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LUNAFLY From Us To You Fan Meet: Going the extra mile for Singaporean fans

It’s not often that fans get to interact and get to know their idols in an intimate setting like the one we experienced. During LUNAFLY‘s From Us To You Fan Meet at the Singapore Conference Hall earlier this month, the three boys of one of K-pop’s most personable groups spent over an hour interacting with Lukies (what LUNAFLY fans are affectionately called) through games and song serenades.

One of the first things that struck us about the event was how relaxed and feel-good the fan meet was. Although the amount of fans present were noticeably fewer compared to other fan meets we have attended, we noted that this gave LUNAFLY the opportunity to candidly banter with the audience throughout the show.

Sweet serenade

The show begun with a performance of single ‘Yeowooya’, and then LUNAFLY wasted no time in turning on the charm by picking three fans to join them on stage to be serenaded during their next performance: a cover of NSYNC‘s ‘This I Promise You’. What we really liked: instead of the conventional method of drawing names from a box, LUNAFLY drew hand phone numbers instead and surprised fans by personally giving them a call. From the shrieks in the audience every time a phone rang, we are sure that this idea is definitely a good one!

Channeling their inner artist, answering fans’ questions & a special video project!


When Sam, Teo and Yun were asked to draw what were on their minds and autograph it – all within a time span of three minutes, the look of stark disbelief on Sam’s face was priceless. Nevertheless, we love that the boys completed the challenge with hilarious results! Teo showed off impressive speed by completing his drawing under a minute, while Sam barely finished at the three minute mark.



While Yun’s drawing depicted the fan meet venue, the three boys facing their loving fans in the crowd, Teo and Sam’s drawings were a little more particular. Sam drew his ideal woman and Teo came up with a quirky picture – scrawling different colours across the paper and then describing them as random things like the sun (orange), grass (green) and blue (water). It doesn’t come as a surprise that his drawing was picked as the crowd’s favourite though – who can resist this special snowflake?


Fans also came up with an array of questions and messages for the trio prior to the fan meet, and the members had a great time picking questions to answer and notes to read out. It was great to see the outpouring of messages of love from Lukies – one especially memorable note that Yun selected even contained the romanisation of our local dialect, Hokkien! We sure are curious on how that particular fan converted it to Hangul for Yun to read!

But wait – it wasn’t over for the boys yet. As a gift to the LUNAFLY boys, Lukies got together to learn to play the Cajun and perform it to ‘How Nice It Would Be’, ‘Superhero’ and ‘One More Step’ in a special video that was screened. Although it was a simple gesture, we could see how incredibly touched the boys were. For any artiste, seeing the amount of dedication your fans have for you is undeniably the greatest gift of all.

#Selfies with BlastOut!



Using an application called BlastOut!, Lukies did their best to outdo one another in taking the most creative selfies of themselves. These pictures were screened at the fan meet and LUNAFLY carefully looked through every single photo before narrowing it down to one favourite – the lucky fan got to go up on stage for a polaroid photograph with the group!

Another reason to love LUNAFLY? They chose a fan girl who gamely took a ‘unglam’ selfie accompanied with the caption ‘crazy for LUNAFLY’, inviting her to join them in re-enacting the same exaggerated expressions during the pictures they took.

Not letting fans down…LUNAFLY personally performed more songs than they were supposed to!

Although the event was purely a fan meet, seeing that only three songs were performed, fans were still disappointed after finding out that ‘Shake it Off’ was the last performance of the night. What no one expected was the boys coming back on stage to perform an additional two songs!

This was no ordinary encore, LUNAFLY took it in their own hands to thrill their fans despite time limitations with ‘Seeing You Or Missing You’ and their rendition of Justin Bieber‘s ‘As Long As You Love Me’. What was even better? These performances were even more stripped down – armed with just a guitar, we were positively enraptured by the boys’ charm and voices.


After meeting a good number of artistes, can we just declare that LUNAFLY is one of the most down-to-earth celebrities we have ever met? Lukies are truly lucky to be able to reach beyond the barriers of being just a fan, but a friend as well.

For more LUNAFLY goodness, be sure to read what went down at their press conference here!

Dinoseoul would once again like to thank Aurora Borealis for the media invitation. Do check out the rest of our pictures from the Press Conference and Fan Meet on Facebook.

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