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B.A.P Live on Earth Singapore: Highlights edition

On 8 August, the six members of B.A.P finally descended upon Singapore for their Live on Earth Pacific tour after spending the last half year travelling to four cities in the states as well as three other Asian countries.


Made up of leader Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and maknae Zelo, the group released their second mini album ‘Badman’ two days prior to the concert, and with Singapore being the final tour stop before they’d return to Seoul for their Wanted encore tour, deejaymich and I (porninja) couldn’t help but have our expectations kicked up a notch. Would we actually get to hear the new songs before everyone else? Well, we didn’t in the end, but the prospect sure was exciting.


With a setlist of roughly 20 songs – which included all of their hits such as ‘One Shot’, ‘Power’ and ‘No Mercy’ – as well as an overenthusiastic crowd in The Star Performing Arts Theatre armed with bright green Matoki lightsticks, I was certain the concert would prove to be everything I’d dreamed of and more. Sure, there were disappointments here and there (we’ll get to them later) but for the most part, it was an unforgettable two-hour experience that felt far too short.

Here are some of the notable highlights from the night:

Most surreal moment: ‘Warrior’
As a B.A.P fan – or BABY, as we like to be called – since their debut, it was an indescribable feeling watching the six of them appear on stage in a cloud of smoke with matching white outfits and stylishly coiffed hair. After a quick ‘Wassup Singapore!’ the group hopped onto the lower platform stage and immediately arranged themselves into their dance formation as they impressively executed the debut song that catapulted them to fame some one and a half years ago. Their onstage charisma was formidable and as they danced amidst the visual display of pyrotechnics, one can’t help but be completely blown away by the magnitude of it all.


Biggest surprise: ‘Secret Love’
Instead of the original version, Daehyun and Yongguk had performed seated in a moving acoustic rendition of ‘I Remember’. But it was the performance that came right after that surprised me the most. After Daehyun’s last note rang out into the quiet auditorium, the lights dimmed and the remaining four members rose from the stage and swiftly started crooning ‘Secret Love’, with Himchan competently taking over all of Daehyun’s lines.


Best use of English: Youngjae
While Daehyun and Himchan mostly stuck to their native Korean, the other four were a little more confident speaking in English. Youngjae showed particular effort and not only did he seem to be delivering the more difficult lines, he was also tasked to briefly introduce their second mini album. Good job!


Best couple moment: BangHim with ‘Sexy Clap’
It’s as if TS Entertainment knew exactly what all the B.A.P OTP pairings are; coupling up Daehyun and Youngjae for a stirring duet of ‘I Believe I Can Fly’, Jongup and Zelo for a cute performance of ‘Teach Me How to Dougie’ and ‘Never Give Up’ and finally, Yongguk and Himchan for a rendition of ‘Sexy Clap’. Courtesy of an ultra cool DJ intro by our B.A.P leader, the place was promptly turned into a thumping nightclub before Himchan sauntered onstage and the duo launched into the Jepp Blackman (Yongguk’s predebut stage name as an underground rapper) song.

Best recovery: Yongguk during ‘Fight for Freedom’
Even though his mic gave out before the 1-minute track began, Yongguk didn’t lose his cool at any point in time. Instead, he casually ambled off stage for a new one while the other members made up for the awkward silences in the song with their energy.


Best display of skin: Himchan and Daehyun
I’ll admit I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get the same abs display the BABYs in Seoul did back in February when Yongguk’s wifebeater was unceremoniously ripped off his body during his solo stage, but I’ll gladly take Himchan and Daehyun in similar black wifebeaters as a consolation prize, thank you very much. The pair had stripped off their leather jackets without a second thought after sweating it out during ‘Power’, bearing their lean arms.


Best fanservice: Yongguk’s aegyo
Although the talk sets were sadly few and far between, we still enjoyed the little moments we did get of the members interacting with one another as well as with the crowd. Particularly memorable was when Yongguk was asked to show off a bit of his singing skills and immediately burst into a few lines of SECRET’s ‘YooHoo’ complete with adorable girly hand gestures. Even better? When he sportingly did the infamous Kwiyomi player, to the utter delight of everyone present. We all know how aegyo is practically the 24-year-old’s Kryptonite, so we definitely appreciated seeing him try for the sake of his fans.

Most energetic performance: ‘My First Kiss’
It’s evident that B.A.P gave their all in every single performance but cover songs are always a treat and the boys really pulled out all the stops for their version of 3OH!3’s ‘My First Kiss’. Jumping and dancing around the stage, they ran from one end to the other as they shouted along to the suggestive English lyrics, throwing hearts and blowing kisses into the audience non-stop, huge smiles plastered on their sweaty faces. It’s incredible how they were able to keep up with that same amount of energy all the way till the end, raising the roof once again for their multi-song encore stage that included ‘Coma’, ‘Dancing in the Rain’, ‘Stop It’ and fan favourite ‘Crash’.


Most ‘aww!’ moment: Himchan and StrongBabe
Some fans may already know that the resident visual has taken to filming and capturing images of fans at the group’s concerts and fansigns, sometimes even putting these edited pictures up on his SNS accounts with the logo StrongBabe stamped across them—and that night was no different. As the concert neared its inevitable end, Himchan whipped out his trusty camera and gathered all the fans for a picture, going, “One, two, three, Kimchi, okay?” as the 4500-strong crowd tried to squeeze themselves into the frame.


Perhaps it’s because my expectations were raised so high, but I found that the concert did end up falling just a bit short of them. Besides leaving me wanting so much more (time really did fly by in there!), I guess I was also partly to blame for already spoiling myself by watching fancams from all their previous Live on Earth stops. This meant that I knew exactly what they’d perform, down to the special stages—so I wasn’t as blown away as I could have been.

I also wish the setlist had included songs from ‘Badman’, but I do understand why they didn’t choose to unveil them since the group had yet to make their official comeback. Something else I noticed was that there wasn’t really as much interaction with the crowd as I had expected, with there only being one main talk segment during the concert, but I do applaud them for taking the effort to use English as far as possible and not resorting to a translator. Although I can’t say this will be a concert I’ll remember for a long long time to come, I’m sure it’s an experience that’ll be ingrained in the memories of many others, and that’s all that matters.

deejaymich: I on the other hand, did not watch any fancams prior to the concert so I really didn’t know what performances to expect and which songs they were going to perform, but I do have to agree that they fell short of my expectations. It might be because of how awed I am by their choreography whenever I watch their stages on music shows, and they just seemed a little exhausted that day, probably because of their ‘Badman’ preparations. I’m willing to overlook that though, because their live vocals really impressed me. Daehyun in particular was stunning, and it is a wonder how he managed to maintain that standard and hit all his high notes throughout the whole concert.

I thought the whole concert was planned out very well – there was a storyline and we were brought along on a journey with the Matos – B.A.P ‘alien’ characters. The characters were really cute, and I especially loved the part where the camera zoomed in on audience members for a mini dance battle where they’d be rated after. What the boys lacked in fanservice, the interactive experience made up for, and helped to make the concert even more enjoyable than it already was.


Finally, Dinoseoul would like to thank Fast Track Events for the media invitation. For pictures from the press conference and concert check out our Facebook page. For HQ pictures, do check out our Flickr sets here and here.


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