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Music Matters Live K-pop Night Out 2014: The takeover of indie acts

This year’s Music Matters Live K-Pop Night Out brought enthusiasts of Korean rock and indie music together. Featuring Asian Chairshot, Sultan of the Disco, Lim Kim, Daybreak and Jaurim, the audience was treated to a good mix of different genres like rock, pop and even disco.


The night kicked off promptly at 8pm with rockers Asian Chairshot, who started off their set with Son Heenam‘s ad-lib guitar solo before launching into the preparatory beats for their repertoire which included ‘Mask’ and ‘Petrifaction’. Vocalist Hwang Youngwon and drummer Park Kyewan didn’t have their shoes on, but all the trio needed were their instruments and their obvious passion for their art to win the audience over (and my friend whom I dragged along, who never ever listened to Korean music – she does now).


Sultan of the Disco was up next, and what a contrast in genre it was! Clad in black and white outfits and turbans, it prepared the audience for the huge dance party that was to come. Just like their unusual outfits (one can’t help but to marvel at how the band managed to perform wearing suits in the sweltering heat), their setlist of songs were fun and quirky. Their tunes, which were a mix of soul, funk, disco and everything happy, were accompanied by cheesy yet unique dance moves, courtesy of main vocalist Nahzam Sue and main danceman J.J Hassan. Crowd favourite ‘Tang Tang Ball’ was undoubtedly the highlight of their set and the band truly illustrated what it means to have fun while taking their craft seriously.


As Lim Kim, otherwise known as Kim Yerim, or half of folk duo Togeworl, took the stage, it was apparent from the cheers who many of the males in the crowd were there to see. We could clearly see why though – girl is gorgeous! The singer, who was the most ‘mainstream’ out of all the acts, conversed with the audience in fluent English and was loved by them. She showcased her versatility with whimsical tunes like ‘Coloring’ to the sultry ‘All Right’, her most popular song. Rounding up her set with a cover of Lady Gaga‘s ‘Poker Face’, Lim Kim displayed maturity in her performances and vocals, which is commendable for someone of a young age.


Pop rock band Daybreak was up next. Taking the stage with smiles and their preppy style, they kicked things off slow with the jazz-infused ‘Shall We Dance’ before pumping the crowd up with more up-tempo songs like ‘Like’ and ‘Love Actually (Up and Down)’. Before the former, lead vocalist Lee Wonsuk explained to the audience in pretty fluent English what ‘좋다’ meant – “I feel good, I like you, I feel so great, it’s all right, etc, etc”, before coaxing the crowd to sing along to those two words. With their stage presence and catchy songs, Daybreak effortlessly got the crowd involved and proved why they are one of the most popular indie bands in Korea.


The last act of the night was one of Korea’s top rock bands, Jaurim. They say, save the best for last, and Jaurim was there for a good reason – since 1997, they have released nine studio albums. The band came on stage to rousing applause and vocalist Kim Yoon Ah looked really happy to be here. She has always been known for her powerful voice, but it was awe-inspiring to see for oneself how such a huge voice could come out of a petite frame. The whole band blended seamlessly together, and played their hit tracks like ‘Bird’, ‘Hey Hey Hey’ and ‘Hahaha Song’, ending this year’s Music Matters Live K-Pop Night Out on a high note.

If you missed the event, you can view it here (skip to 1:48:57).

Dinoseoul would like to thank Music Matters Live and Chatter PR for the media invitation. Do check out the rest of the pictures on our Facebook page here.

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