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LUNAFLY Live in Singapore: Having fun with serious artistes

I’ll be honest, I’ve always had soft spot for groups that play their own instruments so going to watch LUNAFLY perform definitely meant having a good time. The showcase which happened on 12th May at the cozy Hard Rock Café made realised that promise – an intimate session accompanied by good music with about 300 fans.

With only eight songs in their discography, it was expected that much of the showcase would feature covers, just like their previous gigs. However, I was definitely not expecting the showcase to last 2 hours (slightly more than that actually) and the set list to have a whopping eighteen songs, sans the encore.

After being warmly welcomed on stage with screams from LUKIEs present, the lads, dressed in sharp black and white, kicked off the evening with ‘Clear Day, Cloudy Day’ and an acoustic cover of Justin Bieber‘s ‘Baby’ complete with perfect harmonization and Sam‘s slightly modified rap.

The venue was small so the boys readily stood up upon request, except for Teo because he needed to play his cajón, to allow every fan to get a good look at them before launching straight into a groovy cover of Maroon 5‘s ‘This Love’ and Bruno Mars‘ ‘The Lazy Song’. Sam got everyone laughing and cheering during the latter when he gave a very knowing smile and left out a specific word in the lyrics – ‘meet a really nice girl have some really nice —‘. Oh Sam, we know exactly what you mean.

The boys then said that for every country they go to, they would take the time to prepare a special performance. For their Singaporean fans, they performed a touching cover of homeboy JJ Lin‘s ‘Endless Road’ solely accompanied by Teo on the keyboard. It was a pity that not many of the audience present knew the song though, and I wished they performed one of his more popular works instead.

Jessie J‘s ‘Price Tag’, which was the next song, was not a stranger to everyone and the atmosphere was once again lifted. Talk sets in between songs were prevalent, but it was not till now that the boys really started warming up to the Singapore crowd. While Sam and Teo had banters among themselves and the crowd (mostly just blabbering in broken English), maknae Yun was shy and reserved and it looked like he did not mind taking the back seat at all.

It also happened to be Mother’s Day, and Sam took the opportunity to wish his mum even though she wasn’t watching. Aww! Sam asked Teo if he called his mum, only to have him say, “In Singapore… It’s very expensive…”, sending everyone into fits of laughter. His shorter crop might have made him look a tad manlier, but we’re glad that he is still as funny and dorky as ever!


‘Payphone’, ‘Super Hero’ and ‘Just The Way You Are’ were next. The boys looked especially happy as LUKIEs sang along to ‘Super Hero’. I’m sure it must have been really touching for them – after all, their debut song is definitely one which is special to them.

After a great first half, the boys took a short break and came back up on stage all dressed in colourful outfits – according to the colours, Sam was called a broccoli, Yun a strawberry and Teo a carrot. They kicked the second part of the show off with the very light-hearted ‘One More Step’.

After that was probably Sam’s most dreaded part of the showcase. He shook his head in disapproval as Teo taught the emcee how to do kwiyomi player and was later forced by the latter to do it. With him lamenting things like ‘don’t make this long’, that was the most reluctant showcase of kwiyomi ever – don’t worry Sam, I feel your pain. Yun obliged as well, albeit doing it half-heartedly.

And Teo… it felt like that boy was ready to show it to us from the start, he ended off the kwiyomi taking extra care to smooch his fingers loudly one by one. Needless to say, Sam was pretty grossed out. At the end of it, Sam turned and said, “Teo, you promise me you would never ever do that to me.” This also prompted what was definitely the highlight line of the night: “We are serious artistes” (the members made sure to mention it whenever possible!).


They then launched into more originals – ‘Van Gogh’, ‘What’s Your Name’ and ‘Seeing You or Missing You’. Teo then introduced the next song with: “I’m mood-maker in team and… troublemaker” before they started playing the Olly Murs hit where we heard more of their spectacular harmonization.

Tenglish‘, Teo’s version of English was introduced next after he refused to admit that he made a mistake when the audience corrected him. The boys then went down to join the audience to take group shots with them and uploaded one of them onto his Twitter account on the spot.


Their title song ‘Fly To Love’ was up next, and it is probably another song which is really special to them since it was the first single that they played on music shows. Sam was obviously really touched by the fanchants – he expressed that that was the best response they’ve had so far. The audience then started cheering for an encore, only to have Sam reply in amusement that they weren’t done yet. He continued to talk to the fans but was interrupted by a random ‘pika‘ from Teo. He said that Pikachu is his favourite animal, and Pokémon are his friends. He added that his dream is to become a Pokémon master. This boy is such a queer one, but we love him all the same!

They then played ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ and ’50 Ways to Say Goodbye’ back to back. For their encore, the boys opted to sing along to an instrumental track and that allowed them to go off stage and interact with the fans – as if their One Direction medley didn’t put everyone into a frenzy already…

And that marked the end of the awesome showcase. There were audio problems here and there, but those were easily overlooked. If there was one thing I would gripe about, it was that Teo’s stellar cover of ‘Impossible’ wasn’t performed. Ultimately, the most important goal of a showcase is to make sure that fans have a good time and the artistes produce good music. This showcase possessed both, and probably even more, since the boys were able to communicate with the fans so effectively. Here’s to them coming back for another showcase soon!

Dinoseoul would like to thank JNation Entertainment for the media invitation to LUNAFLY Showcase Live in Singapore.

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