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Christmas with LUNAFLY: Bringing the festive cheer to sunny Singapore


LUNAFLY might have only hit shores earlier this year in May, but the support of LUKIEs have brought the boys back – this time for a Christmas-themed concert at JStage, JCube on December 21. Despite the venue being not as cosy as the boys’ last showcase (held at Hard Rock Cafe), it seemed that Sam, Yun and Teo were determined to put up a good show no matter what. Here’s what we loved best about the show, which went on for about two and a half hours!

1. These boys have incredible voices, and are fantastic live



Whether it was belting out their original songs (‘Day By Day’, ‘One More Step’, ‘You Got That Something I Need’, ‘Super Hero’, ‘What’s Your Name’?, ‘Help Me Find A Way’, ‘Fly To Love’, and also ‘Poor Sense of Direction’ from the drama Pretty Boy) or covers ranging from Bruno Mars‘ numbers to Avicii‘s ‘Wake Me Up’  from their YouTube channel (officialLUNAFLY), we were constantly blown away by how perfect everyone sounded. Teo really impressed us with his steady, improved vocals, while Sam and Yun hit all the right notes as usual. What we especially love is how spontaneous these guys are. They might have done the songs many times before while rehearsing, but they showed that they were open to suggestions too by asking the audience what they wanted to hear! After collective choruses for Justin Timberlake‘s ‘Mirrors’, they immediately obliged. We know showcases and concerts are often planned to a T to ensure maximum efficiency and good time management, but we like that LUNAFLY are flexible so long as their fans will have a good time.

2. Despite the technical errors, professionalism was displayed at all times



More than once, the sound system proved problematic, cutting off the microphones or receiving a lot of feedback – all while LUNAFLY were singing. Despite that, never once did they flinch, remaining cool and collected throughout. It appeared that the boys themselves didn’t quite like the effects from the smoke machine as they felt it didn’t suit the atmosphere and also blocked the vision of the audience, so Sam even politely requested for it to not be used.

3. Fan service…galore! 


There were different ticket categories at the showcase, but LUNAFLY made sure to interact with not just the top tier premium and VIP ticket holders, but everyone in all areas as well. Besides pointing at specific fans holding placards with their names on it, they also made sure they utilised the entire stage, always stopping to pose for photographs whenever they saw a camera-wielding fan. One lucky girl even got her phone hijacked by Yun for a selca!

LUNAFLY also sure knew how to tease their fans with some bromance. Yun was spotted sweetly wiping the sweat of Teo’s face, which resulted in screams from the audience, and a mischievous Sam cheekily ‘aww-ing’ them on. What we also thought was sweet? These boys aren’t the most likely Korean idols to dish out aegyo, but all of them tried their very best to!


Towards the end of the show, we’re sure everyone was holding their breaths when six names were randomly picked by the members – because those selected would go on a date with a LUNAFLY member of choice the next day! Each girl was personally given a rose by her member of choice, and the giggly promise of an unforgettable date!

4. ‘Tenglish’ makes its return…amidst tons of bickering! 


For those of you who attended LUNAFLY’s first showcase in Singapore, you would have heard of ‘Tenglish’, which is basically Teo’s version of English. It has amused not just the other members of LUNAFLY, but every fan alike since we’ve first heard it, and this time ‘Tenglish’ returned even bigger and better! There is just something adorable about an idol who cannot speak English but doesn’t ever stop trying, and we got loads of that during the showcase. When he wasn’t imitating Sam as a radio personality (Sam is a radio DJ for the programme Super K-pop on Arirang Radio), he would be impishly offering to translate whenever Yun and Sam spoke in Korean, to which Sam would exasperatedly reply, “How do you guys even understand what Teo is speaking?” However, what was really gold was when Teo declared that “My English is better than yours!” to Sam. Aww, we really think their constant playful squabbling really livened up the place that evening!

5. They did their best to communicate and perform in Mandarin


Teo announced that he was doing his best to study Mandarin at the moment, and continued to amuse everyone present with the few phrases he had memorised! These included the cheeky “你今晚有空嗎?” (do you have time tonight?) and “給我你的電話” (give me your phone number), which we are sure had tons of girls swooning. Sam also had a go at the beginning with “很高興見到你!”. We continued to be even more impressed when they did a cover of Taiwanese singer Joanna Wang‘s ‘I Love You’, which they claimed they loved upon hearing. Although the cover was done in English, we give them props for striking a chord with many of the locals!


The show came to a close with a Christmas medley as an encore and the trio re-appearing on stage dressed in Santa outfits to toss sweets into the crowd. They also thrilled fans when they got down from the stage and proceeded to hand out even more roses! We hope the girls who didn’t get picked for a date with LUNAFLY were still able to feel the love from them, because we sure did.

Dinoseoul would like to once again thank East Entertainment for the media invitation to Christmas with LUNAFLY. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more upcoming events!

For more photos from our interview with LUNAFLY and Showcase, check out our Facebook and Flickr (HQ photos). Don’t forget to also watch our interview with them over here.

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