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Published on May 8th, 2017 | by ponyforprez


EXID says it all in ‘Night Rather Than Day’

EXID is one of those underdog groups I always feel compelled to root for. After shooting to fame because of a certain Hani fancam (the original video uploader currently has 23,000,000+ views on YouTube, by the way), the group continued to cement their presence in the public eye with a slew of sexy concepts and upbeat earworms.

While I personally love tracks like ‘L.I.E’ and ‘Hot Pink’, their recent comeback really took the cake for me in terms of how much the group has matured, and how well they’re holding their own without main vocalist Solji (she’s currently recovering from a throat infection).

‘Night Rather Than Day’ stays away from shrill notes and purposeful climaxes, choosing to instead focus on a laid-back melody that makes for easy replaying. Working with Shinsadong Tiger once again has its merits—he’s able to weave a subdued catchy chorus into the track that is sealed off really well with LE‘s ‘natbodaneun bame wa‘ (come at night, not during the day) hook. And while K-pop has been veering into experimental musical territories with its blend of different music elements, ‘Night Rather Than Day’ still emerges fresh with a dreamy, jazzy and rhythmic sound that goes extremely well with the members’ individual vocal colour.

The best part about ‘Night’ is that it manages to highlight the strengths of each of the girls, without one overpowering the other. Major props to Jeonghwa, whose soft, lithe voice fits the dreamy, sensual concept of the song perfectly. It’s the reason she gets a good number of lines in the track as compared to previous EXID tracks. I also really enjoy how versatile Hani is with her penchant for lower, sultry notes while at the same time smashing the chorus’ airy sound as well. Also, while Hyelin has always been known to be a good singer, ‘Night’ really shows her stepping up to the plate and nailing the higher notes. And of course, LE delivers without a hitch as usual.

‘Night’ might not be EXID’s best-performing song, but it’s definitely my favourite. It has certainly opened my eyes to what this talented girl group is really made of, and how far they will continue to go. It might already be five years since their wide-eyed, starry debut, but it certainly seems like they’ve got a whole lot more to give and show.

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