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Race Start Season 2: Hamming it up for the camera is second nature for the Running Man Cast

Race Start SG 11

They sang, they danced, took Polaroid photos aplenty, and yes, they played games.

It was the second time the cast of popular Korean variety series, Running Man, were visiting Singapore, sans Kang Gary and Lee Jae Suk (funny man Lee Kwang Soo was in tow this time), and they seemed more at ease than ever as they filled the Star Vista Performing Arts Centre last Saturday with their boisterous personalities. Perhaps it’s because all present members, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook and Ha Dong Hoon (HaHa) have visited little island before, some even having had their own individual fan meets here.

Race Start SG 6

At the autograph session specially held for VIP ticket holders earlier in the afternoon, over a whopping 6,000 fans showed up at Suntec City to catch a glimpse of these Korean stars – even if it meant tiptoeing to their best abilities and snapping shaky photos on their mobile phones. While everyone was incredibly hospitable and full of fan service, we’ll have to say Kwang Soo caught our eye for being particularly animated and engaging. As he finished signing autographs for the VIP holders the earliest, he decided to sign the remaining posters and come down the stage to pass them to non-VIP ticket holders! How sweet is he? We also spotted several fans getting to snap lucky selcas (self-camera, which is a popular phrase for ‘selfie’ in Korea) with the cast.

Race Start SG 5

When evening rolled around and the show started, fans were treated to a two-hour show of mini stage games, song performances (even from the non-singers!) and tons of friendly banter between the cast. We highlight our favourite moments from the night:

Games made…interesting!

We doubled over in laughter more than a couple of times when Kwang Soo attempted to thwart Jong Kook from winning a game, and when Kwang Soo and HaHa helpfully assisted a fan who had to complete push-ups in a relay game. It ain’t Running Man if there isn’t a little cheating involved, right?

Race Start SG 3

When Suk Jin selected a fan through a seat number draw to join him on stage for a pepero penalty – a popular penalty played in Korea where two individuals bite the end of a pepero stick and try to get it as short as possible without their lips touching – everyone was surprised that the brave contender turned out to be a 14-year-old boy!

Surprising vocal talent!

Race Start SG 10

Did you know Kwang Soo can sing? Neither did we. But when the lanky star played the piano and crooned to Kim Bum Soo’s ‘Bogoshipda’ (‘I Miss You’), fans were blown away by the usually goofy idol’s more sombre demeanour. As a bonus, he gave out roses to a few lucky girls as well! We also loved Suk Jin and how charming he was with Billy Joel’s ‘Just The Way You Are’ – we found ourselves swaying to the music as he sang.

Other song performances include Ji Hyo singing ‘Scent Of A Flower’ (from her drama Emergency Couple) and Leessang‘s ‘Turn Off The TV’ (accompanied by HaHa and Jong Kong donning Gary masks!), as well as HaHa and Kim Jong Kook delivering some of their own hits!

The return of HyunA and Hyunseung – or rather, KwangA and SukJinSeung

Race Start SG 9

The pair first thrilled fans when they performed Trouble Maker’s self-titled track in Thailand – and the frenzied screams of glee from the audience in Singapore showed that the favourable response was definitely a unanimous one. With his killer height, over-the-top dancing and long locks, we’re confident that Kwang Soo can give HyunA a run for her money!

A theatre full of stars and a heartwarming goodbye

Race Start SG 8

As part of a special surprise for the members, the audience were asked to utilise their mobile phones in lighting up the entire auditorium when the lights were dimmed toward the end of the show. As the Running Man members expressed their surprise at the abrupt darkness, everyone then burst into the familiar tunes of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. Considering the amount of effort and time that these artistes have put into their tour, we thought it was a really sweet gesture to not only thank the cast, but to also have them appreciate a ‘performance’ from their fans as well.

Let’s face it – Running Man has been well, running, for a good four years (the first episode aired in 2010) – meaning we’ve witnessed a lot of games, guests and places – enough to have long been bored of the programme. However, the genuine passion and hard work put in by the team has secured them the tight fan base they have today, as well as the potential to soar to even greater heights. We look forward to what’s to come!

Dinoseoul would like to once again thank ONE TV ASIA for the media invitation to Race Start Season 2 in Singapore. Do check out our coverage of the press conference over here.

New episodes of Running Man premiere on Fridays at 11.45pm first and exclusively on ONE. Repeats air on the following Friday at 7.40pm, as well as on Saturdays and Sundays at 11.15pm

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