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Inspirations and aspirations of LUNAFLY

Super-talented boy band LUNAFLY, made up of members Sam, Teo and Yun, visited Singapore for the first time this week. The trio were delightful during the press conference held on Friday at Studio M Hotel, openly sharing everything from secret bank accounts to the band’s lofty aspirations and their big dreams.


Throughout the press conference, Sam did most of the talking and was kept extremely busy translating questions into Korean and Yun and Teo’s answers into English. Teo’s trademark sharp wit was constantly on display, often sending the media present into fits of laughter with his hilarious one-liners. Yun was more subdued, but his sincere and thoughtful responses belied his young age (he’s the maknae of the group at 19 years old).


It’s extremely heartening to know that the boys’ behaviour on stage is exactly how they’re like offstage. The group pride themselves on being very natural onstage – they bring their real personalities on stage with them every time. In Sam’s own words, “How our fans see us, is really how we are.”

When asked if fans will be able to see the boys dabbling in areas outside of music, Sam answered that while they definitely want to try different things and show off different sides of themselves, nothing’s been firmed up yet. For now, their focus is on music. Sam also added that he’s currently really enjoying his stint as a radio deejay on Arirang’s Super K-Pop as it allows him to introduce a variety of K-pop to people all over the world. Sam’s passion towards music really came across loud and clear!


He attributed his love of music and song-writing to The Beatles and considers them to be one of his major inspirations. Growing up in London meant that it was almost impossible to get away from the Beatles and their music, and he also shared that his favourite songs from the Liverpool band are the timeless classics ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Let It Be’.

As for Yun, he used to play football in school, but after listening to music by artistes like John Mayer and Eric Clapton, he aspired to play the guitar and sing like them. Teo, on the other hand, was inspired by Jamie Cullum‘s jazz piano style to pick up piano. Ever the supportive hyung, Sam generously complimented Teo on his jazz piano skills, saying he’s great at it.


Given the trend in K-pop these days for groups to branch into sub-units or embark on solo promotions, would we see LUNAFLY going down the same route any time soon? Sam expressed that LUNAFLY currently see themselves as a team and it’s too early to be discussing solos. I guess it’s still early days for the group, seeing as they’re still building their identity and establishing a sound for the group, but once they get that settled, I’m sure we can look forward to brilliant solo efforts from the ultra-talented individuals in the group.

When asked about female groups in K-pop, the boys suddenly turned bashful. After several pauses and prompting and much pondering, the boys picked 2NE1 as a group that they admire for their talent and would love to collaborate with them in the future. That sounds like an extremely promising collaboration!


As the boys’ visit coincided with Mother’s Day, the boys were asked to share how they expressed their love for their parents, given that they probably didn’t get to spend much time with their parents due to their busy schedules (Sam hasn’t seen his parents in one and a half years!). The ever-quirky Teo immediately deadpans in English, “First, send the money. And then call and message,” causing everyone present to erupt in laughter.


Yun calls and talks to his mother everyday, quite possibly because he’s still really young. He leaves nothing out when he chats with his mother over the phone, as she tends to worry more if he intentionally hides anything from her. Sam, on the other hand, confessed that he doesn’t tell his parents about how exhausting his work can get as he doesn’t want them to worry. He mentioned that working in the K-entertainment industry is tougher than he thought, and there were even times where they worked almost to exhaustion and barely got enough time to eat or sleep well.

Teo, in his usual humourous style, admitted that the thing he kept secret from his parents is his new bank account. Upon hearing that, Yun and Sam immediately turned to him and demanded to know if he was earning some money by the side that even they had no idea about!


On a more serious note, when asked where they envisioned the band to be in five years’ time, Sam candidly expressed that it was the band’s ultimate dream to be able to hold a world tour eventually. Sam acknowledged that five years is a pretty long time by K-pop’s standards, but even then, he hopes that LUNAFLY would still be around, writing good songs and putting up great performances. We definitely don’t doubt their ability!


Given the immense amount of musical talent in this group and the boys’ sweet and sincere personalities, we sincerely wish for them to succeed and continue to scale new heights in this super competitive industry. Here’s wishing LUNAFLY all the best and may we see them in Singapore again when they finally kick off their world tour! Stay tuned for our concert coverage!

Dinoseoul would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to JNation Entertainment for the media invitation. Check out the rest of the pictures from the press conference on our Facebook page here.

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