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Published on May 17th, 2016 | by deejaymich


AOA transform into lifeguards to save us with ‘Good Luck’

It might have been difficult to imagine an AOA comeback song which is not produced by Brave Brothers (no more ‘brave sound~’ or ‘A-O-A’ from Jimin) – after all, it’s safe to say that his productions were the reason, or at least the major driving force for AOA’s success.

While songs like ‘Miniskirt’, ‘Like A Cat’ and ‘Short Hair’ will always be my jams, I’ve always felt that many Brave Brothers’ productions for female groups tend to be unnecessarily high and shrilly – i.e ‘Heart Attack’. Maybe that’s why I was really open to the fact that Matthew Tishler, who worked with Jimin for ‘Call You Bae’, was taking the reigns for the music production for this comeback, which honestly might be AOA’s best single yet.

Even though there was still a lot going on, production-wise it didn’t sound as noisy as ‘Heart Attack’. Right off the bat, the song goes straight into the chorus with just a kazoo as accompaniment. The first verse comes in after a short yet sweet build up thanks to the percussion. The vocal-driven pre-chorus also helps the chorus reach its peak and I really like the harmonization going on during the build-up to the choruses. Jimin’s rap part (did you spot the ‘Call Me Bae’ reference?) was also a nice touch – most of the instrumental is stripped and it allows the rap to stand out. But what definitely my favourite part of the whole song is how the vocal range sounds really comfortable for the group in general, sans Choa‘s belting before the last chorus. Yuna‘s voice has a tendency to be a little grating on the ears because of its high-pitched nature, but her voice sounds more pleasant than usual here.

With heavy beats, cowbells and a brassy instrumental, ‘Good Luck’ leans to the funky side. It also sounds more empowering than any of their songs and it complements the lyrics. We hear phrases like ‘my walking is confident wherever I go, I am a colourful scene in a black and white world‘ and ‘I am the heroine, you are an extra boy‘, which is a breath of fresh air from their otherwise usually superficial lyrics.

So yes, I think ‘Good Luck’ is a gem, and so is the rest of the mini album. I especially recommend the old-school R&B ’10 Seconds’. So good.

Moving on to the music video, I’m sure most of you might have noticed the product placement going on, namely Sprite, Ellesse and the SKT Sol phone, all of which are already endorsed by AOA and Seolhyun. I’m honestly not bothered about all that at all. When it comes to video production, the more funding, the better. How do you think we’d be able to get such a visually stunning music video shot in Guam? Also, can I just say that all the girls look gorgeous in here? I hope Yuna keeps her long black hair forever. Now just excuse me as I jump into the ocean so that lifeguards AOA can come save me.


I’ll end off with a public plea for y’all to please replay the heck of the music video for ‘Good Luck’ so we can get the ever-glorious eye-contact version. Thank you.

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