, but I think K.A.R.D could change that. Except that K.A.R.D is actually already pretty big. So yeah, you definitely don’t want to be one of the last few people to jump onto this, would you?

Watch ‘Oh NaNa’ and ‘Don’t Recall’ below:

Update: K.A.R.D has also just dropped the English version of ‘No Recall’ and it is da bomb. Watch:

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