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Published on August 22nd, 2016 | by dinoseoul


Our week with VIU Premium

VIU is probably a familiar name to people who are addicted to Asian shows.

In fact, it’s so familiar that the popular drama viewing platform has a Premium version that allows users priority viewing as fast as 8 hours after the native telecast, complete with unlimited downloads and full HD viewing (up to 1080p resolution). The team at Dinoseoul prides ourselves in being as drama-crazy as we are about Korean music, so we assigned editor Rachel  (ponyforprez) the task of giving the Premium version a shot.

Rachel’s review of her week with VIU Premium


Will be using VIU on my smartphone as I’m mostly viewing on-the-go, but you can also access it on your desktop/laptop if you prefer to when you’re at home!

Also, in case you’re wondering, the trial version allows users to try out the full suite of premium services for 7 days straight! However, I’ll only be reviewing based on me watching VIU content for 5 consecutive weekdays as I’m usually busy on the weekends.


My first day of VIU Premium! I’m currently already watching Doctors (up-to-date) and Uncontrollably Fond (trying to catch up), so this premium service is really perfect for doing both, as well as checking out some other new titles.

Encouraged by a fellow Dinoseoul teammate’s fervour over the drama, I decided to catch the first episode of W — Two Worlds, on my way to work…AND BOY WAS IT GOOD.


The entire premise is extremely well-thought out, and both Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo carried out their roles really well. I was immensely hooked throughout my train ride, almost missing my stop, especially since the episode was free of annoying ads that would usually pop up in the normal version.

Unfortunately, my ride to work isn’t that long, and I had to pause the episode while walking to my workplace from the MRT station.


Finished up episode 1 of the night before while on my way back from work. Decided to download episode 2 and 3 to watch during my commute and lunch today. I love that the premium version allows you to download an unlimited number of episodes from  any drama to watch. Because you know, I’m fickle like that. And I also finish my dramas fast.

Also, I can’t believe Doctors is ending. :( And that we only get one episode this week…which I’m saving to watch tomorrow. But really, how do I hang in there till next week—especially when I won’t have my Premium! Looks like this girl has gotta subscribe for real.


I’ve been looking forward to commutes anywhere because I know I’ve always got something to watch. Yup, while people are glued to their phones for Pokémon Go, I’m glued to the faces of my two favourite Kims. Namely, Kim Woo Bin and Kim Rae Won.



Took a break from Korean dramas today to watch an episode of Inkigayo on VIU when I got home. It has actually never occurred to me that I could watch entire music shows on VIU,  so it was a pleasant surprise when I browsed a little more of the app’s content.

Also, I usually search YouTube for performance cuts of my favourite artistes, so watching a full music show (from the comfort of my bed, no less) was a great experience.

IMG_4947 TWICE‘s Jungyeon and her older sister, actress Gong Seungyeon, as Inkigayo MCs! 


TGIF! Which also means I wanna unwind with some brainless entertainment. Haven’t been watching We Got Married in a while, so I thought I’d catch up with one of their newest couples—Eric Nam and Solar from MAMAMOO!

And seriously? These two are the cutest! Eric has been a longtime favourite of mine now, ever since he captured my heart with debut track ‘Heaven’s Door’, and super-talented, gorgeous Solar makes the perfect wife. I remember watching We Got Married before VIU happened…and it was a torture trying to find subbed episodes, or there would be broken links in between episodes so I’d watch an episode in bits and pieces. Watching on VIU definitely makes for an all-round better experience.



Final thoughts

Although I didn’t maximise my Premium trial period, it’s safe to say I really enjoyed it while it lasted! The best part about VIU is definitely the convenience, as well as how fast new content gets uploaded. Ads are really kept to a minimum, and even so, they’re all fairly short and bearable. Videos are also loaded almost immediately, so you never have to worry about sitting around and waiting for your show to load! In all, I would definitely recommend anyone who watches a good deal of Asian entertainment (they’ve got Japanese dramas too!) to use VIU Premium.

To find out more about VIU Premium (Singtel users get a really good deal!) click here.

This post is not a sponsored review. All thoughts belong to Dinoseoul.

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