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Jay Park shares his passion for music and his fans


It’s true: Jay Park can’t get enough of our little island. In fact, he’s been here every year since 2010. Talk about dedication! On January 17, we met up with Jay at The Butter Factory for a short media session before he held a Meet & Greet session with diehard Jaywalkerz (the name of Jay’s fan-club).

Official media questions:

Q: “This is not the first time you’ve been to Singapore – quite a few times already. So what do you have to say to your fans one more time?”

Jay: “I love coming to Singapore and that’s why I keep on coming back. I’ve probably done the most shows in Singapore, other than Korea.”

Q: “Your first album was released last year entitled ‘New Breed’. This year, we understand that you will be coming back with another album. I did a little bit of research and the title wrote ‘TBA (To Be Advised)’, and I looked at your Twitter the other day and it said: “I do not know what to call my album.” Are you anywhere close to the title right now?”

Jay: “No. Actually, I still don’t know. This time I’m just making music and after I get all the songs together, I’ll probably take a listen and see what I feel and probably name it then.”

Q: “The concert will be happening tomorrow, so what can fans expect at this concert?”

Jay: “Well, I wouldn’t say it’s a full-out concert. I wouldn’t call it a concert… I’d probably call it a long showcase where I can show some of my skills and my performances, and entertain you guys for a long period of time. More than five or six songs. It’s like a preview for a concert. But I mean you can expect the whole night I’m going to rap, I’m going to sing, I’m going to dance.”

Q: “Let’s go on to something a little bit more fun! You’re a self-professed YouTube freak, and you’ve done collaborations with people like Clara Chung and Ryan Higa. We do have some local YouTube celebrities as well. How open are you to maybe doing a collaboration with them?”

Jay: “Yeah, I’m definitely open. Last year in Malaysia I did one with Dennis Yin, so if I get the chance to meet them (local YouTube artistes) and they’re cool people – I’m definitely open.”

Q: “When will the next episode of Jay Park TV be?”

Jay: “As of right now, I’m doing more music and I’m trying to plan and shoot a lot of music videos. I have some free music coming out – a free song coming out – and I’ll be shooting a music video for that. So yeah, I’m focusing more on music and putting out content and music videos, rather than me just going around and doing stupid (referring to some of the goofy content on Jay Park TV) stuff.”

Q: “Can we expect some of the experiences you have in Singapore to be on episode 5?”

Jay: “Oh yeah definitely! I brought my cameraman here, he’s been filming – so probably expect Singapore in episode 5!”

Q: “One or two weeks ago, we noticed a picture on Twitter of you and BIGBANG member G-DRAGON. (Quotes some tweets: “Oh my God. Jay, you guys going to sing together? That would be fantastic.”, “Please have a collaboration!” etc) Will that (a collaboration) be happening?”

A: “Hopefully! I’m definitely open to it. I know he’s open to it. Just gotta get the right song together and hopefully in the near future it’ll happen.”


Q: “Is there another artiste you’re looking forward to doing a collaboration with?”

Jay: “I met up with Dynamic Duo and a producer named Primary, and we’re gonna get some stuff on the album. Also, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff with Cha Cha (Cha Cha Malone), Dok2 and The Quiett. I might do something with E-Sens of Supreme Team, been doing a lot of stuff with Jungle. Just a lot of people you’ve seen on the first album, plus new people.”

Questions from the floor:

Q: “Since you’re in the midst of preparing your new album, can you share with us what the creative process is like?”

Jay: “I get inspired by listening to music, so that definitely helps. Lately I’ve been going to the studio with Jungle and we’ve been listening to the beat and writing songs together. But for the most part, I just do it at home by myself. Make melodies and write lyrics – it’s been going pretty good. I sort of had a writer’s block for a couple of months but I’ve got about eleven songs done so far, and I’m planning on getting five or six more.”

Q: “How far do you think you’ve grown as a producer, a composer, a singer, and a rapper from your previous album?”

Jay: “I haven’t been doing this for very long, it’s only been about two years that I’ve been solo. ‘Take a Deeper Look‘ came out in 2010 and ‘New Breed’ came out in 2011. I’ve been writing songs and producing for two years, so I’m getting the feel of it and I’m growing every day. Every song I write, every person I meet, every song I listen to – I’m definitely trying to absorb everything like a sponge. If you listen to the new album when it comes out, you’ll see how I’ve grown as an artiste. Even if you look at ‘Take a Deeper Look’ and ‘New Breed’, the quality [of the latter] is just way better. The writing, the rapping, the singing – everything.”


Q: “You recently hosted SNL Korea. Can you tell us how the experience was like and why did you decide to go on it?”

Jay: “There’s no show like SNL Korea in Korea – it pushes the limits, it’s very edgy, so I wanted to go on there and show my comedic side. It was a very good experience but it was really hard because the preparation is just crazy. I’ve only got a couple of days to learn all the lines, to rehearse and to memorise all the characters and all that, so I had new-found respect for all the cast members in SNL because they do that every single week. Just me doing it one week… it took a lot for me to do that. But it was a really enjoyable experience and fun overall.”

Q: “Do you have any pre-show rituals?”

Jay: “I drink Red Bull. I sort of just hop around, stretch a little bit, do some vocal exercises, a little prayer for everyone to be safe and that the show goes well. But there’s nothing really specific I do.”

Q: “Will you consider venturing into acting in the future?”

Jay: “Right now I’m focusing more on music because I’ve only been putting out music for a couple of years by myself. Also, I want to put out music in both English and Korean, so that’s more work to do for me. But I don’t take the possibility out. Even my time on SNL – I enjoyed a lot – but for now it’s music.”

Q: “Your SNL experience actually brought in really high ratings. How would you rate your comedic performance and did you have a hand in scripting the parodies?”

Jay: “SNL did a really good job in giving me characters that I could do and they didn’t give me that many lines, because I’m not very good at memorising Korean lines. I try to do my best and focus a lot, so I don’t think I did too bad. I wrote a different song (from the one performed) and submitted it to them and they said it’s too much for TV, so they changed it up. For the character where I had the Afro on, I didn’t really script it but I sort of just made it up. I wasn’t even chewing gum but I just pretended to chew gum. Other than that, SNL gave me really good characters and a script that I could do very well, so thank you to them.”

Q: “Would you do collaborations with fellow Canadian or American K-Pop artistes like Ailee?”

Jay: “Yeah! I’ve known Ailee for three or four years now – before she came to Korea and became a K-Pop star. She’s very talented and I’m a big fan of her work, so I’ll definitely collab, do a duet with her. Actually, I was trying to get her on this album, so we’re trying to talk to her company and stuff right now. I also did a collab with G.NA before on her album.”

Q: “Is there anything in particular you’d like to achieve this year? In terms of your album, your love life etc.”

Jay: “There’s definitely a lot of things I want to achieve. I want to put out a very good second album. After I do that I’d like to venture and do some stuff in the States. We’re in the talks for that right now and I can’t really say much… but when it becomes final I’ll let you guys know.”

Q: “How old were you when you got your first tattoo, how many tattoos do you have, and which one is the most meaningful?”

Jay: “I don’t know how many tattoos I have – I’m too lazy to count. I think I got my first tattoo in 2010 when I was around 23 or 24? My whole left arm is filled. I’ve been doing a lot of retouching work on my left arm and trying to get it sleeved up. My most meaningful… I don’t know. A lot of my tattoos? They all have meaning. My music, my family, my crew, what I stand for, my morals are all on my tattoos so they’re all important.”


Q: “Last year, your album was one of the top 10 selling albums in Korea. Do you also hope to achieve this feat this year with your new album?”

Jay: “Oh, of course! It’s funny though, because there weren’t that many solo artistes in the top 10 and I was very honoured and surprised that I was even in the top 10. I produced my whole album myself, so just to have that accomplishment meant a lot to me. Hopefully this time, with the music being better and with me putting out more content and music videos, people can pay attention to each and every song and the variety of the album. Hopefully it can get even better sales and reviews from people around the world.”

Q: “You’re 25 now, so where do you see yourself in another five years’ time?”

Jay: “By the time I’m 30, hopefully I’ll be an established artiste everywhere and everyone around the world will know my music. I’ll get chances to perform in countries I’ve never performed in – South America, Africa, Europe – I haven’t been to Europe yet – and yeah, hopefully I’ll be the same guy, but just much more established.”

Q: “You’re such a busy guy, so what are some of your daily must-brings. What do you have in your bag?”

Jay: “It depends on where I’m going. I have my cellphone and wallet with me wherever I go. Sometimes I bring a little protein shake thing when I work out. If I’m going to the studio I bring my laptop because it has all my lyrics in it. If I’m going to B-boy practice I bring extra shoes and extra clothes in case I get all sweaty and dirty. But that’s about it.”

Q: “As a songwriter, is there any song you wish you had penned? It could be an English or Korean song.”

Jay: “Of course! All the number one hits! Hmm but let’s see what’s a song I really enjoy as of late… there are some songs I wish that I had done, like Chris Brown‘s ‘Turn Up The Music’, stuff like that I wish I had done first. But I’m not there yet.”

Q: “What’s your motto that you live by?”

Jay: “What’s my motto? YOLO (You Only Live Once). (laughs) Basically I just try to enjoy what I do and work hard. Back in the day, I would just be like “work hard, work hard” and I wasn’t really having fun. I would be really serious. Right now, I’m trying to keep it cool and relaxed, and work hard and play hard.”

Q: “What’s a regular day in your life when you’re not busy with training?”

Jay: “For me it’s not really training, I don’t have the company telling me you gotta record, you gotta dance, you gotta practice this, you gotta do that – I do everything on my own because I enjoy it. I work out – I actually get stressed out when I can’t work out for more than week or two, so I try to work out often. Lately I haven’t been able to tan so I’m really pale right now. I practise with the guys – b-boying – and I also practice flips at night which I incorporate into my b-boying and on the stage. I write songs, I write raps, I do YouTube stuff. I can’t stay still – I always have to move.”

Q: “Up till this point, do you have anything that if you could, you would have changed, or would you have stayed the same?”

Jay: “I definitely would leave everything to be the same. You can’t change the past, what happens, happens and you become who you are because of those events. I wouldn’t want to change anything because I wouldn’t be who I am if not for those events.”

Q: “What do you want fans to remember you as?”

Jay: “As an artiste who puts out great music, but also is a very humble guy. Laid-back, just a regular person. I mean I’m well-known but I’m not like… a celebrity like that will make someone go “Oh that’s Jay Park!”. I’m like your friend – almost!”

Q: “Any last shout-outs?”

Jay: “Shout-out to all the fans! I’m probably gonna meet you guys in a little bit at the Meet & Greet. There were a bunch of y’all at the airport at like 1.30am. I hope to see you guys at the show and enjoy it!”


At the Meet & Greet session later that evening, Jay had an outfit change – looking more boyish than ever in a red and white hip-hop ensemble. He greeted a few hundred fans and took the time to personally autograph their posters and take pictures with them, even sportingly posing for some derp-faced pictures when requested! Besides that, the 25-year old also made sure to answer a couple of questions as well as thank everyone for their support.





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We would once again like to thank Agenda Events Management for the opportunity to cover Jay Park Live in Singapore 2013 and extending the media invite to us for the Press Conference and Meet & Greet session.

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