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All about Chimaek!


‘Chimaek’ essentially is a portmanteau of the words ‘chicken’ and ‘maekju’, which means beer in Korean. The Chimaek syndrome in Korea probably caught on in the early 2000s with the advent of greater national interest in major sporting events such as the World Cup, the Asian Games and the Olympics. Koreans enjoy watching the games with their friends and families, and never fail to have a basket of freshly roasted or fried chicken and a can of beer in front of them.

This quintessentially Korean combination has been brought to global attention, especially in Asia, after the protagonists in the Korean drama My Love from the Star are shown to enjoy chimaek on a regular basis.

There are several chicken restaurants that serve the best chicken and beer combination. Here are the unique top chicken pubs in Seoul that you should try:

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1. Hanchu

Not only known for its fried chicken but also its fried pepper stuffed with pork, Hanchu is a famous restaurant located in Garosugil, the southern part of Seoul. It’s often visited by Korean celebrities.


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For details and directions, click here.


2. Gyeyeolsa Chicken

Ranked as one of the top 3 restaurants in Korea, the 30-year-old restaurant serves the good old original fried chicken. It knows what it takes to make some of the best fried chicken in Korea.


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For details and directions, click here.


3. Oksang Dalbit

This little gem is a renowned chicken and beer pub situated only in Hongdae, snug in between four universities: Hongik, YonseiEhwa, and Sogang. The dim lighting inside gives a cosy ambiance and attracts many Hongdae students on the weekend.


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For details and directions, click here.


4. Poulet Chicken

Poulet Chicken is known for its ‘Carbonara chicken’ which is tender chicken mixed with creamy carbonara sauce, offering a unique and tasteful dish. And they give you craft beer in a boot shaped bottle which coincides well with their castle like structure.


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For details and directions, click here.


5. Mirak Chicken

Introduced in the popular Korean TV show ‘Tasty Road’, it’s known for its ‘Choelpan Maneul Chicken’ which is garlic chicken roasted in an iron plate. Garlic is something that’s essential in almost all Korean food and they have added garlic on the chicken to make the taste more local and tasty.


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For details and directions, click here.

If you would like to know more of these best chicken & beer or Chimaek restaurants and pubs, click here for the full list!

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