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LC9 Live in Singapore: Rookies with a penchant for success

It was an evening of heavy rain, something that the boys of LC9 were worried would affect their showcase at JCube J Stage on November 30. Yet, their worries were unfounded because LoveBeats loyally showed up despite the bad weather.

It was the boys’ first time having an overseas showcase, and Singapore is the first stop for their promotional tour. LC9 debuted back in May with first mini album ‘SKIRMISH’, but because it only has three full-length songs, it might come as a surprise to many that LC9 is already on a tour. Still, the six members, Rasa, King, E.Den, A.O, Jun and J-Hyo had everything well-planned out to ensure their fans would be entertained throughout!

From games (where one lucky girl got serenaded by the boys to a cover of Dynamic Duo‘s ‘Guilty’) to covers from artistes such as One Direction (‘One Thing’), Justin Bieber (‘Never Say Never’) and David Guetta & Chris Willis (‘Gettin’ Over You’), the showcase was a very intimate affair that gave every fan the opportunity to watch their idols up close. Although many anticipated whether the showcase would begin with ‘MaMa Beat’, we were treated to a gorgeous performance of ‘Hold On’ instead, with King and J-Hyo belting out the verses, and the rest of the boys joining in on the chorus. They then continued to hype up the crowd with their other two songs off ‘Skirmish’ – ‘MaMa Beat’ and ‘Ready Set Go’.



We loved the candour between the boys, which we saw snippets of during their talk sessions. On Singapore food, while the very familiar chilli crab was mentioned, E.Den also enthused about a ‘dry ice’ dessert, which had bemused fans screaming out that it was actually called ‘ice kachang’! Not one to be fazed by his little mistake, he coolly added that it was “pretty good”.


We know how idols love performing songs close to the hearts of their fans, so LC9 did a cutesy dance rendition of Show Luo‘s ‘Bounce’, which put everyone in a really good mood for their efforts! They might not be able to sing in Mandarin yet, but we sure appreciate that they tried to incorporate something a little different into their set-list.

After a few fan games hosted by the emcee (where some lucky fans got to win autographed albums), the boys then came out in stylish black and white hip-hop outfits for another talk segment – time to find out even more about LC9! When questioned on which member they would switch bodies with if given the chance, the members graciously picked one another as good sports, although poor J-Hyo wasn’t picked at all! However, we found it hilarious when AO made sure to clarify (in English!) that it was only the member’s physique that mattered, before picking leader Rasa as his choice. As for J-Hyo? He cheekily picked King, stating that he felt no one else would choose him. E.Den’s choice of Jun is also one that is of enviable reason – “no matter how much Jun eats, he does not seem to get fat or gain weight!”


We also found out that when it comes to Twitter (all the members have accounts, search @LC9_member’s name), King reigns as the one who checks the social media platform the most frequently, even stating that he recognises some fans’ Twitter IDs. On the other hand, Rasa sheepishly admitted that the reason behind his infrequent posts on Twitter compared to the members is due to not being able to post selcas because he does not have the habit of doing so. We’re sure E.Den (who is known as an ulzzang, which literally translates to ‘best face’ in Korean, prior to his debut) could help him out with a tip or two!


Although the showcase was a short one, LC9 obliged fans with an encore of another One Direction song, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, tossing out sweets to everyone in the audience before bidding a final farewell to wistful fans. However, the boys promised to come back after making a comeback with new songs, you’ll be happy to know that the group has been working on new songs all the while and they are set to make their comeback in the first half of next year, likely in March. Not long till then!

Dinoseoul would once again like to thank East Entertainment for the media invitation. For pictures from the showcase, do check out our Facebook page here. HQ pictures can be found on our Flickr.

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