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How to: Apply for Simply K-pop

For any K-pop fan that’s flying to Seoul, attending music shows is no doubt part of the experience. But when the four main weekly music shows in South Korea are so difficult to get into when you’re a foreigner, you’d have better luck trying out for something a little less well known, like Arirang’s Simply K-pop.

Hosted by LEDApple’s Hanbyul, Simply K-pop (replacing Wave K) is Arirang’s bi-weekly music show that broadcasts every Tuesday. You’ll get to watch K-pop stars perform on stage and interact with the audience. The main difference between this show and the others like Music Core or Inkigayo is that Simply K-pop is an English programme and the stars that are invited are usually a lot less known, like Electroboyz, WE or SPICA, which is why it’s a lot easier to get into. Each taping usually has a “main star” though, which is the artist that most of the people go there for. For example, for the taping that I went to, U-KISS was the most popular, by far.

Simply K-pop is taped every other Wednesday, and you can usually start applying the week before on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Before you can apply though, you first have to go to and sign up for an account on Arirang, which is a very easy process because everything is in English. When you’re signing up, agree to the contents on the page and click “foreigner in overseas”. Fill in your details, and you’ll be sent a verification number to your e-mail. Input that number and you’re done!

Now go to TV>Simply K-pop>Tickets to see when the next taping is. (The one I went to was on May 16, so the next one was 30th, and so on.) Look out for the notice that looks like this:

It’ll give you information on whether the taping is done in one part or two parts, as well as who the artists that will be performing are. If it’s done in two parts, you can choose to apply for either, or both. The first taping is at 2pm, while the second is at 6.30pm. If there’s only one taping, it’s usually at 6.30pm.

To note, if the announcement on the next taping is not out yet, that means you’ll have to wait until Simply K-pop has released it before you apply for the show. Once it’s out and you’re signed in, click “write”.

In your subject title, type in 5월30일방청신청합니다, changing the month and day accordingly. So if you’re applying for the May 30 show, then that would be your title. Alternatively, you can just look at the other people who’ve applied before you and copy and paste their title!

Fill up your details in this order:

Click the “close” option (so no one other than Simply K-pop can see your entry), and click “input”.

And now you wait for the verification e-mail, which should come on the Monday of the week of the taping (it’ll be stated in the announcement for the taping). The chances of getting in are very high, as long as you apply before Simply K-pop releases the announcement that all the seats for the taping are reserved.

Good luck!

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7 Responses to How to: Apply for Simply K-pop

  1. Thank you so much for this. I applied when it was out and before the “all seats reserved” message. I’m little bit worried cause monday evening has passed. but after reading this I’m much more confident ^^ do you know how can I go to the arirang with subway? Thanks again ^^

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  3. hilda says:

    What does the “Part I would like to participate in” mean? What do I have to write there?

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  5. Zulaiha Osman says:

    Hey there! Just wanna ask, the part where we have to include our phone numbers, is it the korean phone numbers or international one? So we have to get a korean phone?

    • dinoseoul says:

      Hi there! During that period, we just gave our international line. Chances are they won’t call you anyway, it’s just for verification. Passing them your email address is definitely more important.

  6. siham says:

    my name is siham i like kpop so much please visite in morocco

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