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Getting intimate with U-KISS

It’s no secret – we at Dinoseoul really adore U-KISS, and after spending some time with them at the press conference for their ‘Collage’ Tour Concert in Singapore, we like them even more, if that’s possible. The seven members were completely without airs, comfortably and cheerfully fielding questions from the media throughout the session, at times even mercilessly teasing their own members. Their grounded personalities and sunny dispositions were especially endearing.


The press conference was held in a cozy function room in Hard Rock Hotel at Resort World Sentosa on April 20. The boys arrived promptly, looking fabulous in white. Amazingly, they also looked really fresh without any hint of weariness, despite only arriving in Singapore earlier the same day.

After a short photo-taking session, the MC for the press conference, Ah Ken from local radio station UFM1003, started the ball rolling by asking the boys what they missed about Singapore, since it had been a long time since they last set foot in Singapore. Kevin answered that they missed the fans the most. They often see comments from Singaporean Kiss Mes on social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook asking for a concert in Singapore, and they were glad to have the opportunity to present this ‘Collage’ Tour Concert on our sunny island.


When asked about their preparations for the concert, Eli admitted that it was a bit challenging since they had to rematch some of their choreographies to fit AJ in, who went on a short hiatus to focus on his studies in Columbia University.

Noting that the other members were relatively quiet, Ah Ken then requested that all the members introduce themselves. Obligingly, they fluently introduced themselves in English, and Dongho even threw in an introduction in Mandarin Chinese, causing everyone else who went after him to follow suit. Kiseop stumbled over his Mandarin introduction, causing the members to burst out laughing, before they saved him from more embarrassment by attributing his slip-up to nerves. He was then egged on to do an additional introduction in Japanese, but he greeted ‘Konbanwa’ (good evening) instead of ‘Konnichiwa’ (good afternoon/hello) and got laughed at by his fellow members once again. Soohyun, in particular, laughed the hardest. Aw, poor Kiseop! You tried.


After expressing their excitement for the concert later that night and how the stage layout would allow them to get more intimate with the fans, the conversation soon moved on to U-KISS’ new subunit uBEAT – made up of rappers Eli and AJ.

The boys let on that Kevin would be featuring in their debut track, which Eli described as “upbeat but sad”. Fans of U-KISS’ earlier works that were produced by Brave Brothers, like ‘Bingeul Bingeul’ and ‘Man Man Ha Ni’, would be thrilled to hear that the famed producer once again is collaborating with uBEAT for this subunit’s debut. On April 22, the sub-unit finally released their title track ‘Should Have Treated You Better‘, a smooth, catchy tune which was exactly as described.


Kiss Mes would know by now that Don’t Cry Mommy, the movie that Dongho is starring in, is currently showing in theatres in Singapore. When asked about the reactions from friends and family regarding him playing a villain, Dongho shared that they were indeed a little concerned initially because of possible repercussions on his squeaky-clean idol image. However, he thought it was a good acting experience, and I’m sure Dongho’s fans wouldn’t mind him playing a villain. If anything, they should be immensely proud and impressed by the maknae‘s acting chops and versatility!

The rest of the boys were then asked about the type of character that they’d like to play, if they received an opportunity to act. Hoon immediately picked romance, pointing out mock-bitterly about the all-male cast that he worked with on ‘Holy Land‘, alongside Dongho.


Eli went with romantic comedy, but was also agreeable to playing a super hero. When told that he may have to wear his underwear outside, he turned bashful when all the members started to tease him about losing weight and whether his body was good enough to play a super hero.


AJ definitely did not want to portray a killer, and instead chose comedy. He picked the film The Hangover as an example of the kind of humour that he’d like to attempt. Kiseop picked romance (we can hear all the Kiss Mes swooning!), and Soohyun quirkily announced that his dream plot was one in which he met the love of his life while fishing, since he’s been interested in fishing lately.


The boys then gamely participated in a personality test, in which they had to pick their preferred spot when taking a photo with friends. Kevin revealed that he’s always shoved to the front by the other U-KISS members during photo-taking because of his small face. AJ then had everyone in stitches when he admitted that he preferred the back because his face was big, causing everyone to accuse him of being the one responsible for Kevin being relegated to the front.


We were curious as to how exemplary leader Soohyun viewed his leadership duties, but it seems like nothing would daunt him. “There’s nothing challenging for him, as a leader,” Kevin translated. Soohyun went on to elaborate that the members listen well to him. He also praised Dongho for being mature for his age, so much so that sometimes he could be more of a hyung than Soohyun himself.


Given that U-KISS earlier featured on MBC’s Gangnam Dance School to teach the choreography for ‘Standing Still’, the media couldn’t miss the chance to ask what Kiseop thought of his ‘student’ during the dance lesson, Singapore’s very own K-pop representative, leader Tasha of SKarf. On top of candidly admitting that he thought Tasha was pretty, Kiseop also shared that he was surprised that she picked up the dance so quickly. He added that she did so well that she could be a member of U-KISS. Now that’s an interesting idea…


If Tasha joining U-KISS meant that someone had to bow out, the boys have already thought of other things they’d be interested in doing. Soohyun would want to produce his own group and is apparently very confident of it being successful. Kevin says that he adores kids, so he’d probably be a teacher. Dongho would like to be a radio deejay, while Hoon hoped to open a sports centre of sorts in which he could teach all sorts of sports. AJ’s dream doesn’t seem like much of a career, but he shared rather candidly that he’d to experience being part of a CC, or campus couple, since he is in college now.

Finally, Eli hoped to be able to backpack around Asia, and he listed Singapore as one of the countries on his list! Kiss Mes, do remember to keep a lookout for Backpacking-Eli in Singapore in the future!


If you thought the boys were entertaining during the press conference, wait until you hear about what went down during the concert! Read our review here.

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Jig Asia Entertainment for the media invitation. For more pictures from the press conference and concert, do check out our Facebook page.

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