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INFINITE One Great Step: Performing is their destiny

INFINITE has sure come a long way. When the seven member group made their ‘First Invasion’ into the K-pop scene three years ago, not many people knew who they were. I had the privilege of watching them during their first performance out of Korea during the Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 though, and was absolutely impressed. I knew for sure that they were going to be huge one day.

And three years later, on October 5, INFINITE finally brought their first world tour One Great Step to Singapore. I had high expectations for the concert… perhaps a little too high, as I was unfortunately left slightly underwhelmed and unsatisfied by the end of the concert. That’s not to say the boys didn’t do good though – their live vocals and 99.9% synchronization really impressed me.

When it came to performances, INFINITE didn’t disappoint one bit. Watching the scorpion dance during ‘Before The Dawn’ was one of the main highlights for me. Also, I couldn’t help but notice Dongwoo dancing really hard during ‘Paradise’, especially his…thrusts. Ahem. The two main vocalists, Woohyun and Sunggyu also sang their hearts out and never once faltered.


Woohyun’s rendition of ‘Beautiful’ melted the hearts of all fans present and sent the whole stadium into hysterics when he ‘proposed’ to a lucky fan and gave her a ring and rose. Sunggyu’s solo stage was brilliant – the first half of the new rendition of ’60 Sec’ was accompanied by a sole piano. Every single note was on point, and it was a great showcase of vocal technique. INFINITE’s triple threats, Hoya and Dongwoo pumped up the crowd with their slick moves during ‘Victorious Way’ and ‘Special Girl’, both of which are really catchy songs.

I was pleasantly surprised by Sungyeol‘s and Sungjong‘s joint stage of ‘1/3’. These two members are often overshadowed by the rest in group performances, but they proved that they can hold their own stage (aren’t DJ sets during concerts getting a little overdone though?).


Armed with an acoustic guitar and a huge teddy bear, L serenaded with ‘Love U Like U’. He doesn’t have the most stable of voices, and that was apparent from the heavier songs they performed that night, but this sweet song really fit his voice perfectly. In light of his recent scandal, there was a fan project to cheer him up. Apparently, L saw the banners and from his expression, he was really happy, even going on to give the teddy bear a hug and a kiss. It was adorable.

INFINITE are masters of fan service, and that’s no secret. During ‘Entrust’ and ‘Cover Girl’, the boys threw out paper planes with their signatures and small soft toys. Fans also whipped out their phones, not to take videos, but in hope that they would be one of the few lucky ones that earned a selca from the boys themselves!


However, as I mentioned at the beginning, the concert wasn’t completely up to standard for me, and I thought the biggest problem was the whole flow of the concert. There were quite a few awkward silences here and there, especially when there was a change of song. The transitions between the solo stages were not as smooth as I’d hope they’d be.

All their talk sets were 95% in English, but that meant that they were more than 95% scripted as well. While I really commend them for their effort in trying to bring their fans closer, their discomfort with the language left me cringing more than anything (Sungjong, I’m looking at you). Granted that I could understand what they were saying, but the fact that they were reading their lines off a teleprompter made it feel less personal. Woohyun and L spoke a couple of lines in Korean, but even those were scripted – immediate subtitles, seriously? I have to say though that their lines really suited them – Sungyeol’s ‘if you cheat on us, I will chase you to the ends of the earth‘, and how typical of Woohyun to say stuff like ‘our hearts belong to you‘ really.


Still, the most important part of a concert is good live music and showmanship, and that is exactly what the boys showed us. Sure they need to improve on certain parts of their show, but their performance skills are something that no one can take away from them and I’m sure they will continue to awe us. Here’s all the best to their remaining stops of One Great Step!

(Photos: Firyn)

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2 Responses to INFINITE One Great Step: Performing is their destiny

  1. Rosie says:

    Lucky you got to see them! Thanks for the concert review. I’ll have to find some good fancams sometime. I’ve seen a couple before and am always impressed with how well they sing off music shows when they’re really allowed to shine.

    • deejaymich says:

      Hey Rosie! Thanks for reading. Haha yeah Infinite’s one of my favourite groups so I really couldn’t pass on that chance to watch them. It’s so surreal when you actually get to see them live instead of through fancams. Hopefully one day you’ll get to hear their stellar vocals for yourself! :)

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