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Published on June 5th, 2016 | by ponyforprez


Luna steps into the spotlight for ‘Free Somebody’

SM is really on a roll with solos lately. Hot on the heels of Tiffany and Jonghyun comes Luna. And boy is the f(x) princess wowing us with her plethora of skills. Not that we didn’t know that she was this awesome already though.

‘Free Somebody’ is an upbeat dance track that sets the standard for dance tracks. No kidding. It’s part edm, part pop, and a hundred per cent addictive. Unlike other tracks of a similar genre, Luna’s vocals are allowed to carry the weight of the song. The verses are punchy, with enough oomph to keep it climatic even before hitting the chorus. And when it comes to the chorus – Luna displays a truly commendable range.

For anyone who’s doubted that Luna was capable enough to hold her own, they’ll be rightfully set in place now. The girl’s sassy, confident and knows how to really bust a move (the choreography is great!), so it’s no surprise that we’re completely enamoured with her. This solo comeback is definitely long overdue. The MV for ‘Free Somebody’ is also an enjoyable watch. The storyline can be loosely inferred as Luna and elevator cutie taking a rather trippy journey into an alternative life – although everything is revealed to have been played out in her head. The colour palette for the MV is tinged in yellow and pink hues, and there’s the quirky use of animation to explain a deeper insight into the video. But really, we’re sure no one would have missed the sexual energy in the video anyway.

Check out the live performance of ‘Free Somebody’ below and be positively slayed by Queen Luna:

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