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Published on November 29th, 2014 | by myownmonsters


November’s K-Pop MV Picks

We know you can’t wait for the Christmas spirit to be in full swing, but hold up – let’s take a look back at November’s offerings of great K-Pop music:

AOA – Like a Cat

It seems like these girls could be giving Catwoman a run for her name as they return as cat-like secret agents on a mission to get their hands on a jewel protected in a safe. There’s nothing too intricate with the plot of the MV but we’re sure fans aren’t complaining. Not when the members are donning sexy and sleek outfits plus being able to watch them display their invincibility as they counter various obstacles – if only we could look as flawless as Seolhyun does while she works her way through the lasers. And how can we not bring up Daniel Snoeks who stars alongside AOA? The attractive lad is an Australian model who previously resided in South Korea and appeared as a panel on JTBC’s Non-Summit (did we mention he speaks fluent Korean?). Plenty of eye candy coupled with a seriously catchy tune, there’s no reason why ‘Like a Cat’ shouldn’t be headed straight into our good books.

Kim Bum Soo feat. Geeks, Mrs Lee – Home Meal

This is probably not the best MV to watch when the midnight hunger pangs kick in, but all cravings aside, the MV truly hits close to home. The song’s mellow and warm melody provides the perfect accompaniment to the bittersweet imageries of people yearning to eat a home-cooked meal with their families. For those who have spent an extended period of time away from home, I’m sure no fancy brunch spots nor any top-10-must-try-restaurants wherever you are could ever replace the satisfaction of savouring a good old home-cooked meal – unpretentious yet hits the spot all the time. The same goes for when we’re too caught up with work or school and there’s only fast/instant food we can settle for – we know mummy’s cooking will make everything fine again.

Thank you, Kim Bum Soo, for highlighting the fact that a home-cooked meal is a luxury we shouldn’t take for granted.

Toy with Sung Shi Kyung – Music Essay

Fans of Yoo Yeon Seok, I feel you – for the scriptwriters have decided that he doesn’t get his happily ever after once again. To put it simply, the MV for ‘Music Essay’ is a Chilbong (Reply 1994) meets Taeyang in ‘Wedding Dress‘ storyline. Yoo Yeon Seok’s crush on Kim Yu Mi led to a budding friendship between them and his friend, Gong Myung of 5urprise. Unfortunately, Yoo Yeon Seok’s lack of courage to admit his feelings and a misunderstanding thwarted his chances of getting together with her, and eventually, he could only solemnly watch from the sidelines as the girl of his dreams marries his best friend. The beautiful cinematography emanating the happiness, sadness and disappointment that come with friendship and love coupled with both Toy (You Hee Yeol) and Sung Shi Kyung‘s melodic voices are the perfect formula to make our hearts ache for Yoo Yeon Seok.

HI SUHYUN – I’m Different

This is such a cute song. Absolutely nothing we love better than two young, cute and extremely talented girls doing their thang. LEE HI and Suhyun are great singers with a ton of potential, making ‘I’m Different’ one of the catchiest songs this month. Check out our full review here.

What are some of your favourite MVs of November? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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