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Published on May 17th, 2016 | by ponyforprez


Jessica Jung: ‘Fly’ takes off to great heights

Jessica Jung is somewhat a mystical pop unicorn of sorts. She’s the type of girl you either love or hate, but can’t help either way because you want to see how her story turns out.

Since leaving Girls Generation two years ago (has it really been that long?), she hasn’t put out any music, choosing to instead  focus on her fashion brand BLANC & ECLARE. Yet, things seem to be changing, and as a thank you to her fans for their support, she released her first independent mini album ‘With Love, J‘.

Title track ‘Fly’ is pure pop gold. The track is incredibly refreshing and airy, elevating Jessica’s naturally high timbre. It’s rare that I don’t find Jessica’s voice gratingly nasal as a lot of songs she has sung before threaten to go way off tonal consistency. In retrospect, ‘Fly’ isn’t just fitting for Jess – it flatters her. The aspirational vibes the song celebrates is a direct nod to the 27-year-old’s solo venture into the world after leaving Girls’ Generation, and its incredibly encouraging message is lifted with the instrumental’s cheery beats and Jessica’s sugar-coated vocals. Featuring rapper Fabolous‘ rap bridge is also timely in switching up the song’s dynamics, and lends a more edgy side to the track.

Check out the live performance of ‘Fly’ below!

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