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Published on August 26th, 2013 | by dinoseoul


Hot Guy of the Week: Seo In Guk

It’s been three whole weeks since spooky rom-com Master’s Sun has been on air, and while the latest Hong Sisters drama is a joy to watch with a sizzling OTP and its fun light-hearted touch, we can’t help but be distracted by a certain second male lead.


Yes, we’re still not over just how handsome Seo In Guk has gotten since his breakout performance in Answer Me 1997 last year. And we have the Drama Gods to thank for his most recent role as Kang Woo, the head of the security department of a shopping mall. Here’s a few reasons why we’re absolutely seething with envy that Gong Shil (played by Gong Hyo Jin) gets to huddle up next to this hottie in every episode:

1. He’s super mysterious.
Is he good? Is he bad? We don’t know for sure, but we can’t get enough of it.

2. He’s a knight in shining armour.
Even if he might have a hidden agenda, chivalry isn’t dead with this guy. Remember how he effortlessly carried insufferable second female lead Yi Ryeong when she was traumatised and immediately brought her to the hospital? Or when he offered to scare off whoever’s been harassing Gong Shil?


3. His confession.
We love how after he’d made up his mind, he strutted right up to Gong Shil and told her he liked her. We like a guy who doesn’t mince his words and simply tells it like it is. And to throw in candy on top of that? Swoon. (And let’s not forget the cute scene where the couple shared that very lollipop at the rooftop of their building whilst making googly eyes at each other.)

4. Suits.


Need we say more? With a jaw that can cut glass and those smoldering eyes, the only thing that can beat him looking absolutely snazzy in a suit, is how he looks… well, out of them.

Having recently finished filming No Breathing, a swimming movie also starring SNSD’s Yuri and another of our current favourite up-and-coming young actors, Lee Jong Suk, I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised that he’s bulked up and is now the proud owner of some very delicious-looking chocolate abs.

We couldn’t believe it either… until we saw the pictures from his latest Men’s Health photoshoot.



(Picture credits: Couch Kimchi, SBS TV)

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2 Responses to Hot Guy of the Week: Seo In Guk

  1. Reblogged this on Inner Voice and commented:
    He’s makes it way too easy to have second lead syndrome!

  2. replied2012 says:

    OMG Inguk-ah! Yes yes yes, it’s amazing to think that he was the winner of Superstar K where he forbidden to sing in public broadcast, has to endure that for two years, and then when he was only supporting character in Love Rain. Right after that his star quickly rising after he was our favourite Yoon Yoonjae who brought him to acknowledgement he soooo deserves years ago. And then his body become sooo HOT, he also got the chance to play this mysterious character with his sunbaenims. No wonder K-netizens said his career can made into a whole movie. I love you Inguk-ah!!

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