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Published on August 17th, 2016 | by ponyforprez


BLACKPINK is in your area—and dominating it

There’s no denying star power when it hits you. YG Entertainment‘s new girl group BLACKPINK dropped both singles ‘BOOMBAYAH’ and ‘Whistle’ a couple of days ago, and they be killin’ it. Pre-debut, the group was touted as one that was not only superbly talented, but would also boast extremely pretty members to boot. And we have to admit—that claim is absolutely true.

Both ‘BOOMBAYAH’ and ‘Whistle’ are filled with unabashed aplomb, and the girls’ individual uniqueness are each given their own spotlight. What’s great about YG is that they’ve always kept their groups in relatively small numbers, which really makes me believe the company has really put a lot of thought into carefully developing each member’s K-pop persona according to their individual style. And the group’s well divided too—Jisoo and Rose rep vocals, while Jennie and Lisa amp up the grunge with rapping prowess.

It makes sense that YG would release two singles that are similar, yet hold distinctively different styles, at the same time. ‘BOOMBAYAH’ is the obvious standout track, with attention-seeking lyrics and a hard-hitting, dance pop sound. The song doesn’t take long to establish each member’s strengths, opening with raps from Lisa and Jennie, before Jisoo and Rose step in and drum up a climatic reach before the chorus practically combusts. But ‘Whistle’ and its muted, yet equally addictive hook, deserves equal praise. It takes a couple of listens to actually get used to the bass drops and abrupt music shifts (it actually sounds like two different tracks mashed into one), but once you’re in, you’re in.

BLACKPINK also had their first stage on Inkigayo on Sunday, which marks the start of total domination from now till…forever. Check out their debut performances below:

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