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Published on October 10th, 2016 | by ponyforprez


Ailee hits ‘Home’ with new comeback

Ailee is someone we’d describe as a consistently good performer. Girl’s extremely beautiful, talented, switches up her music to fit trends with every comeback and collaborates with the right people so her releases are always on point. This is why she doesn’t disappoint with her latest comeback.

A New Empire‘ is her fourth mini album, and headlining the 6-track offering is the smooth and edgy R&B ‘Home’—an absolute breath of fresh air that underlines the soloist’s versatility. If you’ve been following her discography, you’ll notice that Ailee has mostly stuck to glitzier, diva styles in the past. Previous title tracks like ‘I Will Show You’, ‘U&I’ and ‘Mind Your Own Business’ are sassy and almost anthem-like in delivering their messaging of female empowerment. Yet with ‘Home’, she takes on a more subtle approach in drawing listeners in.

‘Home’ draws heavily from hip-hop and R&B influences veering into a genre that Ailee isn’t completely stranger to, but still fairly new when it comes to executing. There are hints of trap music— thematic lyrics, layered vocals, and a consistent bass. While the track quality is strong on its own, Ailee’s vocals still hold their own with the right amount of emphasis and grit on the chorus, and ad-libs that paint enough poignancy to furnish the track with a dramatic finish. Rapper Yoon Mi Rae is an ideal feature, her climactic rap further injecting the track with more energy that complements the overall vibe well. It’s just so great that Ailee is boldly pursuing collaborations with more hip hop and urban artists. She recently listed Dean, Crush and Zico as other artists she’s super keen to work with, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed one (or better yet, ALL) of them takes her up on it!

The rest of ‘A New Empire’ follows a similar execution, backed by impressive industry folks like Tak of hip-hop duo Baechigi and Eric Nam. We highly recommend you check this one out and add it to your playlist indefinitely. You definitely won’t regret it.

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