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Published on August 5th, 2012 | by dinoseoul


First Impressions: B1A4 Hello Baby

porninja: Two episodes down… I’m feeling a little underwhelmed, wouldn’t you agree?

ponyforprez: Underwelmed? UNDERWELMED??? Sigh, I’m sorry but B1A4 as the new appas on this season of Hello Baby just doesn’t cut it for me. To think I was so excited for it to start too!

Here, we discuss:

  • How B1A4 Hello Baby compares to previous seasons
  • Why B1A4 are not variety material and how they should improve
  • Production aspects of the show

I thought B1A4 + babies was a formula that couldn’t go wrong, but as the episode went on (or rather, dragged on), I found myself kind of bored, and waiting for it to end. I know that sounds terrible, but I’m being honest!

ponyforprez: I know what you mean. I guess I was expecting a little more, especially after the previous seasons. SNSD’s one wasn’t terrific, but they managed fine. SHINee and MBLAQ were naturals, so the banter was good. Even T-ARA and SISTAR were alright! Why is it that B1A4 just… can’t?

porninja: I’ve only watched the first few episodes for SHINee’s and MBLAQ’s, but they captured my attention a lot better than this one. I think the underlying problem isn’t with the kids but with the members. They’re just not exactly… variety material.

ponyforprez: Exactly! I’m not even being biased, because I do like B1A4, enough to be considered a fan. They’re lively on stage and sing well, so I was definitely hopeful that that energy would transit into variety.

porninja: I know they were most recently in Sesame Player (though I didn’t catch that) but I mean, they must have been good enough to warrant another programme right? Right? I’m not saying the guys are boring, but they’re kind of awkward and they’re not really hamming it up for the camera.

ponyforprez: It’s not like I expect them to speak up all the time or always say something witty, but I think when you’re on a variety show, you need to make it a point to keep things interesting, like laugh or look more excited about the games. Or else, viewers will just zone out after a while. They’re just very… blah. Even the way you speak, your facial expressions, they all contribute to how you carry yourself.

porninja: Baro and Sandeul seem to be the only ones who are making an effort. It’s especially evident in episode 2 where the guys are split 3-2, where Gongchan, Jinyoung and CNU are at a jjimjilbang together. I was cringing at how uncomfortable they looked in front of the camera.

ponyforprez: I think I was spasming on the floor when they reached the part where they decided to make their toes say hello to each other. And not because they were funny. Not at all. UGH. The worst part is that the trio know how awful they are at talking, and they keep making excuses to cut back to Baro and Sandeul.

porninja: I’m not sure why the camera kept insisting on showing us the three of them! I understand the members probably are a little more quiet and laidback in reality, but they have to understand that their real-life personalities probably wouldn’t work too well on a variety show.

ponyforprez: But to give them some credit, I think that right from the start, the show got off on the wrong foot. It’s not just the fault of B1A4 – the production crew should have also put in more thought into planning the show. I’m sure they’re aware that B1A4 aren’t the most comfortable idols on camera, so instead of giving them opportunities to ad-lib, they should’ve ceased awkward moments as much as possible.

porninja: Like making the games a little more exciting for one, and including an MC that’s actually, you know, funny. And come on, there’s only so many times I can see the boys answer questions incessantly or do body rolls before it all gets a little tired.

ponyforprez: I agree. The kids, Eunsol and Hyunwoo, are adorable and likeable, but because the boys are a bit stiff themselves it’s hard to bring out the best in their babies. Sometimes I feel like they’re only trying to get the attention of the kids for the sake of it. Like when they’re eating and Eunsol walks off camera because she doesn’t want to, no one actually goes after her and just waits for her to come back.

porninja: But I loved the cute bit where Eunsol and Sandeul were having a conversation about monsters though! We should have more of those moments, where there’s more interaction with the kids. Since there’s not much banter going on within the members, they should leverage on the show’s good points and focus more on the two children – I mean, it’s called Hello Baby after all.

ponyforprez: After the first two episodes, I’m probably not going to continue watching Hello Baby anymore except maybe… cuts of the show’s best moments. I do hope that the boys learn to loosen up a little and fit in more with the playful vibes they give off on stage. They seem capable of that, and I hope the interactions between them and the kids continue to grow too. It would be nice to have them genuinely enjoy themselves after all.

porninja: For idols that promote such a cute, fun image, they didn’t really show that off here. The saving grace for me is Sandeul, who I feel is perfectly 4D – even the camera seems to love him, with him seemingly getting the bulk of the close-ups. But even that isn’t enough to get us invested. We initially planned to do recaps, but since the first two episodes turned out like this, looks like it won’t be happening. But the rest who’s still onboard, please enjoy the show (…on our behalf)!

(Picture credits: KBS Hello Baby)

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3 Responses to First Impressions: B1A4 Hello Baby

  1. Jessica says:

    No I think these games are making us bord to watch the show we don’t care about the games or the quizes. We just want to see them with the kids. They only show about 25-30 min of the kids, they should be shown through out the whole ep not just part of the show. The reason I think Eun Sol acts the way she does is becsuse they are not spending enough time with her. They need to show the kids through out the whole ep to make it intresting. I think B1A4 would be great fathers if the kids are shown through out the whole ep. They are wasting 3 eps so far, how many more eps are they going to keep wasteing in order for it to be good to watch. If you watch the other hello baby seasons they had the baby through out the whole ep which draws people’s attention. Its getting into ep 4 and it looks like another boring ep. I really thought this season was going to be good but i was wrong its just plain boring i’m hopeing it will get better soon.

    • dinoseoul says:

      Hi Jessica!

      We’re generally fine with the idea of games by incorporated into Hello Baby as long as they, like you’ve mentioned, involve having the babies on screen more often. In ep 2, we felt that the quiz and forfeit that the members had to go through we’re pretty ridiculous and served no real purpose in the show.

      What I hope the producers understand is that viewers are okay with doing away with any attempts at trying to make the show more interesting (E.G unnecessary games/activities) so long as the main focus is on the kids and B1A4 getting to know each other better. We want to see Sandeul continue his antics at trying to get chummy with the babies. We want to see Eun Sol warm up to Baro. Heck, we want to see if Jinyoung, Gongchan and Shinwoo will break out of their own shell.

      We do agree that previous seasons of the show was better, but it’s still early days, so we’re crossing our fingers that it’ll pan out better ASAP for the remaining viewers.

      Thanks for reading! :)

  2. hahaha ! I like their pictures. They look FUNNY !

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