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Published on August 2nd, 2012 | by dinoseoul


INFINITE Ranking King Episode 6 Recap

It’s time to decide the ultimate Knowledge King this week, and the members once again do all they can to not hit the bottom of the list and be labelled a complete doofus. The episode’s not terribly exciting, but it does have its funny moments, and we get to indulge in more comedic offerings from our seven boys.


The episode opens with the boys awkwardly posing for what looks like… a school uniform shoot? They look more uncomfortable than suave though, and Myungsoo, who’s doing the finger gun-under-chin pose pipes up, “How long do I need to be in this position?”

Curious about their mission today since they’re all smartly decked out in high school garb, the members start complimenting (or making fun of) each other’s scholarly selves. Sunggyu looks over at Sungjong, who’s pretty in pink and marvels that it hasn’t been that long since he’s been in uniform, considering he’s only been out of school for several months.

Still high on his let’s-make-fun-of-hyung streak, Hoya cheekily comments, “But for Sunggyu hyung, maybe because he’s older, rather than a student he looks like a bank teller.” HAHAH. Dongwoo chimes in, “Or a librarian!”

Leader starts to insist everyone calls him a student, but then Myungsoo, who’s quietly observing everyone from a corner, catches his eye and he’s in awe at just how good-looking INFINITE’s visual is in just a school uniform. “He looks like he’s from F4 in Boys Over Flowers!” Everyone admires.

Back to the agenda, and we’re presented with the fan-voted rankings for the week as usual. Sunggyu’s brimming with confidence, announcing that he feels like he’ll get first place today. Hee. After getting ranked seventh twice consecutively (during the Likeability King and Brain King episodes), the others feel a little sorry for Sunggyu. Sungyeol adds that it doesn’t matter if he gets ranked first this time, since he’ll eventually place last anyway. Poor baby.

And first place goes to… Sunggyu! He steps out, satisfied and fireworks play in the background at his celebratory moment. The PD asks if anyone can guess the ranking mission today.

Sungyeol: Fighting King!

Sunggyu: What is the relation between uniforms and fighting!?

This goes on for a while (Hoya: “Teller King!” Woohyun: “Old King!”) as Sunggyu tries to seriously guess the topic, and after the members take turns to gleefully pass around less-than-flattering ranking titles they deem fit for Sunggyu, he declares that he’s sure that today’s Knowledge King.

It seems right, except that Hoya muses that someone else could hold that title. Sheesh, this boy just won’t give Sunggyu the time of the day, will he?

Sunggyu: “Take a look at the seven of us. Who can be the king of knowledge other than me?” Woohyun counters that there’s Myungsoo (hello, has anyone forgotten he was fan-voted seventh place for Brain King? Which makes me wonder why a need for Knowledge King exists too, actually) but Sunggyu ignores him.

As if he magically read my mind, Dongwoo asks the difference between Brain King and Knowledge King. Hoya attempts to explain, complete with hand gestures, “Brain King is about someone who’s born with it, Knowledge King is about someone who puts effort into acquiring information!”

Woohyun casually saunters out as second place is being called – and the lucky boy’s actually it! The members immediately object, saying it completely doesn’t make sense at all, and we even see Sungjong trying to talk to a staff member. Oh, you guys!

Third place goes to an unassuming Myungsoo, who coolly accepts it. Dongwoo’s fourth, and he’s unbelievably thrilled about it. The caption on the screen as he spins around just cracks me up: ‘Genius or stupid Dongwoo’ who’s happy to get the middle rank.

Fifth place’s Hoya, and Sungyeol and Sungjong are sixth and seventh respectively. After Sungjong’s stellar performance during Strength King, I do feel a little bad for him that he’s sliding down the ranking list again.

Sungjong gallantly accepts his ranking though, and perhaps feeling a little generous now that he’s in first place, Sunggyu tries to make him feel better: “Maybe the reason why Sungjong got last place is because he’s the youngest! So people might think you don’t have a lot of knowledge yet.” However, a minute later, he takes that back and says maybe it’s just Sungjong. HA.

The first round is a fairly simple one. The members will be tasked with various general knowledge questions and all they have to do is write their answers down on their whiteboards and flash them.

A school bell rings and a voiceover (the same one used in M! Countdown) welcomes everyone to the INFINITE quiz show. The boys cheer that they are ready. The first question is regarding science, and the PD starts off with a rather amusing introduction about how even though INFINITE is a group that lives by drinking dewdrops (meaning they’re pure and innocent), there are still times that they fart.

Sungyeol enthusiastically agrees: “Yes!” LOL.

The question: The smell of your fart is worse when you fart at a bathhouse when compared to when you fart in a room.

Sungyeol sits up excitedly and tells everyone, “That’s right! I often fart, I know this!” He proceeds to write his answer down while Sungjong looks a little confused. He asks: “Do you mean inside the water at the bathhouse, or just in the bathhouse room?” Sungyeol rebukes, “Don’t pretend you’ve never farted there before!”

The boys are to write ‘O’ on their whiteboards if their answer is yes and an ‘X’ if it’s a no. Silence all around for a few seconds before everyone flips their boards. It’s almost unanimous all around except for Hoya, who wrote ‘X’. I’m just hoping he hasn’t been farting at bathhouses thinking it doesn’t smell… that bad.

The second question requires an answer of ‘possible’ or ‘not’, and the PD starts out asking: “When chickens take a sip of water, they’ll look to the sky. When they eat their feed, they’ll look to the sky? What’s the reason?”

It’s not exactly the question itself yet, just something to get them thinking. Myungsoo says that chickens look to the sky to digest their feed, and the V.O asks again: “Then how about pigs who are also livestock, is it possible for them to look toward the sky?”

Woohyun and Sungyeol write their answers immediately while the others ponder over it.

Answer time! It seems everyone’s written it’s not possible except for Sunggyu. Myungsoo thinks this is ridiculous, because pigs can’t lift their heads, but Sunggyu thinks that though they can see the sky from afar if they just look ahead. OH REALLY?

Dongwoo brushes him off: “Don’t try and give a logical argument! If that’s the reason, they can see it because the earth is round!” Sunggyu considers this and suddenly looks uncertain, while the rest start shooting their rational answers. Sungyeol reasons that he’s looked at pigs from above before and they were unable to look up at him, while Myungsoo attributes it to their bodily structures. I’m impressed, boys!

Everyone except Sunggyu gets it right, and the quiz goes on. We see how many questions each member gets right so far:

Sungyeol: six questions

Dongwoo: five questions

Woohyun, Sunggyu and Hoya: four questions

Myungsoo and Sungjong: three questions

Time for some English (or Engrish) questions! Exciting. Everyone looks a little intimidated, and the PD goes on to say that everyone should answer this correctly for the sake of their prides. Ooh, I have a feeling I know where this is going.

A video of INFINITE performing is played along with a short introduction about them, and the boys shift nervously. The first question is easy though – it’s to spell out ‘INFINITE’ in English.

Everyone gets this right – thank god – and we move on to the next question. The V.O jokingly asks: “Should I get you to spell ‘The Chaser’ in English?” Haha! Obviously, everyone’s panicky and saying no… but they do it anyway.

And this is where the hilarity starts. Spelling your group’s name is one thing, the name of your title song, another. Sungyeol lifts up his answer: “Chear!” He pronounces it out loud for good measure, while everyone falls into stitches. Sheesh, it’s not like you guys know how to anyway! Only Hoya and Dongwoo get it right, while the others give up.

The next question’s on Math, and members who get it right will obtain a hint coupon that they can use on any upcoming questions. It’s an A having more beads than B, and C having more beads than B kind of question, and everyone but Sungjong gets it right. He does scrawl an ‘I love you’ on his board though.

The quiz breezes on, and we get an interesting question on how many hearts a decapoda (literally meaning 10-footed, but generally referring to a certain group of crustaceans) octopus has. It’s a general knowledge question that no one will know how to answer unless they’re National Geographic fans, so the members have a chance to use the hint coupon they obtained previously.

The only catch? There are several hint booths and all of them have different items (make a call, search online, check out a video hint, read an encyclopedia or look through a wall of fan messages to try and spot the correct answer) that will help the members in answering the quiz question. Some booths obviously have clues that are easier to pick out, so it depends on their luck.

Dongwoo and Sunggyu choose to use their coupons while the rest minus Sungjong hold out. Dongwoo’s the first one to enter a booth – and it’s the one that has all three walls filled with Post-Its of messages from fans. It’s sweet, but almost impossible to spot the clue in a matter of seconds. An extremely jumpy Dongwoo demands, “There’s a clue in here for sure right?”

On the other hand, Sunggyu gets a video hint from MCs Hyungdon and Daejun.

Answer time! Sunggyu, Dongwoo, and Sungyeol who didn’t get a hint, got it right – the octopus has three hearts. Woohyun’s answer is that it doesn’t have a heart. LOL.

The V.O inquires curiously: “Sungyeol, how do you know that?” Grinning from ear to ear, Sungyeol explains, “When I was young, my dad and I saw it on TV.” Sunggyu compliments him on his surprisingly vast general knowledge and it just kills me how pleased our choding looks.

It’s already the 13th question, and it looks like it’s about to get harder: Where are the ears of the crickets that let us know about autumn?

Myungsoo immediately gets up and dashes into a hint booth – only it’s the same one that Dongwoo was in before. His reaction’s the same as Dongwoo, who is screeching at him from the outside (“That’s somewhere you should not be going! It’s Mental Breakdown City.”). Unable to find the hint, he plucks a Post-It off the wall and leaves the booth in a daze.

There’s a smattering of answers all around – Hoya writes ‘Butt’ as his answer – but only Woohyun and a continuously pleased Sungyeol gets it right. The answer is: legs.

We also get to find out the message of the Post-It that Myungsoo took out as a consolation: ‘L-nim~ Please accept my love <3’. Well, at least he made one lucky fan girl happy!

The next quiz question is a nonsensical riddle which goes: What is the name of a celebrity that will get zero points whenever that person is having a test?

Question marks all around, and Sungyeol, Hoya and Woohyun head for the booths. It’s definitely our choding’s day, because less than 10 seconds inside Mental Breakdown City and he’s out! In the meantime, Hoya has also gotten the answer from a video call hint from G.NA. Woohyun gets the call-a-friend option and has called their manager, who searches the answer on the Internet for him.

The three boys who got hints all get it right, and their whiteboards spell out Korean singer’s name ‘Baek Ji Young’. It’s a clever play on her name, because ‘Baek Ji’ means white paper in Korean and ‘Young’ means zero, so it literally translates to having zero points on paper akin to a test.  Sunggyu makes a witty guess though, writing down ‘Lee Sung Rong’ because ‘Lee Sung’ is reason in Korean and ‘Rong’ means wrong.

Yay, it’s finally time for the last question (well, that certainly felt like forever), and an old trot song (‘Cannot be Endured’ by Hye Eun Ee) is played. The boys bob along animatedly to the music and lyrics, unsure of what to expect.

“What are the three things that Jeju has a lot of, according to the song?” The V.O asks. The answers are in the lyrics, so it’s only a matter of whether the members have been paying attention. The answers: Stones, wind, and single ladies. Only Sunggyu gets all three right, and we take a look at the ranking for the first half of the game:

Sungyeol and Woohyun: 12 questions

Sunggyu, Hoya and Dongwoo: 10 questions

Myungsoo: 9 questions

Sungjong: 5 questions

The scene cuts to one where the members are standing on what looks like a life-sized board game and a buzzer sits on a table in front of them. INFINITE as game counters? I could get used to this!

The game turns out to be another quiz where the members will be able to move forward if they answer correctly, and the starting point for each person is according to their achievements during the first quiz round. There are six rewards and six punishment tiles on the board too, so depending on a member’s lucky, their fate could totally change in the game. The one who reaches the buzzer first will get dibs on guessing, so it’s ultimately a matter of who’s faster than whom.

Everyone’s pretty fascinated, but Sungyeol is quick to spot the beneficial tiles. He gapes, “There’s a ‘you can exchange the position of the members’ and a ‘go back to the starting point’!” At the same time, Woohyun is picking up something far more interesting to everyone: “Good news! You can have a snack if you reach this point!” It’s food first for me too, Woohyun!

The boys file into position, with Sungjong standing in cotton candy pink at the back. They find out that different questions allow them to move a different amount of steps forward, so if they get harder ones right, advancing would be a lot quicker.

“In cell phones, we have numbers from 0 to 9. If you total these numbers, they add up to 45.” At this point, the V.O is cut off by an overzealous Sunggyu hitting the buzzer, before the latter realises that the question isn’t even out yet. Everyone (except Sungjong, who’s given up upon realising it’s another Math question) had already assumed the question was to total up the numbers.

In a big twist, the boys find out they need to multiply the numbers instead. It’s actually a simple question, because zero multiplied by anything is still a zero. Quick-thinking Hoya gets it right first, and he moves up a step.

The next question grants three steps ahead! The members are asked to differentiate which pair of celebrities are not father and son, and Woohyun effortlessly gets it right while Sungjong and Myungsoo grumble on about how they’ll never be able to reach the buzzer since they are all the way at the back.

A two-step worthy question for everyone – it has to do with how just like INFINITE’s symbol (a never ending loop), there’s a particular surface with only one side and boundary component. Hoya gets it right (“Mobius strip!”), along with the next question, and Woohyun and him do a happy dance.

The quiz goes on (with Sunggyu spelling monkey as ‘M-O-N-K-Y’ in one question) and we see Myungsoo getting comfortable on his spot at the starting line of the board game. He hasn’t moved at all, and he doesn’t look like he’s in a hurry to either. He does get up at one point to press the buzzer just to give a nonsensical answer though.

So after a couple of rounds, we now have Hoya in the lead, followed by Sunggyu, Woohyun, Dongwoo, Sungjong, Sungyeol… and Myungsoo, who’s still comfortably seated (he only seems interested in Math questions).

Dictation test! It’s a short sentence (‘the matured Sunggyu is only longing for ribs of beef’) and after a few of the members give it a go, Sungjong eventually gets it right.

Hoorah! The question is worth three whole steps, so Sungjong travels up the board next to Leader.

We skip to a question that’s suddenly worth five whole steps – the amazing power of idol-style competitions – and everyone’s pumped. It’s yet another general knowledge issue, and a crazily easy one at that:

“A person will be pregnant for around 10 months before giving birth. Cats and dogs will be pregnant for around two months before giving birth. Every how many days will a hen lay an egg?”

Dongwoo makes a beeline for the buzzer. He hits it and yells: “90 days!” WHUT. It’s Woohyun who gets it right: “Every one day!” Unfazed, Dongwoo continues to ramble on: “Am I stupid? I said 90 days, so am I stupid?” Seriously Dongwoo, seriously???

Sunggyu gets the next one correct and scores a benefit tile. He gets to relocate the members in any position he wants! He jumps for joy with devilish intent while everyone else looks meekly at him (Sungyeol is already on his knees, begging for mercy).

Dongwoo, who scored snacks at his earlier benefit tile, offers some as bribery to Sunggyu: “I’ve got snacks here!” Sunggyu scratches his chin in thought: “Give me one!” Woohyun, who’s stroking Sunggyu’s hair, runs over to Dongwoo and screeches: “Quick! How can you be that slow?” Sunggyu makes another comment on how he’s thirsty and both boys and Hoya are at his feet with beverages immediately. Ahh, to be popular.

Sungyeol, who has only started advancing, makes a desperate plea: “For me, I don’t care where I will go, but I don’t have any thoughts on passing you!”

Sunggyu contemplates this – then changes his mind and asks a stagnant-in-his-spot Myungsoo to come over next to him… and Myungsoo asks if he can just stay where he is. Sunggyu: “You don’t want to come?” Myungsoo smiles happily: “I like it here.” He demonstrates reaching for the buzzer in front of him while being seated. “I can press this quickly!”

Leader Sunggyu is dumbfounded at Myungsoo’s total lack of spirit in the game, but meanwhile everyone’s hoping to snag the spot the pretty boy passed up. Sunggyu’s changes go like this:

1. Sungjong – Sungyeol switch
2. Sungjong – Dongwoo switch
3. Myungsoo – Hoya switch
4. Woohyun – Hoya switch
5. Dongwoo – Woohyun

However, in a mega twist of events, Sungyeol’s the next to reach the ‘Relocate Positions’ tile, and more changes ensue. Woohyun’s now in first place and Sungjong’s once again all the way at the back in seventh.

Current places:

The quiz isn’t over yet though, and we meet another interesting point with a three-step worthy question. It holds the possibilities of more alternations in positions, because if Sunggyu and Sungyeol move another three steps they’ll reach a ‘Black hole’ where they will be required to skip two rounds of questions. Myungsoo also gets up on his feet… because if he moves three more steps, it’s snack time!

The question is on the black hole, which the V.O explains has a strong gravity pull and does not allow even light to escape. Sungyeol answers with hesitation – only to forget that it’s only going to lead to his own black hole.

Oh well, he plops down in preparation to rest for the next two rounds, only to hear that the next question is worth eight steps. Ouch! On the other hand, Woohyun, who has rested two rounds on the ‘Black hole’, has a shot at winning the game!

It’s another Math question, but Sunggyu is the first one to answer it and therefore wins moving rights. He’s also left with just one more step to completing a whole round around the board, but Dongwoo and Hoya are hopeful in reaching relocating tiles so they can oust him.

The question is on the name of the river that separates two stars, The Altair and The Vega, in the traditional fairytale of the same name. Hoya gets this right (“The Milky Way!”) and skips happily eight boxes ahead and relocates Sunggyu… ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE STARTING POINT.

Looks like the game will never wrap up, because Sunggyu finds his way back to the ‘Relocate Positions’ tile and starts moving people around again (Hoya finds himself in the last spot again). The production crew gets visibly tired by the never-ending rounds, and the next question is suddenly announced to be a mind-blowing 12-step worthy one.

Sunggyu mentally calculates, and then complains: “If I move 12 steps I’ll reach ‘Go back to the starting point!’”

The question is a trick one, and the V.O goes: “L’s mum has seven sons, ‘Red’, ‘Orange’, ‘Yellow’, ‘Green’, ‘Blue’ and ‘Indigo’. He asks for the name of the last son, which is plainly: ‘L’. The members take turns at screwing it up anyway, naming the last colour of the rainbow, while Sunggyu watches in mortification. You can almost see his head exploding (LOL) as he grapples with the denseness of his members.  He finally bursts out in annoyance: “This is so easy! I really want to answer it but if I do I need to go back to the starting point!”

He ends up answering it anyway, but crows that he only did so because the members are fools. Sungyeol, who answered “Hoya!”, says he only did so because the latter likes purple. Um, I guess that’s why Sungjong answered with “Tinky Winky”?

The best part is how Woohyun still doesn’t get why the answer’s ‘L’ till they break it down for him.

Another 12-step question – this time to test the members’ sense of pitch by guessing the notes of a piano as it’s played. Sungyeol professes that he’s screwed, only to be the first one to get it right. He practically bounces off the wall in happiness as he relishes in the knowledge that he isn’t tone-deaf, and that he’s won first place.

We’ve come to the end of this week’s Knowledge King mission, and it’s time for the final results. Dongwoo comments that Sunggyu has been through a lot the entire day, and we get a series of reminders through a playback of the day’s fiascoes in which Leader had to go through (going back to the starting point more than once). Woohyun adds that Sunggyu probably did more exercise today moving around than during the Stamina King episode and the older boy agrees, saying: “This episode should be called King of Stamina instead!”

And… Sungyeol’s the overall winner – a remarkably stark improvement from his fan-voted sixth placing. Sunggyu compliments Sungyeol, saying he has proven he knows a lot through the quiz missions and calls him ‘the hidden brain in INFINITE”. Dongwoo agrees and gives his own analogy, calling Sunggyu hyung someone who knows things deeply (due to his age) but Sungyeol is someone who knows a lot of things briefly (good with general knowledge).

Rest of Knowledge King results:

Second place: Hoya
Third place: Sunggyu
Fourth place: Sungjong
Fifth place: Dongwoo
Sixth place: Myungsoo
Seventh place: Woohyun

The boys ponder over next week’s challenge, and Dongwoo makes a foretelling guess that it’s going to be Fashion King. Now… is it?


This week gave us a bit of the lull period I expected, especially after last week’s Strength King got quite dreary after a while. I felt a little bored at some parts of the board game quiz, and you could tell that the activity was being hurried on as much as possible, with the sudden increase in awarded steps and all. It puzzles me to no end that they could push a whole episode for Knowledge King out, especially after Brain King (despite the different activities), but I’m glad that the boys have enough variety wit in them to keep it going.

Grouches aside, it was good fun watching the members crack their brains over the quizzes, and people like Sungyeol definitely impressed me with the amount of random facts he has stored in his brain database. I love how he’s goofy All. The. Time, but yet really wants to show everyone he’s not just all talk. Hoya’s pretty amazing at this sort of thing too, and I like that the boy has that earnest, eager-to-please attitude about him without being too overbearing.

Also, while I enjoy that more outspoken members like Dongwoo, Sunggyu and Sungyeol dominate a lot of screen time weekly with their naturally funny made good for TV antics, I-only-speak-when-it’s-necessary Myungsoo still manages to amuse. His penchant for Math questions and carefree attitude in backing down and relaxing when the game isn’t to his advantage pretty much relates to a lot of us out there – why gun for gold all the time when you can just kick back and watch the action?

I’m glad that next week’s Fashion King though, because after four whole episodes of action-packed games that involved a lot of movement, it’s going to be a real treat to watch the boys hopefully strut up and down in their fanciest getup (ah-hem, our pretty boy pictured above, anybody?). Plus, it’ll be fun to see who has the best fashion sense… right?

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