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Kim Kibum ‘Memory of Love’ Fan Meeting: A night of many firsts

On September 13, 26-year-old Kim Kibum effortlessly charmed the audience with his genuine and endearing character during his ‘Memory of Love’ Fan Meeting in Singapore. Although on the quiet side, he was never short on smiles and didn’t hesitate to reach out to his fans in whatever way he could. Accompanied by a translator, he began the fan meeting by confessing, “I’m a really normal person. I go to work, I stay at home, I go around for a holiday…”

Well, we found out pretty soon that the guy was anything but ordinary. He spent the two-hour fan meeting dishing out hugs (and boy, he seemed to give really good ones!) and also experimented with juggling several different hats for the first time.

The Magician


The first surprise the handsome actor had in store for the fans present in The Star Performing Arts Theatre was a slightly clumsy but thoroughly entertaining magic show. Kibum revealed that he wasn’t very good, as he’d only learnt the magic tricks two days prior (from a book he borrowed from his stylist, no less!).

That probably explained why he’d accidentally dropped a porcelain cup during his first trick, apologising and stressing again that it was his first time performing magic. Despite this, he still put up a memorable show and the fans eagerly applauded him for his sincere effort.

The Video Editor
Having recently completed filming for Chinese drama The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, Kibum also showed his enthusiasm both onscreen and offscreen by putting together a video clip of behind-the-scenes clips from the filming. After it was played on the big screen of the auditorium, he shared that it was his first time editing a video. “How did I do?” he asked the crowd shyly.

The Chef


Who wouldn’t love to receive food specially handmade with love by their favourite idol? That’s exactly what some very lucky fans in the audience experienced that night! Judging from Kibum’s surprised expression, it seemed to be an impromptu sandwich-making session complete with a table filled with ingredients.

“I can’t guarantee the taste of the food,” he warned before adding that he usually never cooked, and has probably only ever cooked for his mother. Midway through, he joked, “I can’t even cut the sandwich well. I need to marry quickly.” But all that didn’t seem to matter at all to the fans who happily gobbled up the sandwiches, even saving a piece for their group photo-taking session afterwards.

Just… Kibum


Throughout the night, he answered questions openly, whether it was about his dreams, marriage in the future or even the number of children he’d like to have.

As he enjoys drinking, he expressed his interest in opening a restaurant or a pojangmacha. As for whether wedding bells are in the near future for the multi-talented star, he hemmed and hawed before answering that 30 could be a good age to settle down and get married. When the host commented that that was merely a few years away, he increased his answer to 35 years old, before finally settling on 33. “I don’t plan on having so many children because it’ll be tiring for my wife,” he added sweetly.

Despite his candid nature, the guy does have a shy side… especially when it comes to baring his body. Even though his drama I Love Lee Taeri had a number of topless scenes, Kibum insisted he didn’t have them anymore, cutely declaring “mei you” in Mandarin when the fans started cheering. He even joked that he’d only show his abs if everyone showed theirs as well, but chuckled and stopped the translator from conveying what he’d just said.


And when he was later asked to strike a kungfu pose after a series of action scenes were shown from the drama, he obliged reluctantly before laughing embarrassedly and asking if he could show off a few boxing moves instead. Turns out he’s into the sport lately!

He finally admitted honestly, “The only thing I’m good at is acting. So to be on the stage like this, I feel awkward and I don’t really know what to do.” We think he did a pretty fantastic job, either way! Even though his talents may lie particularly in the acting field, we’re so impressed that he found many other ways to entertain the fans, sincerity shining through in his every move.


Before closing the night with a moving number – a cover of Jun.K’s ‘Love Goodbye’ off the I Love Lee Taeri OST – he expressed his final thoughts in his typical earnest way: “This is the most nerve-wrecking fan meeting I’ve been to. Me being nervous is one part of me too so I hope you’ll look at me with kind eyes. I’m so sad that it’s ending so soon but I’ll keep this memory with me for the rest of my life.”

It was a night of many firsts for the guy, and we’re so glad to have seen the sweetheart in action, constantly showing his appreciation for his fans and putting in so much effort into this one event – we definitely take our hats off to him. Thanks for a wonderful night, Kibum.

Curious about what went on before the showcase? Check out what went down at the press conference here!



Dinoseoul would like to thank Fast Track Events for the media invitation. For pictures from both the press conference, do check out our Facebook page here and here. For HQ pictures, do visit our Flicker.

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