K-Pop Roundup

Published on July 17th, 2014 | by deejaymich


K-Pop Roundup (July 1 – 15)

Now that June is over, more summer hits are being released. That’s not to say that there isn’t a variety of music though. For the first half of July, we have f(x)s and NU’EST‘s long-awaited comebacks, Hyomin‘s controversial solo debut, and even a couple of wacky songs and music videos courtesy of veteran group G.O.D and the ever playful B1A4, and more.


Hyomin’s solo debut ‘Nice Body’ sure hit a raw nerve with some people. It’s another great example of how the media portrays beauty not only in Korea, but wherever you go, honestly. The song speaks about a girl wanting to change her physical appearance, in this case her size, for a guy she likes. I’m not saying that idols shouldn’t be doing sexy concepts, but keeping in mind the age group that listens to the music, the message put across isn’t the best. The song itself is really catchy, but the music video disappointed after the promising introduction.


Fiestar is one girl group that’s severely underrated but they seem to have lost some of their momentum after their awesome debut song ‘Vista’, which was self-empowering yet fun. Going for the sexy route is now the conventional thing to do amongst girl groups, so I guess it would have happened to Fiestar sooner or later as well. We still love them though!


It might be a little disorientating at first, but ‘Red Light’ will grow on you, like f(x) songs always do. Although Luna and Krystal still take the reins for most of the song (as usual), each member still has her own time to shine. This is definitely f(x)’s most experimental single – too bad the choreography is not as impressive.


I don’t think I’m the only one who thought of Vanilla Ice because of the song title, right? Besides the use of the lyrics ‘ice ice baby‘ in the chorus, Tiny-G‘s ‘Ice Baby’ is anything but similar. The song is really soft and chill, with just the right amount of edge to the rap. Using pillows as props for the choreography further complements the whole dreamy feel of the song. A job well done.


Not all Crowns will find the change of musical direction that C-CLOWN has taken to their liking. After all, the group established their signature R&B sound right from their debut to their subsequent two singles. While those songs really fit the group as a whole, leader Rome has been really looking at home with the new sound since ‘Justice’. ‘Let’s Love’ has a great balance between vocals and rap. The chorus is also really intense because of the echos.


G.O.D’s ‘Saturday Night’ is fun, nostalgic, and for lack of a better word, awesome. It’s not hard to like it, simply because of all the smooth vocals (especially Kim Tae Woo‘s) and how catchy it is. The best thing about the music video is that it is as serious as the ‘news’ of North Korea getting into the World Cup Finals, and will definitely make you smile. I don’t know about you, but this song is definitely going to be on repeat for a while.


I couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed at NU’EST’s ‘Good Bye Bye’ because I was expecting something more powerful – I mean, after uploading the super dope ‘Judgement’ teaser, who wouldn’t? I might be speaking for a lot of people when I say that a comeback with the ‘Judgement’ concept would have been better because it brings us back to their debut days. ‘Good Bye Bye’ is still a nice track, but in all honesty it’s pretty common. On a side note though, Ren – wow.


The K-pop music scene might be getting more saturated, but hip-hop is still growing from strength to strength, which explains this crazy influx of rookie hip-hop groups. B.I.G (acronym for Boys In Groove) is one of them. They have been getting mixed reactions about their debut song ‘Hello’. It does have a nice beat, but it’s hard to take it seriously because of its lyrics (which are pretty much an ode to Korea). The delivery also could have been better, but the song does grow on you, and we think these guys deserve one more chance.


You can almost never go wrong with the Henry-violin combination. ‘Fantastic’ goes in the same direction as ‘Trap’, but sounds more sophisticated with the addition of the violin ensemble. With his slick dance moves, Henry is totally in his element during the dance sequences with his violin. Also, did anyone else notice that the set resembles an interior of the instrument? Definitely SM‘s best box-set ever. His mini album of the same name consists of songs that sound much more mature than his previous, so it’s worth checking out too!


Five boys, a road trip to the beach, an alien invasion – that escalated quickly. Thankfully, that only happens in Jinyoung‘s crazy imagination in B1A4’s latest summer song, ‘Solo Day’. True to its teasers, the song is breezy and easy on the ears while retaining the group’s signature quirky sound and wacky music videos. But how funnily sad is it that Baro seemed to be working on something epic when all he wanted to do was fix the light?

What a great two weeks of music, and with Block B and Infinite making their comebacks soon too, it seems like we’re in for more great music for the rest of July!

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