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Kim Kibum shares his passion for acting

26-year-old actor Kim Kibum was in Singapore for the first time last week, and he was so sincere and effortlessly charming during the press conference that we couldn’t help but be absolutely smitten by him. Throughout the 20-minute session, he was honest and forthcoming, and often provided thoughtful and serious answers to all the questions fielded, while also being very generous with his trademark ‘killer smile’.


Much of the press conference revolved around Kibum’s current acting projects and his thoughts on the craft of acting. When it came to questions regarding acting and the filming process, he would lapse into thoughtful silence for a bit before he answered, giving the impression that he takes his profession very seriously.

On its own, acting is already challenging, but Kibum recently had also been pushing himself out of his comfort zone, and dabbling his toes into foreign territority. He’s scored roles in Chinese dramas like The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils and Lucky Tian Bao, despite not being a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese. He was obviously aware of the added difficulty, confessing that he thought language would be his greatest barrier in these projects.

However, being the professional he is, he took it on himself to study the language, but due to time constraint, there was still a limit to how much he could absorb in that space of time. At the end of the day, he had no choice but to rote-memorise his lines in Chinese while also relying on a separate Korean translation. He also candidly shared that it was the hardest when there were a lot of characters in the scene with him, as he would have to memorise everyone else’s lines as well, to know when it came to his turn to speak. He laughed when he was recounting this, but we’re sure it was terribly taxing for him during filming!


Despite the difficulties filming in a language he wasn’t familiar with, Kibum confessed that he much preferred the Chinese filming and broadcast conventions. In Korea, dramas usually filmed and aired at the same time, resulting in a huge rush for the production crew and actors to get the filming done before it was due for broadcast. In China, they would wrap up all filming before the show went into production and broadcast, which translates into a more relaxed schedule. Kibum appreciates having this bit of extra time to analyse the character he’s portraying and to discuss with the director how he wanted to portray the character. How’s that for dedication?


We got a further indication of Kibum’s passion for acting when he revealed the preparation work that he did for his role in I Love Lee Taeri. In that drama, he played the role of 14-year-old who grew into a 25-year-old body overnight, while still stuck in the 14-year-old mentality. To get a better grasp of playing a 14-year-old, Kibum actually went around the different middle schools in his neighbourhood to observe how the kids interacted and played with their friends.


Kibum also earnestly shared that he wanted to try his hand at playing a villian role, as he has yet to have that opportunity. But not just any villian though! Kibum was very specific when it came to what kind of villian – it has to be a multi-dimensional bad-guy who, perhaps driven by circumstances, has great conviction that he is doing the right thing, even though his actions may be viewed as ‘evil’ by most people. It sounds like a very intriguing role, and we have no doubts Kibum is going to excel in it, given how much thought he has put into it.

The atmosphere at the press conference was then lightened somewhat when Kibum was asked about what he thought about the ‘Killer Smile’ nickname that was bestowed upon him. Right on cue, his face split into a huge, embarrassed grin as he cheekily declared that “I’m not a killer!” He shied away from rating his own smile, but didn’t forget to readily thank his fans for the nickname.


On the topic of fans, we thought it was adorable how he frankly confessed that he’s actually really nervous about meeting his Singaporean fans, as it’s his first time in Singapore after all, and he’s not sure what to expect. However, there is really no doubt about how much Kibum appreciates his fans and their support. He was constantly expressing his eagerness and desire to meet his fans and learn more about them.

To him, the highlight of the fanmeeting would be meeting his fans, as cheesy as that sounds! He also hoped the fanmeeting would give him the opportunity to sincerely communicate with fans at a personal level and get close to them, rather than merely performing a show for them on an elevated platform at a distance.


We thought Kibum came across as a very down-to-earth and affable person despite his overwhelming popularity. Even after being in the industry for such a long time, he remains grounded, passionate and eager to do well and to continue to improve. We wish him all the best, and hope he gets his well-deserved break from his hectic schedule to spend time with his loved ones!

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Dinoseoul would like to thank Fast Track Events for the media invitation. For pictures from both the press conference and the fanmeet, do check out our Facebook page here and here. HQ pictures can be found on our Flickr.

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