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Published on November 18th, 2014 | by dinoseoul


HI SUHYUN: “I’m Different” is cookie-cutter cute


Units are all the range in YG these days (yes, we’re excited for the upcoming hiphop one involving BIGBANG‘s G-DRAGON and Taeyang too, and how YG is generally keeping us on our toes with subunit projects), and we’re loving the establishment that is HI SUHYUN and their newly-dropped single ‘I’m Different’.

Consisting of the company’s youngest female starlets, Akdong Musician‘s Suhyun and solo artiste LEE HI, the MV for ‘I’m Different’ perfectly encapsulates the giddy feelings of being in love with that handsome stud in school (although life would be a lot better if we all had boys around who looked like iKON‘s Bobby…), although lyrically it begs to differ. Quite contrary to how the girls chase after Bobby in the MV, the lyrics for ‘I’m Different’ demonstrate a confident woman who’s ‘different’, easily capturing the heart of whoever she wants. On the other hand, Suhyun and LEE HI are so ridiculously cute that you can’t really take their word seriously…for now.

Now let’s talking about this pairing. If you ask me, I’d say it’s a perfect and well-timed one – not to mention extremely relevant and on point. With YG’s only other female artistes, 2NE1, currently not promoting, it makes perfect sense to bring out and push the newer talents of the mega entertainment company’s artiste pool. LEE HI received tremendously good response with her solo debut (both ‘’ and ‘Rose’ were chart-toppers), as did Akdong Musician (first album ‘Play’ was a commercial success), which was safe enough to say that a venture as a female duo would be undeniably promising.

I admit that while I enjoy ‘I’m Different’ on a whole, it’s not anything new or stunning. The retro-sounding single, with its horns and sax, could well be a LEE HI single on its own. It’s a song that veers toward LEE HI’s vocal style and allows her to easily play up her slightly sultry, throaty vocals – her strength. It’s very ‘’ with its confident lyrics and empowering vibes, and even the finger-snapping beat in both songs’ backgrounds is similar. But guess what? It works. It’s edgy and cool enough. Also, bringing Suhyun into the picture helps liven it up even more. It’s absolutely refreshing to see Suhyun take on something a little more playfully coquettish while not completely ditching her good-girl Akdong image. She’s adorable to watch, and I secretly hope that her natural girlishness will rub a little off on LEE HI because the latter is beginning to look like she’s trying a bit too hard when it comes to emoting these days.

What I do also appreciate about the MV visually is the girls are exactly how 15 and 18-year-old girls should – getting giggly and nervous over a boy. Much like how ‘200%’ and ‘Give Love’ portrayed Suhyun as a school girl and ‘I’m Over’ had LEE HI transformed even more child-like and waifish than she already is, ‘I’m Different’ is relatable to much of YG’s younger female fanbase. This is good, seeing as there’s a ton of time in the future for both LEE HI and Suhyun to take on more feminine, sexy concepts.

For a first-time collaboration, I’d say ‘I’m Different’ is worthy a spin or two. It might be forgettable to some – it honestly boils down to musical preferences and whether or not you’re in the YG/LEE HI/Akdong Musician fandom – but it does tingle with promise of better things to come. Should HI SUHYUN release a second single, I’d love to see something a little more varied. Keep impressing, girls! You’re definitely well on your way.

Watch the MV for HI SUHYUN’s ‘I’m Different’ below:

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