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Published on December 25th, 2013 | by dinoseoul


Hot Guy of the Month: Under the Mistletoe Edition

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and rightly so because in this special edition of our HGOM series, we’ve sifted out eight dashing guys that we wouldn’t mind getting caught under the mistletoe with. We strive to whet your appetites by including guys with different charms, but ladies, don’t fret if we’ve missed out on your ideals! We’re sure they know dang well how to please, too.

The pretty boy you secretly swear at for being too flawless – Lee Jong Suk


Coming in fifth in one of Korea’s most recognised surveys conducted by Gallup Korea on which actors/actresses the public thought lit up 2013 is none other than the endearing Lee Jong Suk. His impressive efforts seen on both the silver and small screens this year only proves that this actor has done everything right to win the hearts of the public, no questions asked. Whether playing everybody’s favourite Park Soo Ha in I Hear Your Voice or the cool and ambitious swimmer Woo Sang in No Breathing, Lee Jong Suk has been utterly refreshing to watch. Look out for him as he stars alongside Park Bo Young in ’80s teen movie Hot Blooded Youth to be released next year!

The dork you feel bad for laughing at but adore him all the same – BTOB’s Peniel Shin & Yook Sung Jae


They may be the two youngest in BTOB, but there’s no disregarding Peniel Shin and Yook Sung Jae for their knack at creating all the laughter-inducing videos seen on Peniel’s Instagram account and more. In fact, we’ve been so entertained by their antics that we’ve had to document several of them (refer to BTOB tag). If these partners in crime aren’t the epitome of dorky in K-pop, then we don’t know what is.

The guy you’d wanna bring home ’cause you know your folks are gonna love him – Choi Jin Hyuk & Lee Min Ho, INFINITE’s Kim Myungsoo


The decision to package these two attractive actors into one came about as a result of their display of your not-so-typical bromance in SBS’s hit drama, ‘The Heirs‘, which concluded last week. Having witnessed and experienced the pain bore by Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho‘s character) as he was repeatedly treated with indifference by Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk‘s character) despite his constant profession of his love for his hyung episode after episode, we couldn’t be any happier when the two brothers finally reconciled. Both actors have not only succeeded in portraying their roles proficiently but also in melting our hearts with how dapper they looked in the drama. To fuel this bromance further, Choi Jin Hyuk revealed in an interview with TV Report that the both of them are actually close friends in real life and will most likely be spending Christmas Eve together! Aww! After all, two is better than one, right?


To say that INFINITE‘s Myungsoo, or L, might win the heart of any parent just with that gorgeous face of his is an understatement. But he has also proven to be more than just looks with his notable singing ability and several acting stints that have only boosted his appeal tenfold. The most memorable being his role as Lee Hyun Soo in Shut Up! Flower Boy Band and most recently as young Joo Joong Won in Master’s Sun. Despite causing quite a commotion not too long ago due to his previous relationship with ulzzang Kim Do Yeon that left the hearts of his adoring fangirls shattered for a moment, we think Myungsoo hasn’t lost any of his allure at all (and at least we know he’s single and available now). Furthermore, this lad was also previously featured in our Hot Guy series, so need we say more?

The bad boy you know you should be distancing from but his suaveness is too irresistible – Jay Park


This year saw Jay Park parading the absolute sweetheart he can be in ‘Joah’, but of course we can always count on this resident bad boy to tantalise fans with seductive numbers, ‘Welcome’ and ‘I Like 2 Party’. As if him singing to welcome his girl to his bed while being 99.9% topless in the MV isn’t obvious enough an indication, this guy is surely out to make the girls go weak in the knees. To add on to his list of accomplishments, Jay Park recently established his very own independent label, ‘AOMG (Above Ordinary Music Group)‘, and even debuted its first artiste, Gray. Bonus points for Mr. Park, we think!

The sexy ahjussi you can’t help but develop a soft spot for – So Ji Sub


If the stingy and comical Joo Joong Won from Master’s Sun isn’t listed as one of your favourites – if not your favourite – in K-drama land this year, we’re sorry… sorry that you’re missing out on all the goods that is So Ji Sub. How he managed to portray the eccentricity of the character so superbly, we’ve no idea, but we do know that he’s aced in being obnoxious yet downright loveable! Just how many can pull off as well as he did? At 36 years old, So Ji Sub undeniably still knows the ropes to disarm the ladies. Gong Hyo Jin, who played his love interest in Master’s Sun, revealed on a radio interview that she enjoyed getting intimate with the man. Oh, we know, you lucky miss. So Ji Sub also said that he relished in the amount of skinship he got with her. When asked on what was the most memorable line from the drama, he answered, “Your shelter is here, come and hide.” And we’re forever ready under the mistletoe, So Ji Sub…

We hope you had as much fun reading this ‘Under the Mistletoe’ edition as much as we did penning down our thoughts on this list of eligible guys. Who would you kill to be caught under the mistletoe with? Tell us – we’d love to hear from you!

Merry Christmas, dears!

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