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Published on October 3rd, 2013 | by dinoseoul


Hot Guy of the Week: Jung Joon Young


It’s been awhile since we’ve been so enamoured with a rockstar. And Jung Joon Young is hitting all the right notes in our books these days, whether it’s romancing his noona on We Got Married or having us swooning over his voice with newly released debut track ‘Spotless Mind’. We think Korea agrees as well, seeing as how he’s been featured in countless photo shoots recently. Also, if you’re a follower of our Hot Guy series, you might realise he made our list before with Superstar K4 buddy Roy Kim!

But unconventional pretty mug and great voice aside, we love Joon Young for his candour, sharp wit, and most importantly? This is one guy who will do anything to get to his dreams. After deciding he wanted to be a singer while on a missionary trip teaching music and Taekwondo to children, he made the move to Korea and had several attempts at realising his dream, including being in several bands, and even being LEDApple‘s vocalist at one point of time. Sounds tough? Joon Young made it work with his stint as a part-time model, appearing in music videos and television shows (Ulzzang Generation, no less!).


So if aspiring rockers were to scoff at the idea of being a ‘sell-out’, in relation to all the mainstream pretty boy work Joon Young has done, we’ll have you know that the 24-year-old could hardly care less about stereotypes, and is forthcoming in the fact that it was a good opportunity for him to make money. In an interview for the September issue of Cosmo Men, he confessed that “Even though I don’t have pride in myself, the pride I have towards music is big. I have a lot of worries over what songs I will put in my first album.” We respect an artiste who knows what he wants!


And now that Joon Young is officially an artiste in the good hands of CJ E&M, he’s gaining a lot of interest for how his ‘soft’ looks don’t match his power-filled vocals. We’re glad that Joon Young is finally getting the recognition he deserves, and we are keeping our fingers crossed we get to see and hear more from this idol soon. If he does venture into acting one day, we think a Shut Up Flower Boy Band-esque drama would have Joon Young blessing us with soooo many great tracks for its soundtrack, but we’d love to see him in a role that’s silly and fun too. Looking at his success so far, we won’t be surprised to find out that Joon Young could potentially be a stellar actor too!


(Picture & interview credits: Singles Korea & Soompi for translations)

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