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Published on July 26th, 2016 | by deejaymich


FTISLAND keeps rocking on with ‘Take Me Now’

I’ve always been a fan of FTISLAND, in fact, they are my favourite act in the world of Korean music. And I never thought I could love them more. That is, until ‘Take Me Now’ was released.

It’s not a surprise that ‘Take Me Now’ takes after their last single ‘Pray’ in terms of genre. Once again, the members took the reigns in writing, composing and producing for the whole album.

The song doesn’t start off hard, but it very quickly escalates into a forward-driving introduction, immediately giving us an idea of what kind of song it’s going to be. The call-and-reply verses where Hongki sings a line and the rest of the band echoes with a full out rock accompaniment for eight beats allow the bass, guitars and drums to shine. The pre-chorus acts like the calm before the storm before the explosive chorus – and that’s not even the climax. Coupled with Jonghun, Seunghyun and Jaejin yelling, “Take me now! Trust me now! Break me down!”, towards the end of the song where the chorus repeats itself with Minhwan changing up the drum accompaniment – that’s definitely where the most exhilarating part of the song is. I can just imagine how epic the live version of the song would be along with crazy flashing strobe lights!

With an unmistakable ONE OK ROCK feel to ‘Take Me Now’, it might as well have been one of their Japanese releases. By releasing songs like this and ‘Pray’, which obviously would have been more well-received in Japan, FTISLAND is definitely trying to make a statement, saying that after all these years of making the music we like in Japan, we’re going to bring this to our home country and show it to you guys. ‘Music they like’ doesn’t only pertain these hard rock songs – their newest Japanese single is not even half as intense. However, songs like ‘Take Me Now’ and ‘Pray’ obviously make a bigger statement.

With the trend of Korean music still being primarily pop, R&B and hip-hop, it is highly unlikely that the rock genre will go back to its former glory like in the 80’s, where bands like Boohwal and Sinawe were very highly sought-after. Hongki has said that he doesn’t expect the song or album to do well on Korea’s music charts (which was what happened), but in all honesty, they never needed to care too much about their song’s position on the charts when they are perpetually going for arena tours doing what artistes want to do – performing the music that they want to do in front of those who appreciate them.

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