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Published on May 31st, 2012 | by ponyforprez


G.NA: 2HOT (or not?)

‘2HOT’ is the title track off G.NA’s third mini album ‘Bloom’, and I’m pretty sure its music video has stirred quite a bit of mixed reactions since its release.

The music video starts out pretty much how I expected a track like ‘2HOT’ to sound – guys waiting with gifts outside G.NA’s house, all of which she proceeds to haughtily reject as she struts out with her girls to sing and dance about how smokin’ hot she is. The visual aesthetics of the video honestly aren’t too bad, and I quite like how vibrant and almost fluorescent-looking the background sets and clothes look, giving the overall appearance a very Hairspray look.

What I don’t quite get is how unbelievably different G.NA looks now. She’s always been known for her voluptuous figure ever since her debut with ‘I’ll Back off So You Can Live Better’ (a great up-tempo song that wowed the K-pop industry with her strong singing voice) but in ‘2Hot’, she’s way too skinny.

Besides that, the music video also clearly strives on playing up the image of G.NA as a really, well, ‘hot’ girl, and the definition seems to teeter slightly on trashy. In the first half of the video, she sports hot studded shorts, a midriff-showing cropped top, coloured contact lenses and shows off her newly dip-dyed pink hair, which makes her scarily resemble a Barbie doll. I have to admit that despite this, the outfit is still pretty cute though, going well with the visuals of the set.

Then the second half of the video comes along and veers into a very awkward, uncomfortable zone, with half-naked very buff firemen carrying G.NA out of a burning club (which she literally sets on fire with her hot dancing) and close-ups of butts and chests in their sheer, lacy outfits.

Someone stole B1A4 Baro‘s firetruck in ‘Beautiful Target’

While it’s not uncommon that female idols try out for slightly suggestive dancing and sexy clothes in their concepts, it’s dawned on me that Cube Entertainment has implemented this concept with its female artistes far too often. When 4Minute’s HyunA is mentioned, who can say the images that are conjured up aren’t of her snarling at the camera (Troublemaker’) or of her infamous chest-thrusting moves in Bubble Pop’ (which at this moment, has garnered over close to 29 million hits on YouTube).

Yet what really disappoints me is that G.NA has a really good singing voice, proving it various times with her live performances, and ‘2HOT’ doesn’t do her any justice. While song lyrics don’t necessary have to be crazily in depth to hold any meaning or make the song sound good, with lyrics such as ‘Hey, you wolf, who’s looking at me and howling, wooh’, it’s clear that the song was purely about lecherous men ogling G.NA’s looks.

Granted, it’s a rather catchy song to sing along to (and I guess if any singer had to do a song like this I’d rather it be someone who can actually sing), with the chorus peppered with repetitive uses of the word ‘hot’. However, with previously released Top Girl’ also having lyrics such as ‘I’m Top Girl, toc toc toc sparkling hot girl’, you start to wonder if Cube has totally forsaken G.NA’s initial identity as someone who can actually hold a decent note and is instead repeatedly painting her as just another sizzling chick with shiny clothes and perfect hair.

Speaking of which, is it just me or has G.NA’s hair gotten lighter and lighter with every new song ever since ‘Black & White’ (Hopefully not in relation to the saying that blondes are air-headed, since G.NA’s shade is almost there!)

Check out ‘2HOT’ below!

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