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Meet Kim Myung Soo—idol, actor, absolute sweetheart

Kim Myungsoo (also known as L in INFINITE) first started catching our attention a couple of years back when the group performed ‘In The Summer’.

Boy stole the show with his high note, and subsequently cemented a spot on our list of underrated K-pop stars. Just a year after his debut, Myungsoo continued to showcase even more of his talents with his foray into acting—first with a Japanese drama, before quickly winning over fans everywhere with his portrayal of Lee Hyun Soo in ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band‘, the tough guitarist with a soft side for his little sister.

After continuing to dabble in both drama and INFINITE activities the last couple of years, we were thrilled when we found out Myungsoo was finally going to have his first ever solo fan meet—a benchmark of his achievements throughout the years.

Here are some things we gathered after meeting the man himself at his press conference for Kim Myung Soo Fan Meeting in Singapore.

You’ll never meet a more humble idol

Right off the bat, we could tell that Myungsoo wasn’t the type of idol that had any airs at all. Despite not being able to speak much English, he was incredibly adamant and earnest in getting his heartfelt ‘thank you’s across, and expressed that he was honestly shocked at the large turnout at the event!

He also made it a point to greet every single reporter/journalist that asked him a question, and also maintained eye contact throughout. We also loved how he would break up his answers into short, concise replies so that the translator would be able to manage her translations well! Aww.

From idol to sageuk star

Myungsoo’s recent sageuk (historical) drama, ‘The Emperor: Owner of the Mask‘, proved that he’s not just a pretty face—but a pretty face that is able to carry the paramount role of a king. Myungsoo said that although it was a completely different experience as a member of INFINITE, he values both: “As a singer, I receive energy from the fans that are right in front of me (when I perform). As an actor, I get to showcase different roles and sides of me.”

Is love or friendship more important to him?

Still hot on the topic of his latest drama, the affable idol was quizzed on which he would favour. Ever the realist, Myungsoo admitted that despite his extreme passion for his leading lady in the drama, he values both love and friendship equally in real life.

His love for photography

Inspirits will know that Myungsoo has a penchant for photography, having released a photo essay in 2013 and even snapping teaser photos for labelmate Lovelyz two years ago. He shared that he actually carries a camera everywhere he goes—a sign of true dedication! Given the opportunity, he also hopes to release another photo essay. Stay tuned!

What to expect from a 30-year-old Myungsoo? 

When quizzed on where he sees himself in 5 years, the 26-year-old (Korean age) said that he believes he’ll still be working on his singing, acting and photography, but that we can expect an even more mature, manlier and improved version of himself.

Whether he’s Myungsoo or L, he’ll always be doing his very best

We know that behind his different monikers, Myungsoo is really just a dedicated artiste who gives his all in everything he does. In fact, he’s so optimistic that he says the best advice he has gotten is to simply see the positive side of things no matter the situation—and seize the day.

For an idol who’s been around long enough to be considered a senior in the industry, Myungsoo still possesses a sense of innocence and child-like earnestness. And we’re honestly rooting for him to do even better, proving to even more people that he’s more than what meets the eye.

Dinoseoul would once again like to thank Faith & D Entertainment for the media invitation. Don’t forget to check out more pictures from our media interview on our Facebook page here.

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