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Published on March 8th, 2014 | by deejaymich


FTISLAND reflect on their music journey so far

In about three months time, the boys, or rather, men of FTISLAND will be celebrating the band’s 7th anniversary. Last year, they kicked off their FTHX concert tour in celebration of their 6th anniversary, which was meant as a gift for all Primadonnas who have been sticking with the band through thick and thin.

On March 7, the band met with the Singapore media prior to their concert here. They are no strangers to Singapore – this being their fifth time here. Lead vocalist Hongki started off the press conference in high spirits when he cheerfully greeted, “annyeonghaseyoooo“. And for good reason – the man said that he was happy to be back to escape the cold weather in Korea. However, right after that, he playfully quipped that it’s way too hot here. Also, when the emcee said that he looked fantastic, he replied, “thank you, thank you! I know, I know!”, much to everyone’s amusement and delight.

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Another possible reason why the band was in a good mood was because it was their leader’s birthday! Jonghun, who is known for his physique, was asked if he would be showing any skin during the concert. Amidst approving claps from his bandmates, leader coolly replied that he thinks that he isn’t really ready for that at the moment, so he wouldn’t be revealing himself just because it’s his birthday.


Jaejin recently sang a song ‘Come Inside’ for the OST of the drama, Bride of the Century, which stars Hongki as the main lead. When he was asked if he has watched the drama, Jaejin expressed that it was the first time he ever followed one because it’s cool that he hears his voice in there. However, he felt that Hongki was a little awkward in the first couple of episodes. In his defense, Hongki rebutted that he thinks that for a singer, his acting is pretty natural, adding, “ahh, jeongmal (seriously)…”

It wasn’t all jokes and laughter though – the band also took time to reflect on their journey since debut. Being the first idol band in Korea, it definitely wasn’t easy. One of the hardest things that the band had to face was stereotypes. Debuting at a young age (maknae Minhwan was only 15!), many doubted their ability to stay in the industry for a long time. Fans who have been following the band from the beginning probably know that there were audiences who didn’t think that the band could play their instruments well because they were always hand-syncing due to music show regulations and that made them really upset (video here). But of course, looking at how far FT Island has come, all doubts have been dispelled and they have become one of Korea’s most successful bands.


For Primadonnas attending the concert, although there will not be a special stage specifically for Singapore, it will still be a really meaningful one because the FTHX tour was organized by the band and they provided lots of input. It’ll definitely be a great concert where fans witness the band’s growth and maturity in their music. Also, for a concert tip, they advised female fans not to wear heels, but sneakers for comfort. Just like how guitarist Seunghyun says he loves Singapore (and that he feels like he’s on holiday every time he’s here), be sure to show your love to FT Island too – the best way is to enjoy the music and go crazy with them!

Do check out our highlight video of the press conference below!


Dinoseoul would like to thank ONE Production for the media invitation. Do check out the rest of the pictures on our Facebook page here.

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