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BIGBANG at Singapore Grand Prix: Kicking off the weekend with a bang

The first day of the Formula 1 event ended with a 1.5 hour concert with YG Entertainment‘s hugest export, BIGBANG. The five boys are no strangers to Singapore – in fact, G-Dragon, T.O.P and Seungri put on a brilliant show during the 2011 Singapore Grand Prix. This years’ was even better with the inclusion of Taeyang and Daesung, because it meant that VIPs would hear more BIGBANG hits instead of solos. The setlist consisted of a whopping eighteen songs (including the encore) and it was definitely a steal considering how affordable the ticket price was.


This marked the fourth time I saw them ‘live’, and I’m still left in awe every single time. BIGBANG are such seasoned performers that there’s really nothing to nitpick. So instead of the usual walkthrough of a concert, here were my favourite parts of their set:

New songs

What’s better than to walk out of a concert after watching a performance of a song which hasn’t even ended its promotions in Korea? Watching two new songs being performed, of course! G-Dragon and Seungri performed their latest singles and they were spectacular. ‘Crooked’ was fun and it got the audience jumping to its infectious tune, while ‘Gotta Talk To You’ was really slick… and it left me hustlin’, hustlin’.


The Live Band

During the 2011 performance, the trio sang solely to a backtrack, but this time, they brought along their touring band from Live Nation and they were for lack of a better word, awesome. The slightly modified arrangements of the songs enhanced the impact of the songs, especially the super dope guitar solos. Great vocals and a great session band – these are the very fundamentals of a concert, yet definitely the most important, and BIGBANG and their crew have got it down.

Short and sweet talk sets

T.O.P was a man of little words, but VIPs’ screams for him didn’t falter. He promoted his upcoming movie, Commitment, also known as Alumni and also provided some beatbox before ‘Bad Boy’. ChoomTOP‘s little dances here and there were also really cute. Guy sure knows how to please his fans!


As expected, Seungri brought along his infamous Seungrish (which seems to improve every time we see him). It was really kind of funny hearing him exclaim, “this is crazy! Sh*t, I love this place”, complete with frantic hand movements. He also sneaked in a line from Nelly‘s ‘Hot in Here’ not so subtly. And oh, maknae, don’t think I didn’t notice that you forgot your lyrics during ‘Gara Gara Go’.

Taeyang as usual, was all over the stage with his signature dougie. Using his faux (but still adorable and swoon-worthy) American accent, he proclaimed very enthusiastically that he wrote a song about what he ate that day. ‘I ate chilli crab and pepper crab and Nando’s‘ (then repeat it as many times as you like). Ah, if only my meals were like that everyday.

The audience egged Daesung on to say some words of his own. He shyly obliged and greeted the fans before meekly ending with, “I love you.” During the encore, Taeyang introduced themselves as ‘bad boys’, and Daesung very quietly responded, “I’m not a bad boy.” Hah!


G-Dragon has always been one of the members with more fluent English, and he seemed even more confident than before. The leader asked the audience when the actual race day was, and he wished the drivers good luck, adding that he really wants to drive someday. He later talked about his latest album and his best friend Taeyang sang the chorus of ‘Coup D’Etat’ (with Daesung singing the echos). Taeyang stopped singing during the last phrase for the audience to finish it but unfortunately they didn’t get the response they wanted. It was hilarious yet aww-inducing when G-Dragon went, “it’s all right, it’s all right.” It’s okay leader, I’m sure the next time you come back we’ll be more familiar with it.

Interaction within members

Ahhh, all the OTPs. Deserving special mention were the many small G-Dragon and Seungri interactions, and the unforgettable T.O.P and Daesung dance during the ‘Fantastic Baby’ encore.


I’ve always respected BIGBANG for their sheer talent and how they always rock their live performances. With an extensive setlist including old songs like ‘Lies’ and ‘Number 1’, I’m sure the 10,000 strong audience, be it old or new fans, really enjoyed the concert as much as I did. If you didn’t go for it, you sure missed out. But don’t fret – G-Dragon promised that they’d be back soon, and judging from his previous promise during his solo concert here, I believe we won’t have to wait too long.


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