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Boyfriend 2013 Asia Fan Meeting: A night of fanservice and giveaways

Last weekend, Singapore had the honour of welcoming the six members of Boyfriend to our sunny island, this time for an exclusive, solo fan meet. Consisting of leader Donghyun, vocalists Hyunseong and Jeongmin, the twins Youngmin and Kwangmin, and dancer/maknae Minwoo, the group delighted the 1200-strong crowd with live performances of their hit singles and effortlessly whipped fans into a frenzy with their adorable antics and boundless energy during 2-hour event.


The group made their appearance amidst earth-shattering shrieks from the fans, looking resplendent in their red ‘Janus’ outfits. Right on cue, the magnificent strings in the opening of ‘Janus’ sounded, and the boys launched into a passionate performance of the hit single that they rounded 2012 off with.


Fan meetings are relatively more intimate events compared to concerts, and what better way to reach out to the fans than interviews and lots of talking and interactions? The boys charmingly greeted their adoring fans, and introduced themselves.

When asked what places the boys wanted to visit in Singapore, Donghyun said ‘clubs in Singapore’ without missing a beat, and immediately stood up and started dancing his cheesy style of club moves. His wittiness and cheekiness never let up – when asked which song they liked the most in the ‘Janus’ album, Donghyun picked ‘Listen’, frankly admitting that it’s because ‘Listen’ is his solo! Can’t argue with that!


The MC then steered the interview to the Japanese movie ‘GOGO Ikemen5‘ that the boys are slated to appear in. He asked if they could speak Japanese, and being the fan-service kings they are, we were immediately showered with an outburst of ‘aishiteru‘s and ‘konnichiwa‘s. When prompted for other languages, the boys volunteered ‘I love you’ and ‘wo ai ni‘ (I love you in Mandarin Chinese). Donghyun even hilariously blurted out ‘xin nian kuai le‘ (Happy Lunar New Year), even though it’s been a month since the Lunar New Year, much to the amusement of everyone present.


And a fan meeting wouldn’t be complete if the visitors were not taught Singlish. The MC decided then and there to teach them ‘swee‘ and ‘chio‘ – both words derived from the Hokkien dialect, used to describe hot or pretty girls. He claimed that these words would really come in handy in clubs, referencing Donghyun’s earlier desire to visit the clubs in Singapore.


The boys then performed ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ and ‘I’ll Be There’ back to back. The boys appeared to be more relaxed after the interview, and looked like they were really enjoying their performances on stage. ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ is possibly my favourite single of theirs, and it was such a great experience to see it performed live. Donghyun and Minwoo especially deserved special mentions for making it a point to wave to the fans everytime they took center stage.


After some giveaways of signed albums and towels (in which fans really went all out), it was time for the solo stages. Donghyun, being the eldest and the leader, took the stage first. Donning a floral jacket with matching pants, Donghyun charmed the socks off his fans with a brilliant rendition of ‘Listen’. After just one chorus, Donghyun abruptly called for a pause, and picked a lucky fan to join him on stage. He continued where he left off, presenting a sweet bouquet of flowers to her on bended knee. At the end of it all, the fan got to snap a picture with him as well. Lucky girl.


Next up was Hyunseong, who waltzed on stage in a bright red suit. His performance of ‘Trippin” was smooth and slick. Jeongmin, on the other hand, made the fans swoon with his dreamy vocals and a short, but nonetheless impressive display of musicality when he took to the keyboard halfway through his performance of ‘My Dear’.


The twins took the stage next, and they danced to Justin Bieber‘s ‘Baby’, only to be cut short by Minwoo who hijacked their stage and practically shoved them off stage, telling them to “go home and practise! And eat.” We totally agree, Minwoo – the twins need some fattening up. Minwoo then proceeded to tear up the stage with a dance performance that oozed swag and attitude. It’s hard to believe he’s only 17!


The fans were then treated to a behind-the-scenes from the ‘Janus’ MV filming, while the boys took a breather backstage. The MC then stage-whispered to the fans that there’ll be a mini birthday celebration of sorts for Donghyun, whose birthday was a month ago.


The next performance up was the romantic R&B ballad ‘Go Back’. Fans’ hearts all around were melted by the boys’ warm vocals.

And then it was time for more giveaways, this time with the boys present on stage. The stakes were up – fans got their gifts personally handed over by the boys, and some lucky ones even got bonus hugs!


When it came to Hyunseong’s turn to pose a question about himself, he pondered for a bit and decided to ask the audience if they knew what his favourite food was. A seemingly harmless and simple enough question ended up answered incorrectly 3 times despite several hints. Eventually the question was changed, and Hyunseong’s favourite food will forever remain a mystery. If you know what it is, please leave a comment and let us know! We’re curious too!


The boys were then invited to turn around to face the screen, and fans of Donghyun were in for a pleasant surprise because a really long slideshow of Donghyun’s photos was played. At the end of that, a birthday cake was brought out. The fans sang him his belated birthday song, and Donghyun revealed that his wish was to be together with Best Friends like this forever. When asked from whom did he wish to receive a gift from, Donghyun picked Minwoo without hesitation. Minwoo immediately shrugged off his own jacket and draped it over Donghyun. I think I’m beginning to see why Minwoo is a fan favourite… He’s so cute!


The boys continued to delight Best Friends with a bright performance of the adorable ‘Love Style’, and then switching moods completely with the stronger and darker tunes of ‘I YAH’, proving their musical versatility. The boys then said short goodbyes before running off stage.


Not willing to let Boyfriend go without a performance of their debut single ‘Boyfriend’, Best Friends started yelling for an encore the moment the boys disappeared off stage. The boys didn’t disappoint, and took to the stage promptly with ‘Boyfriend’ as well as ‘SUPER HERO’, both enthusiastic and catchy numbers that had all the fans off their seats and rushing to the stage in order to see their favourite boys up close. The boys were utterly sweet and obliging when it comes to fanservice, waving at every opportunity, throwing momentos to fans, and even taking selcas with fans’ cameras!


It was a great experience to see the boys in the flesh and watch their performances live and I’m sure all Best Friends present would agree with me. The boys were good performers and seemed like boys next door with completely no airs. We absolutely cannot wait for their next visit!

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Launch Group for providing us with the opportunity to review Boyfriend 2013 Asia Fan Meeting.

(Picture credits: Launch Group)

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