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Showing off the different sides of SECRET


For a group that so adeptly embodies a more cute and coy image, we learnt during their press conference on March 17, that SECRET is anything but shy.

In the span of half an hour, the group, made up of Hyosung, Zinger, Jieun and Sunhwa, opened up about their ideal types, their upcoming concert here in Singapore, and even shared what they thought about their beloved maknae’s We Got Married husband, Kwanghee.


On a Sunday afternoon, the four of them waltzed into the ballroom of Pan Pacific Singapore looking radiant and absolutely stunning in flirty green and yellow outfits. But before anyone could begin firing any questions, leader Hyosung grabbed hold of the mic and apologised for making their fans wait so long for their return since their last visit an entire year ago.

“We’ve been preparing really hard for the upcoming concert and we hope to show a different side of SECRET. We hope everyone will be happy with our performances,” she added, flashing the reporters present her signature gummy smile.


As for what local Secret Times can look forward to come end March, the girls promised to showcase their individual talents for their solo stages as well as to make time for lots of interaction with their fans. Hyosung also selected ‘Love is MOVE’ and ‘Poison’ as two of her favourite songs to perform live because of their infectious quality and the memorable choreography in the latter, urging fans to anticipate them.


Expressing their desire to return to our shores not for work but for purely leisure, the girls also lit up at the mention of shopping and pepper crab. “Singapore is very beautiful…We really like the local food,” emphasised a quieter Jieun.

I guess it didn’t exactly come as a surprise then, that in their free time, instead of going about town, they preferred to stay home pigging out on delicious food and watching dramas. “We’ll talk about which male lead we find really handsome, or which female lead is really pretty!” said Zinger, giggling.


But the kind of guy Sunhwa finds most handsome? Someone with focus and is serious in their work – a contrast with Jieun’s ideal type: “I like the pabo (stupid) and kind ones”, she said, laughing.

“I don’t really know if they exist, but I want someone who only has eyes for me and only likes me,” admitted Hyosung.

While the other three took some time to put into words just exactly what their ideal types were, the bubbly rapper of the group didn’t have the same problem, immediately going with her K-drama hottie pick, So Jisub.


We now know the kind of guys that make the SECRET girls’ hearts’ skip a beat, but what do they think of Sunhwa’s onscreen hubby?

Although they don’t really have many opportunities to be in contact with Kwanghee or even other idols, for that matter, Jieun generously said that they’d probably rate him as an 8 out of 10. She explained: “Sunhwa and Kwanghee’s characters mesh very well and they look good together so I think they’re compatible.”


True to his exuberant character, Kwanghee has made quite the impression on the other girls, despite not meeting with them very often. Bringing up their visit to the couple’s newlywed home, Hyosung mentioned how Kwanghee had actually used his hands to eat during a meal, finding the characteristic oddly endearing. “It really feels as though he’s Sunhwa’s husband!” she said.


Besides getting chatty about boys, the girls also shared their secret to success. Hyosung identified their greatest strength as their ability to shift between cute and sexy, something that their fans find very appealing about the group.

Sunhwa elaborated, “Our image varies – there are members who are sexy and there are members who are cute, and it’s because of that that we’re able to embody both concepts well.”


Before revealing that solo albums for the members are in the works, as well as a group release sometime soon, SECRET was also taught to say ‘I love you’ in Mandarin so that they could use the phrase generously at their upcoming concert in Singapore. Zinger first mumbled a soft but firm “wo ai ni” into the mic before all four girls cutely chorused the phrase together. Well, it looks like they’re already ready to take the stage and charm all Secret Times in the audience!

To be on the receiving end of the girls’ fanservice and captivating dance moves, don’t miss their concert on March 29 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center (full concert details here).


We’d like to extend our thanks to Fast Track Events for the media invitation. Check out our Facebook page for more pictures from the SECRET Live in Singapore press conference, and read about the concert itself over here!

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