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Published on May 17th, 2014 | by dinoseoul


K-Pop Roundup (May 1 – 15)

We are at the halfway point for May, and this month has seen a number of pretty notable comebacks so far, including EXO with their second mini album ‘Overdose’, G.NA continuing her cutesy/sexy streak with ‘G.NA’s Secret’ (the Korean title translates to ‘Pretty Lingerie’), SECRET‘s Jung Hyosung with her first solo endeavour, and tons more. So here are some of those that everyone’s been talking about lately:


MR.MR‘s ‘It’s You’ is a song which is really pleasing on the ears, coupled with videos of them during their showcases, it is undoubtedly a song dedicated to their fans. The lyric ‘thank you for being with me‘ is the crux of this song, and it’s so apt because the group isn’t exactly having the smoothest time – from being compared to Girls’ Generation‘s song, ‘Mr.Mr’, to ex-member Hon‘s controversy which ultimately led him to leaving the group. We just wish that ‘it’s you‘ didn’t sound like ‘eat you‘.

‘Big Man’ was released about one week later, and is the single that they are currently promoting. Much more aggressive than their previous singles, it starts off with a pretty awesome guitar riff and synths. The song gets heavier as it progresses but the falsettos in the chorus balances it out and reminds us that it is still a love song after all.


Kiss&Cry is probably best known for their irresistibly catchy ‘Domino Game’. ‘Revenge’, also known as ‘Bad Girl’, is another addictive track. With a strong yet sultry beat, the song showcases their vocals yet again, and from this we are further convinced that the members of Kiss&Cry have a few of the strongest voices in the industry currently. The video unfortunately does not do much justice to the song. It tries to be artsy and nostalgic looking but it just turns out to look like Instagram filters, which is not a good thing. Also, the pace of the video is much too slow for the constant beats.


Amidst unfortunate news of EXO-M‘s leader Kris filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, EXO’s album has been doing really well in the K-pop sphere – something that could have easily been guessed by anyone, looking at how the group now holds the record of the most pre-orders for any mini album (a whopping 660,000!). In my opinion, ‘Overdose’ is a mini that hasn’t got me as hooked as 2012’s ‘MAMA’, but it does have a lot of potential. One of my favourites, ‘Moonlight’, is tinged with nostalgia and litheness, and reminds poignantly of ‘What Is Love’ and ‘Baby Don’t Cry’.


This might just be JungGiGo‘s year. We’re still hooked on ‘Some’ with SISTAR‘s Soyou, but the singer is back to impress with single ‘Want You’, a groovy mid-tempo track featuring rapper Beenzino. The track, about when a man falls in love, is Starship X‘s (Starship Entertainment‘s independent sub label) third collaboration, and is produced by Duble Sidekick.


We wallowed in quite a bit of sadness when Wheesung enlisted – so boy are we glad he’s back. I chart cheery songs like ‘Love Is Delicious’ as one of my favourites from this amazing singer, but ‘Night and Day’ (the lyrics were written by Wheesung himself) is stunningly impressed. Starring Teen Top‘s Cap and Girl’s Day Yura, the song is an R&B one that’s kicked up a notch with electronic guitar.


The MV for ‘Goodnight Kiss’ has been receiving flak for mostly selling sex (featuring a ton of close-up cleavage shots and the like), but the song is actually very addictive, and builds up quickly once it starts. The ‘K-I-S-S-I-N-G’ hook is an effective tease, but it would have worked even better if the chorus was something even more energetic. TS Entertainment definitely knows how to make the best of Hyosung’s abilities by giving her faster tempo, dance tracks for the rest of ‘Top Secret’, and ‘I Hate Night Time’ and ‘Don’t Know Women’ are two pretty stand-out tracks worth checking out.


We’ll admit that we leaped on the “I want ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better’ back!” bandwagon them moment we heard ‘G.NA’s Secret’, because honestly, we’re getting a little tired of being offered songs from G.NA that weigh high on the cutesy sex appeal trend when we’ve heard what she’s really capable of. But we’ll take ‘G.NA’s Secret’ over ‘2HOT’ and ‘Oops’ because it’s just that bit catchier.


Rookie group BTL made their debut with ‘Too-G’ – the song name is probably a stylized version of ‘du ji’ which roughly translates to ‘determination’. And it does seem that the group is ready to prove to the industry that they are a forced to be reckoned with with this rock-infused track. While the rappers do have to work on their craft a little, the vocals are really, really good. Not bad for a debut.

Which were your favourites? And whose comebacks are you looking forward to in the second half of May (did some say INFINITE and Phantom)? Till then, do continue to enjoy the current releases!

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