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SECRET Live in Singapore: Sugar, spice and everything nice


The four charming girls of SECRET, Hyosung, Zinger, Jieun and Sunhwa, held their first concert in Singapore on March 29, at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Halls, enthralling the crowd in a 2-hour display of vocal prowess and high-energy dance moves.

Since their debut in 2009, the girls have accumulated an arsenal of hit singles like ‘Madonna’, ‘Love is MOVE’, ‘Shy Boy’, ‘Starlight Moonlight’, and most recently, ‘Talk That’, their most sophisticated effort yet. A truly versatile group, the girls switched adeptly between sexy and cute images throughout their concert, at times delighting the crowd with fun tracks like ‘Shy Boy’, other times raising the temperature considerably with sultry moves like those from ‘Talk That’.


Despite meeting with an unfortunate accident and sustaining injuries late last year, the girls of SECRET were all smiles and full of bubbly energy during the concert. They seemed to be almost back in tip-top condition, with Zinger constantly assuring Secret Times in adorable English, “I’m okay, we’re okay!” It’s applaudable how the girls barely required a translator during the concert and the hard work that they put into brushing up on their conversational English really came across as they confidently peppered their talk breaks with phrases like “We’re so excited to be here!” and “Did you guys miss SECRET?” Great job to the girls for their effort!

Passionate Secret Times were queuing long before the doors opened, and at 7pm, they began streaming into the concert hall, armed with numerous placards and banners to display their adoration and support for the group. However, it wasn’t until past 7.30pm that the girls from SECRET finally made their dramatic entrances on stage via rising platforms. When the familiar strains of ‘Poison’ came on, the crowd went absolutely wild (understandably so, since we all know the experience of seeing your favourite group in the flesh is quite… surreal).



‘Madonna’ was up next and after back-to-back performances of songs which bore the distinctive, trademark sexy-and-mysterious sound that has increasingly been associated with SECRET, the girls then switched things up with the lighter, cheekier ‘Movie Star’, ‘Sexy’ and ‘Love is MOVE’. ‘Love is MOVE’ especially got the crowd going, since it’s a super fun track that most K-pop fans would have heard of at least once.

The spotlights then turned a deep soothing blue, a perfect complement to the next song on the tracklist – the emotional ballad ‘My Boy’. The girls continued to tug on heartstrings with Jieun’s self-declared favourite track ‘Together’. She shared that she loved it because of its meaningful lyrics. We cannot agree more.


After an uplifting performance of ‘La La La’, the emcee picked two audience members from the crowd (the youngest and oldest member) to receive hugs and autographed albums from SECRET. It was hilarious seeing Secret Times inflating their real age just to snag a chance to be on the same stage with their idols!

Next up were the highly-anticipated solo stages. The girls had previously let on during the press conference that they had solo stages planned, but didn’t disclose any more details. Zinger, Sunhwa, Jieun and Hyosung took turns displaying their individual charms, once again emphasising the group’s versatility as they pulled off hugely varying styles. We loved Zinger’s sassiness and hard-hitting dance moves during ‘AMAZINGER’, Sunhwa’s adorable cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ (she was dressed in a short wedding dress and a veil for this!), Jieun’s beautiful vocals as she belted out Rihanna’s ‘Unfaithful’, and Hyosung’s sizzling hot dance moves during ‘Crazy in Love’.




While the girls prepared for their next performance, a video montage of ‘Shy Boy’ performances and its subsequent wins on music shows was shown on screen. No prizes for guessing what song came on next! The infectious number had the fans singing along in no time. And they even included the infamous horse-riding move from PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’, proving just how fun-loving and playful these girls could be!

It’s really great that SECERT has such easily-accessible songs in their repertoire, so that overseas fans can easily sing along and participate actively in the concert. The set of stairs that flanked either side of the stage not only allowed the girls to move swiftly to and from the two tiers of the stage throughout the concert, but it also gave them their fairytale moment during ‘Oh Honey’ as they sat by the stairs and sang sweetly. Still dressed in their frilly black and white dresses (the sames ones seen in their ‘Twinkle Twinkle‘ PV), they smoothly transitioned to one of our favourite performances of the night, ‘Starlight Moonlight’.


After a quick outfit change, the girls came back on stage dressed similarly in all-white long blazers and sang ballad ‘Don’t Laugh’ before picking up the pace with the mid-tempo track ‘Hope’. But all good things must come to an end and they announced that their next track would be their last of the night, to the dismay of everyone present. Whipping off their blazers and revealing formfitting black outfits underneath, SECRET turned up the heat with their sensual latest single ‘Talk That’, which Zinger revealed would be the first time she’s performed the track since her accident in December.


And just like that, the girls bade the audience goodbye and strutted offstage, leaving everyone wanting more, more, more. But what’s a concert without an encore stage? After repeated chants from the crowd, the girls finally came back out, dressed down in loose tees and denim shorts. With huge smiles plastered all over their faces, they launched into ‘Magic’ and a repeated performance of ‘Love is MOVE’, this time, spending most of it walking back and forth, collecting gifts from the fans nearer up front. The concert ended on a high note, and the members’ fanservice was particularly memorable as they eagerly put on the cute hats they were given and waved around plush toys cheerily.

If you missed the concert, enjoy this highlights reel that we’ve put together:


We’d like to extend our thanks to Fast Track Events for the media invitation. Check out what went down at the press conference prior to the girls’ concert and for more pictures from the SECRET Live in Singapore press conference and concert, do visit our Facebook page. Also, read about what went on at the press conference over here!

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