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Published on April 11th, 2014 | by dinoseoul


K-Pop Roundup (April 1 – April 10)

Happy April everyone! Let’s just say…comebacks and debuts galore! SPEED is back again – not that we’re complaining – along with the likes of Mad Clown and Eric Nam. We’ve got reality singing show darlings Akdong Musician (AKMU) (when is WINNER‘s turn, right?) and Eddy Kim debuting, as well as new four-member boy group HIGH4.


First up, let us just say that we are really loving the funky cover of SPEED’s repackaged album (nicely done comic caricature there!). Repackaged title track ‘Look At Me Now’ is a Shinsadong Tiger number, and it features a good layering of synths and dance elements. May we also bring across to you that this is SPEED’s fourth music video release in a short span of three months. These guys are seriously putting themselves out there, and they’ve got great music, so be sure to show them some solid support.


Mystic89 (Superstar K4‘s judge Yoon Jong Shin‘s agency) is finally debuting Eddy Kim (also known as Kim Jung Hwan), who was one of the top 6 finalists during the show’s run. Eddy’s voice is one that is easily likeable, and he’s got this bad-boy charm going on that’s irresistible. Couple that with the sweet lyrics of ‘Two Years Apart’ – an acoustic number about a man in the army who is waiting to reunite with his girlfriend. Next up: Eddy’s first mini album ‘Love Guide of You’ to be released on April 11!


Mad Clown has a really unique style of rapping, and it’s no surprise that ‘Without You’ featuring SISTAR‘s Hyorin has quickly risen to the top of the charts since the song’s release, proving that Mad Clown isn’t just a one hit wonder with previous popular track ‘Stalker’. ‘Without You’ also marks the second time Mad Clown is collaborating with a SISTAR member (he previously teamed up with Soyou for ‘Stupid In Love’, which also did extremely well) because of his status as an artiste of Starship-X, Starship Entertainment‘s subsidiary company. His second mini album ‘Fierce’ is also out now.


If ‘Delicious’ wasn’t for you, you’ll be glad to know that SHINee‘s Key and INFINITE‘s Woohyun of Toheart has released an MV for another track off their album. ‘Tell Me Why’ is a much mellower offering, and its MV stars the brother of INFINITE’s Sungyeol, Daeyeol, as well as child actress Moon Gayoung (recently spotted in Mnet‘s mini-drama Mimi).


We first thought brother-sister duo Akdong Musician (now AKMU) were going to debut in February, but their debut was shelved almost two whole months until now. If that was because Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun were working hard at perfecting their album…then well we think it’s totally worth it. ‘Play [Vol.1]’ is full of great tunes, and title track ‘200%’ is incredibly lighthearted and lovely for spring.


Oh how we’ve missed Eric Nam! Shedding his completely boy-next-door image from ‘Heaven’s Door’, Eric is all suited up and smooth in comeback track ‘Ooh Ooh’. But it’s definitely impossible for him to stray away from being wholesome, and we think this makes him all the more attractive…even when he’s flashing his Mickey Mouse underwear at us. The MV also features cameos by Busker Busker‘s Brad, label-mate SPICA‘s Boa and U-Kiss Kevin, as well as rapping by INFINITE’s Hoya. How’s that for a star-studded comeback?


HIGH4 (consisting of Kim Sung Gu, Baek Myung Han, Yim Young Jun and Alex) sure is one lucky group, because not only do they get to debut with a song written by IU, she also sings alongside the boys and participates in the track’s MV. Or perhaps the group can thank vocalist and leader Kim Sung Gu, who is IU’s long-time friend, for a memorable debut. But we think that with or without Sung Gu’s pint-sized friend, this group is going places. For one thing, all four of the members are songwriters! Here’s looking forward to tons of great songs from them.


We talked about NC.A’s digital single ‘Hello Baby’ last week, and this week she has released her first mini album ‘Scent of NC.A’ and title track ‘I’m Different’, a chirpy, bubblegum pop tune. We’ll be honest and say that we don’t like ‘I’m Different’ when you compare it to NC.A’s other tracks like ‘Hello Baby’ or ‘My Student Teacher’. It’s not something we think shows how great a singer this girl actually is, but seeing that she’s only 17, we’re sure a cringe-y track or two wouldn’t hurt.

Any favourites this month so far? Let us know!


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