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CROSS GENE FANMEETING LIVE 2016 ‘PARALLEL WORLD’ IN SINGAPORE: Part-time students, full-time performers

Class was in session last Saturday on June 18 when the six boys of Cross Gene dropped by our sunny shores for CROSS GENE FANMEETING LIVE 2016 “Parallel World” in Singapore, a lively school-themed fanmeeting. Comprised of leader Shin, Takuya, Seyoung, Yongseok, Casper and Sangmin, the playful group first walked out on stage dressed in school uniforms and their brightest eager-to-please smiles. Who’d have guessed that it’s likely been years since they’ve last been in a classroom?

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For the first hour, they sat in chairs and answered questions relating to subjects like History (recalling details from their performance here two years ago), English (answering fan questions) and Physical Education (charades). Rather cleverly, for the Music segment, the six of them left their seats and walked to the edge of the stage as they performed ‘Holiday’, a sweet ballad from their previous mini album ‘Play with Me’. For the entirety of the song, fans in the audience were allowed to snap as many photos and videos as they wanted. But right as the last note rang out, Shin announced gleefully, “3…2…1… Photo time… stop!”

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During the course of the event, the boys were given points for every right answer they got in the respective categories, with Sangmin beating Takuya in charades by a mere two points in order to clinch the self-proclaimed title of ‘#1 in Body Language’. Keeping in line with the school theme, we thought we’d weigh in and dole out awards of our own.

Class Clown: Shin
Clutching a Minion plush toy (a souvenir from the previous day’s trip to USS) as he made his appearance, it wasn’t Shin we met that day but Minion, or so he liked to remind us. For the first 20 minutes or so, his vocabulary was replaced with random bursts of “Banana!” as he got wholeheartedly into character, egged on by the amused laughs from the crowd. In response to a fan’s question about a drama role he’d like to challenge next, his answer was… you guessed it — “Minion!” A truly committed actor, indeed.


Best Fanservice: Takuya
During History class, the members were asked to recall the exact date when they performed at Sundown Festival two years ago. Cheating a little, CandYs in the audience held up fingers to motion the number 22 so as to indicate the date 22nd November. Following their gestures, Takuya put a finger to each cheek cutely as he asked, “1 + 1 = Gwiyomi?”

Later, when Seyoung and him had to carry out a penalty for losing, they disappeared backstage only to reappear in pleated schoolgirl skirts pulled on over their pants. While Seyoung looked adorable wearing a pink bow on his head, we have to applaud Takuya for going the extra mile and donning a brunette wig, complete with pigtails! He gamely danced along to Twice’s hit song, ‘Cheer Up’, as oldest member Seyoung clumsily followed along. Even after the music ended, Takuya still continued to execute the choreography perfectly, taking extra delight in doing the famous “Shy Shy Shy” move.

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But his fanservice… wasn’t always planned. While backfacing the fans at one point, someone gestured for him to pull up his pants because his bright pink underwear was showing! The members all cutely covered for him as he shyly tucked in his shirt and tugged on his school uniform jacket.

Most Talkative: Yongseok
Cheeky and full of confidence, Yongseok was both charming and hilarious during the fanmeeting, with no shortage of quick-fire quips. When answering a question about his favourite subject back in school, he simply nodded smugly and answered, “Math,” making sure to enunciate the th sound in the word and prompting the audience to burst into laughter. “I like math. Math,” he repeated, with a straight face.

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What’s even funnier was the way he acted during charades, passing on difficult words with a sassy flick of his wrist. Once he’d maxed out on his passes, he tried to get the audience to guess ‘Minnie Mouse’ by putting his hands to his ears. Since no one was able to guess, he resorted to gesturing wildly at his own mouth because according to him, mouse and mouth sound similar. Haha! When Seyoung got ‘Mickey Mouse’ for his turn and the audience was able to guess easily, Yongseok didn’t fail to make his displeasure known, pouting and huffing that Seyoung had an unfair advantage.

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Best Smile: Sangmin
He’s not nicknamed Smile Boy for nothing –– one thing that stood out the most when it came to Sangmin was just how generous he was with his smiles. Smiling through the choreography as they performed song after song, he looked like he was genuinely having the time of his life onstage. Eyes twinkling with mischief during his turn at charades, he looked at Takuya, who was leading at the time, and declared with a finger to his throat, “I will kill you!” True enough, Sangmin’s boundless enthusiasm and expressiveness led him to take the crown with a whopping 12 points. “You loser!” he said to Takuya, grinning.

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When a cake was brought out in celebration of his birthday in July, Sangmin was once again all-smiles as he listened to the crowd sing him ‘Happy Birthday’. Even Takuya couldn’t resist swiping a piece of cake and smearing it across Sangmin’s nose as he playfully complained. Aww, it’s nice to see their earlier teasing rivalry give way to heartening moments like this!

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Most Endearing: Seyoung
Whether it was fumbling through his girl group dance penalty, or subtly throwing finger hearts into the audience, we couldn’t help but be won over by Seyoung’s quiet charm. As all the members scrambled to borrow school-related items from the audience during the treasure hunt activity, poor Seyoung’s search for a fork proved to be fruitless (who brings a fork to school anyway?). Even as the members returned to their seats triumphantly and started taking some time to autograph their borrowed items, Seyoung sat empty-handed all the while, looking a little lost. Surely you can spare an eraser, Yongseok? You’ve got five in your hand!

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Though a little on the reserved side compared with his rowdier groupmates, the handsome lead vocalist completely transformed into a charismatic performer as soon as the lights went down and the music turned on, effortlessly belting high notes like there’s no tomorrow.

Biggest Flirt: Casper
Giving off a slightly more laidback vibe than the others, Casper was all smirks and witty one-liners that evening. When describing his ideal type, he admitted that he was looking for somebody with a “sexy body, cute face and a kind heart”. “That’s me!” someone yelled from the audience. Casper’s immediate response was to get down on one knee and ask, “Would you marry me?” So naughty! Not long after, while pondering the question, “Where will you be in 10 years?” A fan, quite possibly the same plucky one from before, answered for him, “In my heart!” Casper simply shrugged. “Okay. Your heart!” Ah, as expected of our Wild Chic Gene.

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While wrapping up their fanmeeting, Casper had some final words to say in Mandarin. He sincerely thanked CandYs in the audience, telling them he loved them and that they hoped to return to Singapore, perhaps for a full-fledged concert. And when the crowd whined for them not to go, Casper chuckled and said, “Stay? It’s too expensive.” Fine… But come back soon, okay?

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Dinoseoul would like to thank Amuse Inc. Asia for the media invitation. Don’t forget to check out more pictures from the fanmeeting on our Facebook page here. For HQ pictures, do visit our Flickr here.


  1. Holiday
  2. Noona, You
  3. My Face
  4. Mr. Secret
  5. Amazing -Bad Lady-
  6. Kki (World Premiere Performance)
  7. Play With Me
  8. I’m Fine

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