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GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore

On April 26, the boys of GOT7 trooped down to Singapore. They delighted fan girls (and boys) at the Kallang Theatre with hits like ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’, ‘Stop, Stop It’ and ‘A’ and also showed off their sentimental side with pop ballad ‘Moonlight’. If singing wasn’t enough, the members totally turned on the charm and went into full fan service mode – piling on everything from aegyo one moment to the slickest dance moves next.


We also discovered a series of adorable facts from the group. We summarise the best points:

BamBam proves he’s champion in a variety of things


Besides being voted the most talkative member, BamBam is also revealed to be the most beauty conscious (with Jackson coming in a close second!). He was also extremely cheeky – he leaned in close to his fan who came on stage and pretended to kiss her! Poor girl, we’re sure she wouldn’t have minded a real smooch.

Jackson is the classic smooth-talker that girls fall for

With his boyish good looks, wittiness, beat-boxing skills and penchant for making harmless jibes at the other members. That said, we love someone who can laugh at himself – “my nostrils look so big they’re like my eyes!

Jr. and his aegyo-filled sulking sure melts hearts

Besides sulkily saying “even Jackson doesn’t know my birthday!” when fans were asked to guess Jr.‘s birthday, he also put on his signature grumpy face when the emcee kept accidentally mixing JB and him up. Aww!

And then there are the members who can’t do aegyo

Both JB and Yugyeom took centre stage as the members who failed to be cute no matter how hard they tried. But that’s okay, because they made it up with awesome freestyle dance moves after!

Mark and Jackson bring a new level of wow to their choreography 

Thanks to Mark and Jackson’s acrobatic tricks and flips during choreography, we feel GOT7 has really stepped it up a notch as a group during their dances!

When in doubt, the classics always work! 

Nearing the end of the fanmeet, Youngjae ‘fessed that he “can’t speak English”, but had the crowd satisfied anyway when he uttered “I love you lah!!”. Whoever said you had to be a language expert to move people, right?

Birthday surprises are always the best 


Birthdays that occur around concert periods are the best because the fans get to join in the celebration for their idol too. As it was BamBam’s birthday the week after, the fans prepared a cake for the Thai member – much to his surprise and delight! He proclaimed it as a birthday celebration he would “never forget”. We’re glad that he’s able to make such a special memory right here in Singapore!

Here are more photos from the wonderful night!




Lucky winner

All photo credits to LEAP IMS.

Dinoseoul would once again like to thank LEAP IMS for the media invitation to GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore.

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