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Published on July 6th, 2014 | by deejaymich


K-Pop Roundup (June 16 – 30)

We’re a few days late, but let’s backtrack a little to relish some of the music that the second half of June has brought us. Rock, hip-hop, R&B, ballads and pop – we have it all. Familiar faces like BEAST, Davichi and K.Will made their comebacks while we’ve got groups like BIGFLO and HALO making their debuts.


BEAST’s latest single, ‘Good Luck’ is nothing short of amazing – just listen to Yoseob‘s amazing introduction. Like many other BEAST songs, the lines here are very well-distributed and each part fits each member to a T. We really like the emotional ‘Fiction’ and ‘Shadow’ genre that BEAST aces in, but ‘Good Luck’ has hints of that too so there’s nothing to nitpick about.


Our favourite ballad duo, Davichi, is back with their new mini album, ‘6, 7’ and released two music videos for ‘Again’ and ‘Pillow’ respectively. The girls’ vocals are spot on as usual, but latter sounds closer to their usual sound – ‘Again’ is more upbeat with obvious R&B influences. Both have drama music videos which while conventional, definitely complement the songs.


After five single albums, AOA has finally released their first mini album. Although we’re on the fence about how we feel about AOA seemingly completely deviating away from their girl band direction, it definitely makes sense that FNC is following up with the success of ‘Miniskirt’, and once again working with Brave Brothers to produce the very catchy ‘Short Hair’. It’s a very typical Brave Brothers track, but AOA’s vocals make it work, especially Choa‘s.


‘Girls Girls Girls’ wasn’t exactly the best song for a debut, but ‘A’ will definitely sit better with general audiences simply because it is much more tuneful. Despite this only being GOT7‘s second single, for a debut group, their position on the music charts has been pretty comfortable. The song is really listenable and breezy. Coupled with an adorable music video, this catchy piece will definitely remain as a fan-favourite for a long time.


HISTORY is undoubtedly one of the most experimental groups around in terms of genre. From the choral ‘Dreamer’ to Latin-influenced ‘What Am I To You’, the five-member group has nailed it all. ‘Psycho’ speaks of a man getting crazy over a woman he loves, till he gets the ‘if I can’t have you, nobody can’ mindset. Pretty creepy, huh? The dark concept is something new to them, but any worries that they wouldn’t be able to pull it off have been dispelled. Sihyoung has the least lines, but is the most convincing here – someone give him a role in a horror movie please. By the way, leader Kyungil should never wear sleeves again – look at those arms!


Some might recognise leader Jungkyun from the now-defunct group, N-Train. Pretty much older than the rest of his groupmates at 27 years of age, BIGFLO‘s debut track ‘Delilah’ was composed and arranged by him, with lyrics by maknae and rapper, Hightop. A hip-hop piece with grand orchestral accompaniment, it is actually quite a good debut song. What’s more, the members compose, write and produce their own songs so we can’t wait to see more of what they have to offer.


While the music video is pretty mediocre (what are all these gym equipment doing in a dingy locker room?!), Untouchable‘s ‘Take Out’ is a nice R&B rap track with a good beat. Mayson The Soul features on the track too and his smooth voice definitely adds a touch of sleekness to the song.


Jung Joon Young‘s ‘Teenager’ sure is relatable! It suggests how as we grow up, we lose grasp of the dreams and aspirations that we used to have as a child, which is highlighted mostly at the end, where Joon Young crowd surfs after performing, only to end up on an empty floor. The verses are acoustic-driven while the choruses are cranked up a notch with the drums and electric guitar. Add in a guitar solo and we have a great song for our adolescent years.


It’s impossible not to feel happy while watching this MV, just like how protagonist Minwoo has a silly smile on his face throughout. K.Will’s songs always warm your heart, and ‘Day 1’ is no exception. The high school love storyline here is really cheesy, but it is hard to admit that it’s really adorable.


New boy group HALO has released their debut song ‘Fever’. The beginning is kind of misleading – the ‘hardcore’ dubstep beats contrast greatly with the bubblegum tune of the chorus. It’s an all right song for a debut – pretty catchy but it’s not something that we’d go out of our way to listen to.

Not too many heavyweights this time, but we still have our favourites – which was yours? Also, with impending comebacks from C-Clown, B1A4 and Henry, whose comebacks are you looking forward to?

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