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LUNAFLY feels right at home in Singapore

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“It kinda feels like a second home.”

Don’t take our word for it – but LUNAFLY‘s leader Sam acknowledged that having visited Singapore so many times (thrice in a little over a year), our little island feels second nature to him.

We met up with the boys when they were in town on June 7 for their first official Fan Meet in Singapore. Considering LUNAFLY had a Christmas concert here only last November (read our writeup here), it definitely hasn’t been long since we’ve last seen the quirky trio. Yet, this time Sam, Teo and Yun are back with the intention of engaging more with their fans through a more personal fan meet. We managed to catch up with LUNAFLY during their a short press conference before the fan meet.

What is the most interesting gift you have received from your fans?

Teo: (blurts out) BRA.

Sam: A bra! (Someone asks about what size the bra was) It wasn’t written on it…I didn’t look at it in detail. It was in Mexico. In the middle of our concert somebody threw it. It was quite large.

Was it given to a specific member?

Sam: Yeah, Teo!

Teo, how did you feel?

Teo: Uh…it felt very strange?

Sam: I think he felt honoured.

Teo: Very good. Feels very good.

Sam: Are you allowed to use that? We’ll keep it clean from now on.

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You are quite well known for your covers of other bands. Are there other songs or artistes you would like to cover in the future?

Teo: Girl’s Day.

(Sam and Teo start humming to Expectations by Girl’s Day under their breath)

Sam: (To Teo) The dancing too?

Teo: Yeah the cover dancing too!

Sam: I think that would be amazing. Yun, what about you?

Yun: John Legend?

Sam: Snoop Dogg? Eminem? But that would be really difficult. Maybe something really old school like Jon Bon Jovi.

What do you think about your Singaporean fans?

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Sam: Every time we come here we feel very very comfortable. It’s really good to see so many familiar faces – I think a lot of you, I’ve seen many times! It’s kind of like seeing extended family, so it’s a really good feeling.

You guys have been talking to a lot of fans on SNS (Social Networking Sites). What are the most interesting mentions you have received, and what kind of mentions do you like to receive?

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Yun: Usually fans send things like “I love you” or “I miss you”, but sometimes there are fans who send mentions asking about my day, so I think that is pretty memorable.

Sam: And they also tell us what they have been doing, which is really nice.

Teo: Fans will say things like “I saw you at this place” but that they ran off instead of saying hello.

As artistes who have broken into the music industry through social media, do you feel this affects the way you present yourself compared to going the conventional route?

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Sam: Wow, that’s a very deep question.

Teo: We didn’t go the conventional way because we are not conventional too.

Sam: I think it would have been very difficult for us to go the conventional way. But I don’t think one way is worse or one way is better, they are just very different, and this way for us is a good way.

How do you feel about your new album because it has a different concept compared to the past albums?


Sam: You mean ‘Special Guy’? We had so much fun doing this song because we have never done a song like this before. It was a mix of so many different genres and it was very challenging for us to sing. Just performing and recording the song helped us grow as artistes, and it was a fantastic experience. It’s quite a unique song. Did you like it? (Teo proceeds to make fun of Sam by repeating his question a couple of times, much to the amusement of everyone)

You initially started out promoting on YouTube and you did not debut on a music show. How is the experience like performing on music shows now?

Yun: It was awkward for us to perform on a music show because we haven’t really done that previously. We felt that we lacked a lot and we had to work hard to make ourselves better.

Who are your closest celebrity friends?

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Sam: Teo has a lot of celebrity friends. *Rattles off a list of names in jest* Girls’ Generation…Girl’s Day…APinkThe Pussycat Dolls as well.

Teo: Beyoncé. But she’s very busy.

Sam: So she doesn’t take your calls.

Teo: Yes. And Mariah Carey.

Do you identify yourselves more with indie bands such as Busker Busker or more “idol pop”?

Teo: Half half.

Sam: One thing is – a lot of people will say we are indie, but we have never really been involved in the indie scene in any way. Our label isn’t an indie label but a mainstream one. Of course there have been a few times that we performed in indie clubs in Korea – but it’s hard to categorise. Even Busker Busker were born on a TV show and not in the indie scene, so who knows what is mainstream and what is indie? Let’s say we are main-indie. A new word is born in Singapore!

Yun has been cast in a few dramas. For the other members, are there any dramas you would like to be in or roles you would like to play?

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Sam: I think Teo would be a good woman!

Yun: Good woman?? (Chuckles)

Teo: I want to be in a couple relationship.

Sam: Just to hold hands? No kiss scenes?

Teo: No!

Sam: A kiss scene is hard. A lot of cameras…and you’re nervous!

(Teo candidly demonstrates pulling a girl in for a kiss like a pro)

Sam: I don’t like leading man characters actually. If I were to do something I want to do something interesting. (Someone asks if he would consider comedy) Comedy? Do you see me doing comedy? An anti-hero? Hmm..I thought I would be really…kind and nice. But maybe not.

Yun: A Mexican gangster?

Sam: Please grow a mustache. Teo says he’s growing a mustache now but I can only count five hairs. Oh wait, there’s like 10 here and 10 here. That’s like 20!


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Although the press conference was a short one, we have deduced that these boys are so comfortable in their own skin that they can spend hours just bantering back and forth with each other with no awkward moments in between. It was truly a joy getting to know more about them, and we love how their stark honesty and friendliness sets them apart from other idols!

Dinoseoul would once again like to thank Aurora Borealis for the media invitation to the press conference of LUNAFLY From Us To You Fan Meet.

Visit our Facebook page for more photos from the Press Conference and Fan Meet.

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