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October’s K-Pop MV Picks

October has graced us with a handful of new material and boy are we lucky to have had a visual feast with the many MV releases. Here are our favourites this month:

Seo Taiji & IU – Sogyeokdong

Seo Taiji finally made his long-awaited comeback to the music scene after five years. As a lead up to the launch of his album ‘Quiet Night’ on the 20th, the Korean pop culture legend pre-released two versions of self-composed synth-pop track, ‘Sogyeokdong’, joined in by IU. Both artistes released two separate MVs depicting an unfortunate love story of two youngsters during South Korea’s military coup period in the 1980’s where curfews were imposed on civilians to stay in their homes and turn off all lights at night. Despite the interlacing of a setting in the past with a modern sound, the juxtaposition was well executed, achieving the bittersweet element the MVs are going for.

IU’s MV was released earlier on the 5th and it introduced us to the Sogyeokdong neighbourhood (thus the song title) in Jongno along with the story’s main cast, while Seo Taiji released his on the 9th to serve as a continuation. The cast first met in a rather unconventional setting where a random girl dashed into a taxi despite it being already taken, thus rendering the boy speechless as he could only observe her from the backseat. That’s when he noticed she had several fresh injuries all over her body. Curious, he decided to follow and befriend her thereafter. In the midst of their developing relationship, the boy received a note from her one day initiating a meet up after the lights had gone off. We then hear the curfew siren as darkness started to encompass the neighbourhood. Both Seo Taiji and IU also halted singing as the lights in their respective rooms turned off – a nice execution to highlight the desolation of the situation. Equipped with a torchlight, the boy then wandered off to her home. In IU’s version, we see him looking confused and worried as he observed the mess around her empty home. Our questions were answered in Seo Taiji’s MV where her father was arrested by riot police, thus we can assume that her family was involved in activities perceived to be against the then government. However, the ending was rather ambiguous, leaving it to viewers to decide for themselves if the boy and girl were to reunite again.

Boyfriend – Witch

Boyfriend pulls out the theatrics in their latest single with what looks like an interpretation of the Little Red Riding Hood (see headline of newspaper at 1:04) with a slight twist. We know how the Big Bad Wolf tries to get a piece of Little Red Riding Hood in the fairytale, but it looks like the game has changed in ‘Witch’ as Riding Hood is actually hiding behind an “oh-so-innocent” visage this time while she befriends the members of BOYFRIEND who are part of a wolf pack called BF. They appear to be close buddies but we find out that it was all part of a plot to get rid of the wolves. As the drama unfolds, we also see cuts of the choreography with the usage of the red flags being perhaps the most gripping and noteworthy point of it all. It’s a cool and apt incorporation that cements this theatrical piece, as is leader Donghyun‘s introduction and closing of the song.

We know Boyfriend has been attempting to shed their innocent, flower boy-ish concept with their recent comebacks, and we must say they have been pulling it off rather decently with ‘Witch’ probably being the best yet. What do you think?

Strawberry Milk – OK

If you can’t get enough of Crayon Pop‘s quirky concepts, then you’ll be glad that the group’s first sub-unit, Strawberry Milk, will satiate that craving for you. Consisting of twin members ChoA and Way, Strawberry Milk made their debut with a super colour-popping, cutesy MV for their single ‘OK’. There isn’t a storyline to it, but in this case, who needs one? The settings and adorable costumes are eye-catching enough. As if having their group name appear throughout isn’t adequate, the girls’ costumes screamed Strawberry Milk out loud, all right. We particularly adore the all-pink ensemble topped with a strawberry hat and a straw sticking from the back. How cute is that?

The song is a fun and upbeat number which makes not bobbing along a tad impossible. It’s not an entirely new concept, but having a set of cute and petite twins does add an element of freshness to it for a stimulating watch.

VIXX – Error

If you thought VIXX might have run out of ideas for concepts, we’ll have you know they haven’t. The boys have spoiled fans once again with a gloriously addictive MV for ‘Error’ in which they take form as cyborgs. The story centres in on the tragic love story involving Hongbin, presumably a scientist, and his love interest, Youngji (new member of KARA). We get to see how the concept of cyborgs come into play through a series of flashbacks of happy memories Hongbin had with Youngji who has, unfortunately, passed away. Distraught, Hongbin is desperate to create a cyborg version of Youngji but it didn’t come without any difficulties as indicated by the other cyborg VIXX members who are presumably, Hongbin’s failed attempts at creating the perfect one. When he finally succeeded, he transformed himself into a cyborg as well so as to be able to spend the rest of his life with Youngji. The last step involved a memory transplant into cyborg Youngji who immediately embraced Hongbin after the process. However, men in suits were quick to the scene and discovered that Youngji was built illegally and tried to take her away when Hongbin fought them and took off with Youngji hand-in-hand. Yet, instead of eloping together, the two of them were disassembled by machines.

The MV not only stimulates with its top-notch CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) but also the convincing acting of Hongbin and Youngji, which made it feel like we were watching a trailer for a movie. Their choreography is always one to watch and it sure doesn’t disappoint this time with its intricate formations and correspondence with the lyrics.

Which is your favourite MV from our October Picks? Do let us know if there are other MVs that have caught your eye this month!

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