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Published on December 14th, 2014 | by deejaymich


4 feel-good tracks to usher in 2015 with

The Korean entertainment industry in 2014 hasn’t been the best year we’ve seen (scandals, lawsuits and idol-leaving-group drama galore), and if you too have had a tough year, or are in need of a pick-me-up and reminder that all is not lost in idol-dom, here’s a list of tracks we’ve compiled to usher in the new year. Now, we listen and like a lot of Korean songs, but these songs are different because they’re songs that make us feel all nice and warm, dissipate any urges to flip tables when we are annoyed, and generally are just great, meaningful tunes that we’d love to share with all of you. You’re welcome!

Yoon Mirae ft. Tiger JK & Bizzy

Kicking off the list is  Yoon Mirae‘s latest song ‘Angel’. Featuring Tiger JK and Bizzy, one would have expected a song akin to ‘Sweet Dream‘ (which the trio produced under the moniker MFBTY), instead we’re treated to pure old-school R&B goodness. Don’t write ‘Angel’ off as just another a typical R&B love song though – the rap lyrics are the main focus for me. Tiger JK’s rap addresses the hard times he faced with his former label and the passing of his father. Bad times do pass though, and the trio have overcome all those and are happy in their new label.


Hip-hop idol groups usually try to go for the tough image so I really appreciated it when MADTOWN‘s debut portrayed a bunch of free-spirited young men. Okay, so the acronym might be overused, but I felt this song really captured the essence of ‘you only live once’. The lyrics ‘put away your self-consciousness in your back pocket, see what it is you really want‘ really just sum up the whole song for me.

CNBLUE – Like A Child

When we were children, we wanted grow up quickly, but as we get older and have to shoulder more responsibilities, we realise that the innocence of a child is always the best. I feel like the underlying meaning of this beautiful CNBLUE song is to take a step back to appreciate everything around us in the midst of all the frenzy of the world. The Brit-Rock influence and string accompaniment make it even more uplifting – no wonder Yonghwa wanted the song for himself even though IU asked him for it!

Verbal Jint, San E, PHANTOM, As One, P-Type, TAEWAN, Kang Min Hee, Kanto, Champagne & Candle, Da Il Yang and DJ IT – Brand New Day

There ain’t no party like a Brand New Music party. The third instalment of Brand New Music’s project (the first and second here) features even more artistes from the label than before. And just like the previous two singles, ‘Brand New Day’ reflects on the year and looks forward to the next. In the words of San E, let’s work hard and shine bright no matter what year it is – brand new music, brand new year, brand new day, err’thang brand new!


What are some tracks that you’ll be listening all the way into 2015 – just because they’re that good? Let us know!

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