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BIGBANG MADE Tour in Singapore: The boys are back and as electrifying as ever

This year’s most anticipated K-Pop concert, BIGBANG MADE Tour, was held in Singapore on July 18 and 19. With that I have also lost count of the number of times they have hit our shores and graced us with their presence.

Despite having performed here so many times prior, the group’s fans have never dwindled. In fact, the fandom here seems to be increasing consistently. I was greeted with a full stadium when I went for the second day of their MADE Tour here.


BIGBANG’s popularity both in Singapore and around the world is for good reason though – out of the many Korean concerts I’ve been to, their showmanship is still the best and pretty much unparalleled. It’d be an understatement to say that I had fun during their concert which lasted slightly over two hours – here’s why:

Songs from MADE series

One of the highlights of this tour was that attendees got to listen to and bask in the glory of BIGBANG’s latest songs from their upcoming full album. From the beginning, the atmosphere was already at a high when they opened with ‘Bang Bang Bang’. The crowd jumped to ‘Sober’, grooved along to ‘We Like 2 Party’, sang ‘chapssalddeok‘ in unison during ‘Bae Bae’ (cue cheesy yet sweet words of BIGBANG and VIPs belonging together), and listened to the quintet croon ‘Loser’ and the beautiful ‘If You’.

Emcee and honorary Speak Mandarin Campaign ambassador Seungri


A BIGBANG concert is not complete with banter and off-the-wall humour from the members. Maknae Seungri, as usual, was the most pro-active when it came to this. Already known for his antics and nonsense when around his hyungs, he upped his game by speaking in fluent Mandarin (albeit having a Hong Kong accent – I have no idea why), even encouraging his members to reply ‘dui (yes)’ to his questions, even though they probably had no idea on what he was going on about.

His adorable English also made an appearance. As G-Dragon was calmly announcing that it was the last song, Seungri interrupted with ‘No! GD! Don’t go!‘ before following up with a very random ‘I like your hair colour‘.

Drummer Daesung


Of course, Daesung was also hilarious that night. Proclaiming that he couldn’t see the fans but could only hear them because of his bangs, he playfully lifted up his fringe and opened his eyes as wide as he could, to everyone’s amusement. However, perhaps the most memorable Daesung moment was when he broke out into a sick drum solo and continued drumming for the whole of ‘Sober’. It rocked. Literally.

Solo stages


There was nothing surprising about each member’s solo stages, but I really appreciate how each performance was vastly different from the others. Seungri went with his signature sexy ‘Strong Baby’, while Taeyang‘s vocals were on point with ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’, starting a massive karaoke session as he got shrouded in theatrical fog. Daesung’s performance of ‘Wings’ was really uplifting and was easily my favourite solo performance of the night. T.O.P‘s eccentric ‘Doom Dada’ and his jacket worthy of being displayed on his Instagram account with his posts of art suited him to a T (honestly though, I really liked his outfit), while G-Dragon effortlessly hyped up the audience once again with ‘Crooked’ and ‘Good Boy’ with BFF Taeyang.



Amazing stage and lighting design

I might sound like a total geek here but at the beginning I was quite indifferent to the setup of the stage because from the side you could see the members going onstage, and standing in preparation behind a giant video screen which took away the element of surprise. However, the elaborate lighting design and the movable bridge connecting the main stage to the sub stage made up for that. The bridge meant that fans in the middle of the standing pen could get a close look at the members, which I thought was a really nice touch.

During ‘Loser’, they made use of the rotating mirror set used in one of their Inkigayo performances. The fog-filled platforms they used during their slower tracks were pretty cool too. Also, the dramatic blockbuster-scale videos further complemented the energy of the concert. Basically besides the pyrotechnics that took a few years of my life away, everything was very appealing.



BIGBANG’s not even my favourite group, but I’ve always had nothing but praises for their live performances and this time is definitely no different. They have proved time and again why they are the reigning kings of K-Pop and they will still stay in that position for a while. Here’s to more great music and concerts from them!

Photo credits to YG Entertainment and One Production.

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