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Published on July 20th, 2016 | by ponyforprez


GFRIEND continues to spread their wings with ‘Navillera’

It’s been approximately a year and a half since GFRIEND‘s debut—and how far they’ve truly come. The girls went from raising eyebrows with their predictable group name and done-to-death cutesy concept to blowing up to one of the nation’s current biggest girl groups. ‘Navillera’ is the title track of their first full-length studio album ‘LOL‘, which has two versions: ‘Laughing Out Loud‘ and ‘Lots Of Love‘.

‘Navillera’ is spellbinding in the same way ‘Glass Bead’, ‘Me Gustas Tu’ and ‘Rough’ are, paying an ode to yesteryear and the schoolgirl concept once again. However, ‘Navillera’ feels a lot more vintage with its old school footage and retro outfits. And the white derby rollerblades? So vintage.

GFRIEND has a knack for churning out the best hit songs, and ‘Navillera’ is no exception. Much like their previous title releases, this track is big on utilising catchy synths and punchy beats, with a constant crescendo leading up to explosive choruses. The word ‘Navillera’ can be referred to as something ‘fluttering’, referenced from Korean poet Cho Ji Hoon in his ’90s poem ‘The Monk’s Dance’. It also explains why the members are constantly making butterfly motions with their hands in the MV, and combining lithe movements into their choreography. The ‘Na na na navillera‘ hook is also genius. The ‘V’ alphabat doesn’t exist in the Korean alphabet, which naturally prompts the girls to sing ‘navillera’ as ‘nabillera’—very apt, seeing how the word ‘nabi’ means butterfly in Korean.

While everyone sounds fantastic here, lead vocalist Eunha really stands out with her voice’s girlish timbre. Notable mention to Yerin as well, who has improved tremendously in terms of voice control. An overall excellent effort from these rising stars, and it’s clear that they are only going to continue to improve with future releases as they continue to enthrall us with youthful exuberence and infectious tunes.

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